Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Muslim-British Race War – Encouraged by the State

Islamic Protestors :Picture from the New English Review 

The British authorities are in league with Muslims against their own people.

The constant appeasement of Muslims encourages them to do what they like. Birmingham police and Broad Street Marshalls allow Muslim taxi drivers to park in bus lanes, block double-yellow lines, make three-point turns and U turns in the middle of busy and over the central reservations on Broad Street with impunity.  Members of the public constantly complain but the police ignore law abiding citizens and cover-up for Muslim law breakers.

They do not just keep small things like that from the public: they suppress serious activities like the news of terrorist training camps near Birmingham.  The editors of the Birmingham's three local papers also kept it from the public. 

In Birmingham and London trainees learnt hand-to-hand combat and survival skills. For further training they were sent for military training in Yemen and Afghanistan. After the London bombings, The Times reported that “a dozen members” of British Muslim group Al-Muhajiroun “have taken part in suicide bombings or have become close to Al-Qaeda and its support network.”

In January 2007 the group's leader Omar Bakri revealed that Islamist extremists were infiltrating the police and other public sector organisations. The Daily Mail exposed eight members of al-Qaeda in the police.

RAF Nimrod planes have picked-up Birmingham accents in Afghanistan and Taliban fighters.  One Taliban fighter had an Aston Villa tattoo. (1) There is no excuse for the political, academic and media elites allowing a race war to develop in Britain.

As far back as 4 May 2003, The Sunday Telegraph’s Alasdair Palmer wrote: “Britain has become the headquarters of choice for extremist Islamic preachers, who now have a network of organisations dedicated to sowing pure hatred: hatred of the West, of democracy, and of the values of tolerance and freedom — the very values that give them the freedom to operate here: ‘Your task against the infidel,’ says one video, ‘is to kill their children, take their women, destroy their homes.’”

What is behind the security services allowing Muslim extremists to weapon train and develop networks here? Here is a clue: former Italian President Francesco Cossiga admitted in the Italian paper Corriere della Sera in 2008, that in the 1970s, the Italian government allowed Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks.

The government of Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a “secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organisations, including terrorist groups. Moro designed the terms of the agreement with Arab terrorists, Cossiga said. “The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organisations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were ‘handled’ by the secret services.”

The security services have operated a similar deal in Britain. On 22 August 1998, the newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat quoted Omar Bakri: “I work here in accordance with the covenant of peace which I made with the British government when I got Asylum.”

This covenant allowed Muslim extremists to plan attacks abroad and develop terror networks here. In 1999 it was reported that each year approximately 2,000 Muslims were trained about Holy War at camps in Britain run by Al-Muhajiroun. The police, security services and the Home Secretary Theresa May are still operating this Covenant with Muslim extremists and potential terrorists as we will see towards the end of this essay when we look at the recent ceremony for the victims of 9/11 outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square.

In Blackpool the police refuse to warn parents about Muslims who groom and rape their daughters so parents are unable to protect their daughters.  Everywhere you look in small things as well as large, you see the police and other authorities siding with Muslims against the British people. The evils and injustices done to innocent British people by our rulers are some of the worst inhuman history yet they blame us if anything goes wrong because they will not accept responsibility themselves. (2)

Even during growing and obvious hostility between Muslims and Britons the Government imports more Muslims to augment their street armies: U.K. Muslim Population Grows 10 Times Faster Than the Rest of the Nation. The Muslim population in the U.K. has grown by more than 500,000 to 2.4 million in four short years. Muslims multiplied 10 times faster than the rest of the Nation, the research by the Office for National Statistics reveals. These figures were up to 2008 so I suspect in 2011 you could almost double this. Here is some figures from 20045 The total number of Muslims in Great Britain: 2004: 1,087,000 2005: 2,017,000

A ludicrous aspect is that we have our money misappropriated to pay for our own destruction. On 12th September The Telegraph reported:

“The “coping classes” increasingly are struggling with the responsibility of looking after two generations, the equality watchdog says.
This is in a 700-page report that forms the first comprehensive survey of disadvantage and discrimination across Britain. “While the country today is more tolerant than in 1970, society is still not fair for many people, it says. The economic crisis and the Government’s proposed spending cuts threaten to make inequality worse, it says. The report, How Fair is Britain?

