Friday, 6 March 2009

Clarification on the post below - the Stephen Lawrence industry

The Stephen Lawrence centre in Deptford, South London, a "living memorial"

For those readers from outside Britain, who may have never heard of Stephen Lawrence, he was a young black man who was stabbed to death in South London in 1993, and has since become an icon of the race industry ,on account of the widely held belief that he was killed by five white youths for racist motives. This belief, which is held as sacred truth by many, has never been proved, despite two trials and a private prosecution, all of which failed to achieve a conviction.

As the right to be held innocent until proven guilty is seldom applied to whites accused of killing blacks, the media and the Steven Lawrence race industry have declared these failures to be caused by racism on the part of the police investigating the crime. This has led to much politically correct soul searching by the police and both internal and public reports, including the ludicrous McPhearson report, which first introduced the term institutional racism to Britain.

Newspapers have declared the suspects "Murderers" and challenged them to sue, in the knowledge that in Britain, you need £1 million, to even consider such a thing, and a coroner's jury obediently declared that they had been told by the man on the telly he was killed by white racists. However, none have ever been convicted of Stephen's killing.

A black friend of Stephen's who was present when he was killed, and is the primary witness to what occurred, has since recently been elected to local government in Lewisham, South London.

Whatever the truth about Stephen Lawrence's murder, he and Anthony Walker, who's white killers have been convicted, remain the only two black victims of allegedly racially motivated murder in the UK within the last twenty years. However, their death are used relentlessly, by the left who pretend that they symbolise the truth about racial crime in Britain rather as the killing of James Byrd is in America, in order to hide the long, and ever growing, list of white victims of racial violence. The picture at the top of this post, is of the Stephen Lawrence Centre, built in Deptford, at tax payers expense, becoming what may be described as "The shrine to St. Stephen"

Mrs Lawrence has been a political activist since the 1980's and is now a doyenne of the left, at the front of many "ant-racist" campaigns, who can always relied upon to parrot allegations of racism against the police and wider society. She and her campaigns have received large sums in funding from various national and local government bodies, and she was recently filmed attending the inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington, where her words of wisdom were sought by all UK TV channels.


notareargunner said...

It makes little difference if you are talking about religion, race or creed. I watched as the catholic tribe of N. Ireland apologised for every atrocity perpetrated by the murderous thugs of the IRA, and then watched the families of those same IRA murderers seek apologies for SAS killing a whole gang on the eve of a murderous attack on Ulster prison officers.
Last evening Pakistans' corrupt regimes were attacked for ther collusion with Taliban fighters and suddenly the audience became iritated and vociferous - Question Time BBC 1 - and a speaker gave a sound and reasoned expanation for his description of the corruption as such.
You cannot tell those who do not want to listen a truth. The past thirty years of political correctness has now made free speech nothing more than a grand desire for those of us who honestly demand it.
Be careful, your observations will lead you to hoisted along with Mengele, Goerbels and all.
A very good article, thanks.

Dr.D said...

Sarah said, "... she was recently filmed attending the inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington, where her words of wisdom were sought by all UK TV channels."

A garbage can seems to be a strange place to look for wisdom!