Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Moment of Tip Over

By August Pointneuf

The web pages below reflect a point of tip-over.  Contesting the threat to European national cultural values has begun to move from the secret to outward objections.

These tiny cracks presage an irreversible shift. It is now commonplace to hear expressed previous anathema – such as criticism of Nelson Mandela or quoting (and admiring) Enoch Powell.

Academics have refined the term “racism”. In the past this was a “catchall” term, convenient for those who wished to use it as a tool to lever emotions. But escaping this suffocating potion is beginning to be possible. The term “racism” is being liberated. It is becoming recognised that the word “racism” has many interpretations as well as positive values. A new terminology of racism is developing (although confusingly manifold): now some of the components of the term "racism", such as its application to national pride, are no longer pejorative. It is being accepted that racism is not necessarily a denigrator terminology. The word racism is being adopted and returned to polite vocabulary. The meaning is being introverted, and can now denote pride-in-self and an acclamation of communal, national and racial pride. Racism is beginning to be acceptable.
(Germany)       (France)

(Swiss) MP Oskar Fresysinger.

It is a historical truism that attempts by authoritarian regimes to “suppress” populations, and by that is meant the prohibition of intuitive responses, have always failed, ultimately. The longer it takes the population to escape suppression, the greater the stress and tension build- up within that society. The longer the escape from suppression is delayed so progressively more violent reactions occur as it ends. The “British Spring” is bound to arrive, sooner or later.

It is still a quiet revolution. Therefore the opportunity must be grasped now to steer these revolutionary changes towards a soft landing. In the past, governments in Europe worked hard to intimidate their populations into subservient acceptance of aliens. Once released from these constraints the reactions will not be muted.

The present trajectory of European government policy towards cultural aliens will unswervingly terminate in catastrophe.

When the beaker finally cracks large swathes of the population will begin venting anger. This anger will build, at first, unobserved and subliminal. It will pivot on many types of collateral stresses, some real some imagined. Many of these precipitating stresses – such as joblessness, alien-associated crime, reduced social benefits and increased taxation – can be predicted to surface collaterally,. Intuitive reactions will slowly emerge from these forced suppressions: they will often be outward reactions to seemingly trivial triggers, such as cross-racial flirting and cohabitation, as well as the flaunting of distinctive alien cultural patterns.

Once some display anti-alien behaviour then others will follow promptly. A positive feedback cascade of triumphalism will accelerate matters further. Once that stage is reached there will be a vicious alien counter reaction, multiplying the cascade of aggression and then rapid counter aggression. Ultimately this will likely be so widespread that any attempt to curb it will be un-enforceable.

So widespread will the reaction be that there will be an effective anarchy, characterized by excessive violence using firearms and explosives. Northern Ireland’s past anarchy will pale by comparison.

Governments, of whatever denomination, need to act immediately to mitigate the calamity which they have forced on their populations. Let them not replace their past catastrophic errors with the even worse error of dithering.

Anti-alien parties, now existing, should recognise that they, also, have inherited an obligation to soften the counter-revolution.

Softening the counter-revolution will need humility of governments, to backtrack, and invert previously strongly held views. There will have to be much “tough love”, both from government and population, to reduce bloodshed and shredding of society further. It will take a war-room mentality and steeliness of purpose.

The British and European native populations will need to be actively appeased before the apocalyptic apogee. How can this be done?

It is now mandatory that the British government offer its native populations affirmative acts of substance. These should be directed solely to the benefit of native, Cultural Britons.

Freedom of speech must be reinstated in Britain. If this does not occur then much tension which could have been diluted on the surface will become an aggressive anger underground. The population must be once again permitted to make known their intuitive feelings about the aliens verbally. It will result in anger, fighting and deaths. But it will, at least, allow the native European to perceive that control of expected behaviour has reverted to the level of Everyman. It will act as damage control. It will be a tolerable trade-off against a more brutal war.

A dramatically different immigration policy will be necessary to assuage the British natives’ fear of being outnumbered, and to repair the cultural fragmentation. This will be the only way in which the Britons’ fears of being progressively outnumbered and outvoted can be appeased.

Affirmative actions should be designed to attract Cultural Britons back into Britain. School teachers, health-carers, entrepreneurs and skilled artisans of British cultural decent are now actively excluded from returning to Britain. Britons abroad, of similar background and culture, must be attracted into Britain from the Diaspora. At present there is specific, and legislated, exclusion of Cultural Britons, living in all corners of the earth. Unimaginable to some, but this is the case at present: highly trained whites from the Commonwealth are refused entry because of their area of domicile.

The Irish, with the support of the Irish Department of the Interior, have developed a Certificate of Irish Origin. This is not a passport, but a way of reclaiming an allegiance to and from the Irish Diaspora. An English Certificate of Origin will be an essential tool of this racial re-harmonizing.

