Sunday, 25 September 2011

More dishonest "politically correct" casting

Click here to read "Dolphin Tale" Hollywood Hokum: Morgan Freeman Gets To Play Numinous Negro Yet Again  - Paul Kersey examines another example of Hollywood's dishonest, politically correct, "Whiteout" casting decisions


Dr.D said...

This is the same black jerk who says that the TEA Parties are racist because they are resolved to make sure BHO is only in office for one term. He is sure that has to be racism; it could not be because Obama is a communist that is destroying the country. What a creep!!

To suggest that the work of White technical people is just "naturally" the sort of thing a black man would do is patently absurd. They lack both the brains and altruism. Only in Hollywood do such absurdities happen!

Laager said...

The truth is a little bit different to the fairy tale image of Africa that Hollywood likes to portray

If that dolphin had the misfortune to be injured on the African coast this is most likely what would have happened to it:


Anonymous said...

Love the picture you posted. M.F is such a buffoon. I will not be taking my children to see this movie.

BadBallie said...

To be perfectly honest the "super soaker" isn't an invention at all, its just a technical advance on existing non black technology (well if one pushes the boundary of the spoken language anyway..

Anonymous said...

"He is sure that has to be racism; it could not be because Obama is a communist that is destroying the country."

Well, he isn't and he's not, so maybe it is racism...

Anonymous said...

Hollywood are not alone in this pathetic attempt to''promote'' diversity,look at the BBC,CH4,Sky etc here and the constant drivel there pour out to dumbed down and brainwash the populace here.

The publicly funded(taxed)BBC have distorted our legends of King Arthur,Merlin and Robin Hood to include ethnics in which ALL the books i've read (old and New)there is NO mention of ethnics in these legends but it's a leftist attack on our heritage and brainwashing slur on our children.Ch4 have also taken this path by airing programmes ,in there attempt to push ''multiculturalism'' down our throats, which depicts if it wasn't for immigrants(especially blacks) there be no UK...what drivel and lies.

For St George.

Anonymous said...

Hot subject, good points and here is my view. I am European and sick of Artificial Multicultural Political Correctness wherever it is forced. To me, Hollywood political casting becomes more and more aggravating. In the past I have never been racist per se, now these fillings are objectively changing due to kind of trend within white civilization.

Why? because ruling government systems with dubious support from quasi-humanistic individuals tend to enforce Artificial Multiracial and Multicultural societies. In theory, there is nothing wrong with that. In reality, it is a disaster, traceable at every corner. Islam and Black Africa are not friendly to white race and that is a forensic fact. In this relatively early instance, only violent Blacks and Islamic extremists are expressing hostility visible. Wait and see what will happen when their numbers grow up, with their birth rate it will not take long. I presume, it will happen even in Multiracial U.S.

Principle that led to fall of ancient Rome will annihilate white civilization. Decadence and artificial trendy Multiculturalism are Weapons of Mass Self-destruction. As sample, Colonial Powers applied force to conquer other nations. Paradoxically these nations are now freely purring in reversed direction "with unrestraint love" to white hosts.

It appears that Hollywood with its Politically Correct Cast is one of instruments to persuade all of us in acceptance of such destiny. On my level, I am resisting against dumb enforcement by not watching Politically Correct Assembled movies, for now.

Fact is, not all Blacks are Desmond Tutu, Mandela, Morgan Freeman and similar; enough of them are just Mean Niggers, boosted hear with their colleges - autochthonous Mean Wiggers. Whites did many atrocities to each other; I doubt we need worse from benevolently imported Quick-Slam-Urbanized Blacks and Islam. Whoever has doubts, just check what they are doing to own people in countries of their origin. Indiscriminate influx of such "More Advanced Civilization" is our Apocalyptic fifth raider.