Unemployment among ethnic minorities costs the economy almost £8.6 billion a year in benefits and lost revenue from taxes. Half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed.
The country has a strong sense of tolerance and fair play. However, racism and religious prejudice are increasing, while hostility towards immigration has grown.”  

That is a clear statement of official bias in favour of Muslims. You see the Elites have brought this situation about but rather than face their own culpability use the connative term “racism” and “religious prejudice” which only apply to Whites to make us scapegoats.  Are they saying invading Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq is not religious prejudice and racism?

On 7 July 2005  52 victims of Third World immigration were blown up in London. There have been other outrages since, like the one on 29 June 2007, in London when two carbombs were planted but disabled before they could be detonated. The first was left near the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Haymarket  at about 1:30 am. and another  in nearby Cockspur Street.

The first was reported to the police by an ambulance crew attending an incident at Tiger Tiger when they noticed suspicious fumes; around an hour later, the second was found when the car was given a ticket for parking, and then an hour later, transported to the car pound at Park Lane where staff smelt a strong smell of petrol. When they heard about the first bomb attempt they reported the vehicle to police. A link established to the attempt at Glasgow International Airport. Bilal Abdullah was arrested and sentenced  to 32 years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder in both incidents. The important point is they should not be here to murder and maim us as we should not be invading their countries for the now.  There was an attempt to behead a Muslim soldier for serving in the British army. 

The Sunday Times of June 11, 2006 reported that Rear Admiral Chris Parry, one of Britain’s most senior military strategists warned that western civilisation faces a threat on a par with the barbarian invasions that destroyed the Roman empire.

He said future migrations would be comparable to the Goths and Vandals while north African “Barbary” pirates could be attacking yachts and beaches in the Mediterranean within 10 years.
Europe, including Britain, could be undermined by large immigrant groups with little allegiance to their host countries—a “reverse colonisation”. These groups would stay connected to their homelands by the internet and cheap flight.

Enoch told Southall Chamber of Commerce on 4th November 1971: “Yet it is more truly when he looks into the eyes of Asia that the Englishman comes face to face with those who will dispute with him possession of his native land.”

These Muslims are right in their grouse that our corrupt  leaders are waging a war against their homelands and people; but we are right in our grouse that they are importing Muslims into our homelands to destroy our way of life, our countries and us as a people. It will take proper international organisation one day to return them to their homelands, and for us to stop bombing them in theirs.  For Cameron to send the RAF out to bomb Arab civilians including women and children is despicable; but to invite aggrieved Muslims from these countries when they are full of hatred for us is sick. We must make it clear to Muslims that we mean them no harm it is our now rulers who are waging war on them but we can not co-exist together in the our countries.

A memorial service for the 67 British victims of the 9/11 terror attack was held in the US Embassy gardens with the families of the victims. It was televised and when it began there was loud shouting through megaphones from the Muslims Against Crusades who the police had allowed to disrupt the ceremony and it was clearly heard by the guests and broadcast to the world. The US flag was burnt in “honour" of the "Martyrs of 9/11" across the road from the American Embassy while the political police stood watching.

Some of the drips in attendance were:  Prince Charles and Camilla, David Cameron, the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Labour leader Ed Miliband, U.S. ambassador to the UK Louis Susman and London mayor Boris Johnson and his wife who were attacked by Muslims on their way to the ceremony.  The chants which were clear to these appeasers will not make an impression on their minds as they are living in a fantasy: Prince Charles will continue promoting Muslim causes including saying that the world needs to follow Islam for peace  and Cameron will make no attempt to stop immigration even if the EU would let him which they will not.  Western elites have brought race war into our countries and bear the responsibility and the guilt. (3)

These promoters of the idea that Islam is a religion of peace stood and listened as the two-minute silence was disrupted by Muslim protesters chanting and waving placards as well as burning the flag.  Tellingly, the police moved on a group of English Defence League protesters, who had gathered to oppose the demonstration, to make way for the MAC supporters. Then the political police stood and watched as the American flag was burned.  Once again we have been humiliated in front of the world.