Boycotting should cause alien business enterprises to forsake some of their control. This will allow the native British to feel that their world of commerce is no longer being slowly confiscated from them. It will allow that which was so important in past parochial societies to be regained, concepts like the British village postmistress. And of course it will allow the native British to feel that an employment hierarchy is being reopened to them.

Refusal by native British to deal with alien businesses will put a brake on further immigration into Britain. If there are fewer prospects of fortunes, fewer aliens will arrive. This will also gently persuade some aliens to emigrate, and put a brake on what has been an almost entirely one-way flood from failed countries into those European countries which protect their populations by social support mechanisms. It will allow redistribution of social benefits back to the children of the children of the children who made Britain great and prosperous for the very reason of protecting their progeny.

Harsh? Yes, very harsh, but a cruelty to be kind. It is harsh for those aliens who intruded, as immigrants, into a foreign land hoping to escape the failures of their own societies. But they ran the risks of all those who adventure. This has been the risk of all those who have intruded into foreign lands. It is the risk incurred by transgressing into firmly established and different societies, with sophisticated economic-cultural patterns. It is most particularly a hazard wrought by those who attempt to meddle with the long-standing social equilibrium of their destination.

Consider how small were the racial, cultural, behavioural and heritage differences between the German and the Britain. Yet even these minuscule differences, when forced into polarization, precipitated the gore and exsanguinations of horrific proportion and unparalleled self-destruction.
Unless this growing social climate-change is arrested now the portends are a world-wide cataclysm of similar proportion.

For the sake of Universal God, your nation and your people, governments of Britain, do not potter and shuffle and tiptoe now. Have the courage to reverse your arrogant and misguided attempts to engineer your native people, forthwith.


misterfox said...

Intelligent people are beginning to move in our direction as the inevitability of the catastrophe becomes more evident, but will they come soon enough, and in sufficient numbers? It could be too late because the number of immigrants coming in is massive. I actually think if we stand our ground we will be seen to have been right.

Those like BFP, English Democrats are wrong to drop race and imitate the European Freedom Parties it is our race that we are attacked by. Otherwise, how do we inherit the guilt from say, the slave traders? Its because of our race. Some would say our nationality but Black or Chinese Britons don't inherit any guilt. I standing my ground and continue quoting our historical figures like Churchill and Disraeli because I believe in updating our traditional and natural way of thinking for contemporary circumstances. They will label me as a Nazi because that is all they have left in their tired, old-fashioned ideology.
Anyway, the Establishment is not stupid: they know that the reason people drop the race issue is because they think the Establishment is winning and they will just say it is a "ruse" as they do with the EDL. All the political parties, academics, intellwectruals are as one on this and Cameron is continuing immigration in alarming numbers. The ever growing evidence that we are right has to be suppressed or not collated but immigration will not be controlled - We have no choice but to set up news networks of our own, resist and fight back.

Adit said...

There will be no soft landing unfortunately. The aliens won't give up what they have 'conquered.' (make no mistake, that is how they look at it, especially the muslims.) The government will not change direction willingly because they KNOW what they have been doing is defacto Gencoide of the White race, and will be held accountable if they lose power. The only solution I see Government trying is to possibly give the invaders a large chunk of the country to appease them with the excuse of 'They're here now and we can't possibly ask them to leave, since that would be racist, inhuman, etc.' Make no mistake about it- There will be open warfare and bloodshed eventually no matter what you do. Whites have shown weakness too long for it to end any other way. Our enemies smell Blood in the water. This goes foe EVERY Western nation, not just Britain.

Anonymous said...

Boycotting is the word.

I personally avoid ethnics like the plague. I don't insult them neither am I rude to them, I just avoid them altogether, by not using their shops or even working with them.

I also avoid many East Europeans that look alien to me too, especially the sort that have no neck lol!

The only foreigners I accept are those I'm used to (i.e. those I'm wanton to "Stranger at my Gate" by Kipling comes to mind) and even then only on a limited scale. You can't trust anyone implicitly these days.

They include all white British from the former colonies, Scandinavia, western Europe and the the USA.

Call it narrow minded 'little Englander' mentality I couldn't care less... I feel really good for it ... and I'm proud to be a 'little Englander' my father and grand father's generation believed they sacrificed their lives for it They did too........!

Bless 'em all!

Hang the money grubbing, power coveting 'multi-culti' treacherous scum - they know who they are.

They will get what's coming to them sooner or later in one form or another.

Anonymous said...

