Monday, 2 March 2009

Hypocrisy and hate

Also in America, arrests have been made in relation to the alleged hate related murder of Ecuadorian immigrant Jose Sucuzhanay, which I wrote about in December. The picture above is of Keith Phoenix, one of the two suspects.

CNN, of course remain in character and continue to lie by omission by failing to mention the race of the suspects, or publish their pictures. They do so deliberately, in the knowledge that most casual readers will have been sufficiently brainwashed to assume that the accused are white.

This is, however, an important case. We know for certain that, no matter how awful a crime is, if the victim is white, and the perpetrator is not, hate crime charges will never be brought. However, the more that members of protected groups continue to commit hate crimes against each other, it becomes more obviously ludicrous to claim that none of the overwhelmingly greater number of violent crimes against whites are hate related.

It also exposes more clearly, the intrinsic evil of a race hate crimes law which categorises a single ethnic group, white people, as "not protected".

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