The EDL attempt to prevent this insult to American and British victims of 9/11 was prevented by the police and resulted in two good members being stabbed, running battles on Oxford Street, Hyde Park-Speakers Corner, Edgeware Road, and around  the American Embassy.

A disgusting senior police officer read the riot Act to decent British people then allowed Muslims to humiliate us in front of the world.  I have more respect for malaria than that four-eyed tit. It is time to withhold the portion of council tax that funds this police oppression of legitimate British activities like paying respects to the dead of 9/11.(4) It is clear that the police are being used against us, and it is disappointing that they obey these orders.

The police moved the EDL along so the Muslims could protest and burn the American flag.  But even more sinister, Home Secretary Theresa May who allowed the Muslims to protest against the ceremony routinely bans EDL protests against Muslim extremists.  So Theresa May you encourage Muslim extremism on our streets?  They were wearing war clothing but you know that don't you?

The government are culpable because they have regular security briefings from the Security Services, MI5, MI6 and Special Branch so they knowingly allowed Muslim extremists to humiliate us and insult our American allies.  The police favourtism to Muslim extremists and oppression of honourable British people trying to pay their respects to the victims of 9/11 would have been on Home Office instructions through briefings

There were two EDL supporters stabbed later by Muslim extremists but the media routinely suppress that sort of thing.  We must pretend how wonderful and successful multi-racialism is.  In July 2010, totalitarian  MP for Stourbridge Margot James urged Home Office ministers Nick Herbert MP (police) and James Brokenshire MP (crime prevention) to strengthen the law giving police powers to ban rallies likely to pose a risk to public order. She was referring to EDL demos not Notting Hill Carnival or Muslim demos.

The Muslim demonstraters wore terrorists headgear and brandished the Muslim black flag of war.  These were street soldiers, a war party, and the police took their side against honourable British people.

The media are also withholding news of EDL leader Tommy Robinson's hunger strike in Bedford prison.  (5)The prison where John Bunyan languished 350 years ago. These corrupt and inadequate fools we have running this Britain have turned this country into a third-world shithole and, even worse, in many areas a warzone.  Welcome to Enoch's racial civil war courtesy of our New World Order Western elites.


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(2)  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1374443/Police-hid-abuse-60-girls-Asian-takeaway

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Californian said...

I'm not English, although I went to uni in England. I was never shown anything but friendship and kindness by my English friends.

I would happily travel to London, on my own dime as it were, to assassinate Muslim militants and UAF thugs.

You Brits really must get your act together and deal with this scum, before events spiral out of control.

bupkiss o'toole said...

Glad to see someone is waking up.

Macaw said...

I cannot understand why the folks in the UK allow this to happen. As I am no expert on the politics of the UK (England in particular), I struggle to understand how this government was voted in.
Do the folks in Wales have the same problems?

Aetius said...

The fact that muslims can disobey traffic and road regulations with impunity marks a point of no return.

Precisely the same phenomenon signaled the effective transfer of everyday power from White to black in South Africa from 1993.

Britain is doomed and has been passed from the intensive care ward to the hospice.

Anonymous said...

In 1951 the UK Muslim population was 21,500, today the figure exceeds the population of one of the UK's 4 constituent Nations, Wales.

Politicians aided and abetted an alien political religion, and grew its numbers to over 3 million in less than one lifetime.

It was deliberate. It was calculated. They needed a cultural 'battering ram', an unassimable force to wipe away our nationhood and identity. The weapon of choice was Islam.


Anonymous said...

It is beyond astonishing that is all I can say, the destruction of all white countries on the planet, all at the same time by using the same methods. Whites should really not pride themselves on their high IQ at all. In 20 years time what is left of white Europe will wish Hitler didn't loose the war, that's how bad it will get.

Anonymous said...

The state hardly needs to encourage such a war. The state merely had create the conditions for it to come about - by importing an endless stream of unwanted immigrants.

Stupid whining lefties often complain about the politics of divide and rule. They have a point but what they wont do is follow the logic of their own thinking and realise that was why muslims (and others) were imported in the first place.