I am a simple rancher by the Red River in Texas. But my Great-Great-Grandfather was English which makes me so bold as to offer this from America.
Three simple things must be done to save the English:
1) All non-native born persons along with their minor children should be immediately deported to their country of birth.
2) All native-born persons who were born of non-native females should be identified and deported if they have been found guilty at any time of any crimes or misdemeanors.
3) The teachings of Mohamed are deemed terroristic and all followers of his teachings (as determined by the state) may solely discuss, display or profess said teachings in the privacy of their own abode. Furthermore anyone deemed by the state to be a follower of Mohamed is prohibited from bearing or raising children. This edict is to be enforced by appropriate surgical or chemical sterilization. Existing minors are to be removed and deported to various distant Muslim nations, along with their parents should they decline sterilization.

This is a very humanitarian agenda. Nobody gets killed, nobody gets hurt. People get to be reunited with their homelands, with their country of birth. This is a wonderful and noble ambition. Freedom of speech is protected to the extent that outright terrorism may be professed in one's abode. Millions of little unborn children are spared the horror of being raised in terroristic environments. Mohammedans and their minors are transported to lands where such beliefs are the norm and there, they and their descendants can shape a society free of British influence.
This is a perfectly ethical, moral, practical and efficient means to restore harmony to the British nation and simultaneously re-unite millions of disaffected and hostile aliens with their homelands. I believe that our progeny will thank us, but I also truly believe the progeny of those reunited with their distant homelands will thank us more so. I honestly believe the implementation of these three simple steps are worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize as well as the highest honors and awards that both the Christian and Mohammedan faiths provide.
Monsieur Machefer

Urban Commando said...

I fear that we have lost the war, before it has even begun.

Even if we could turn back the clock and return Britain to its 1948 pre 'Empire Windrush' state, how can we as indigenous peoples thrive when:

1. The indigenous white Brits have become a largely narcisstic, self absorbed, dumbed down, shallow, ignorant, rude, consumerist and Godless race?

2. The political-economic elite has consistently destroyed all significant manufacturing industries?

3. When the said elite has allowed all of our natural resources to be placed in the stranglehold of the global corporations and under the de facto reulatory control of the EU?

Huxley was right; Oswald Spengler was right. The West has had its day. But the sad fact, is that this was all done deliberately, by the international oligarchy that has no loyalty to race, nation or creed, but only to mammon and money.

Delenda est Cabal! ("The oligarchy must be destroyed!)

Flashman said...

A recent visitor to Europe [for the first time in decades] remarked to me that one of the things she noticed was how the various governments go out of the way to make citizens feel insecure in the their own skins and communities - all via a constant bombardment of media releases, news "stories", "reality" television and "public awareness" campaigns.

"Concern" about this.
"Issued a warning" about that. "Addressing the problem of" the other.
"Alerted of the danger" regarding something else.

And so it goes.

All designed to unman the individual, crush self-reliance and foster stuck-to-the-skin dependence on [irony] morally and financially bankrupt governments.




Goes the anesthetic....

SAVANT said...

Great post Sarah, and I hope to god you're right. I too sense rumblings in the undergrowth but unfortunately see the average citizen - the overwhelming majority - as, at best, blissfully unaware of what's being done to them, at worst, enthusiastic imbibers of the KoolAid.

If, as is most likely, we are to experience a major exonomic train-wreck, it could have the effect of jolting their complacency.

Laager said...

We can all make a personal contribution to this awakening.

Do not donate 1 cent to the multitude of African charities and "good causes" that enter your home through the mailbox or internet here in the UK.

The Government is already doing this through taxing you and giving it to the third world via the Department of International Development.
Latest figures showed a budget of £9 billion in their coffers.

Ex-President Mbeki of South Africa had a favourite mantra:
"African solutions for African problems"

Well he can now put his money where his mouth is and donate cash and resources towards alleviating the famine in Kenya.

It is not the west's responsibility.

Africa is quite rich enough to take care of its own.
The white South African government proved that many times when they came to the aid of their black neighbours in distress.

misterfox said...

Adit, I am in complete agreement with you. In fact I think the race-religous war has already begun which is why my essays are more militant( in its true sense) than most.
The race riots of August led to handguns being fired at police for the first time, in Birmingham. Now we have 6 terror suspects just arrested, again in Birmingham. The police, academics, media and political elites have brought this about and still they allow massive immigration, still the media cover some things up yet promote immigrants as benefits to us and the academics still fool our young people into thinking themselves prejudiced if they notice reality.
We still have political parties like the Eng Dems, who say Muslims are as English as you and I; BFP and Freedom Democrats imitating Wilders and trying to stage a Liberal defence of our culture(as if it could be separated by the people from the people who create it)in the vein hope that th Establishment won't be too hard on them.
We are under attack in our own country and its because of our race not culture. Our supposed guilt for say, slavery, is attributed to us because we share te same race nd ancestory as thy did. race is the issue and to pretend otherwise is to surrender to the NWO elites.