Divide and rule isnt what happened after they arrived, it was the whole point in the first place.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I don't understand it. Boudica took exception to being humiliated by the Romans and 70,000 Romans and their allies died. Muslim hand out that humiliation on an hourly basis to native Britons and there's no fury. Americans are the same way. Videos of third worlders streaming across the border bother only a remnant. Football? Deer hunting? MAJOR excitement. Eyes roll back in the head but invasion by parasites and extinguishment of the entire white culture? Ho hum.

This is the stuff one can easily see. The spinmeisters can't conceal these realities.

But people sleep on.

Anonymous said...

If all the Muslim countries put down their weapons - there would be world peace!

Anonymous said...

Hindu politician has claimed that Muslim parasites are breeding to get welfare benefits for their vast numbers of children: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-14909062

Anonymous said...

You have the spawn of an illegal immigrant within the 'establishment' who says and does what he likes with impunity?

What do you expect if nobody does anything about it.


Anonymous said...

In 1971 the white population of Rhodesia was just 350,000 - its peak and there were around 7 million Africans.

The country was thriving and
NOBODY STARVED. The pound v the Rhodesian dollar was 1 to 1.

And how the do gooders, liberals Marxists, BBC establishment forces HOWLED with anger and woe at white minority - sorry "white supremacist" rule LOL!

Today there are officially 900,000 AFRICANS from Zimbabwe alone living in Britain???? and 60% of them I'll wager still support their tyrannical leader Mugabe regardless.

Doesn't the UK establishment make you want to puke?

Look at the 'players' in all 3 main parties, not forgetting their handlers in the so called EU and the Bilderberg organisation that controls that?

They've been there for decades? Who "elected" their "democratic" presence regardless which side they're on??

Nothing changes other than they get richer and fatter like the parasitic ticks they are on the carcass of a dying horse and the working classes continue to pay taxes on their slave wages.

Cheaper turd world slaves are imported from abroad and further used in the voting process.

Nothing will change until this establishment is blown out of existence.

Californian said...

I'm the Californian chap who posted yesterday.

I'm not English, although I went to school and uni in England. Two unis, in fact. I was never shown anything but friendship and kindness by the English people, young or old, north or south, poor or rich.

I love England with every fibre of my being and would die for her.

I should let you know, I would happily travel to London (the birthplace of my grandparents), on my own dime as it were, to assassinate Muslim militants and UAF thugs.

I say this without reservation.

We are NOT afraid.

As I mentioned before, all it will take is an "event", such as the one I'm describing, to set things off. You know what I'm referring to here.

I've no combat training, but do possess extensive firearms training and can effect the initial stages.

You Brits really must get your act together and deal with this scum, before events spiral out of control.


Anonymous said...

why is the muslim wearing the pink scarf not wearing a dress like his two "brothers" on either side of him are?

Anonymous said...

we have to think of this in terms of warfare and battles.
the muslims won the battle of the street that day. we have to look at it like this: we defend our castle, and when the attackers scale the walls, they are trapped inside with us, and we can defeat them. the muslims are in our castle, it is time to cut them off from their resources andt backup. we opened the doors and let the trojan horse in, but we can still burn it. if you know where a muslim lives, watch him, and find out what he does, then when he gets home one day, be there and kill him. but don't just dump his body somewhere, take his identity and use it.
"The editors of the Birmingham's three local papers also kept it from the public.
In Birmingham and London trainees learnt hand-to-hand combat and survival skills." -- why can't we do this?

sophie said...

Why, in the name of all that's holy, do you guys put up with this? Do you not realize that your "overlords" are commmitting suicide for you? Why do you not rise up and throw them out of office? Why do you let these people take political correctness to the point of absurdity? Does no one care? Why don't you guys get together and START SOMETHING?!

misterfox said...

Richard Lynne on Dysgenics and its good to see Bad Eagle suing the thugs who stopped the last AmRen conference.


misterfox said...

This is an interestingreport. It appears that an african with primitive features was still living in West Africa 13,000 years ago and interbred with modern Africans.