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"Right now we can't even deal with the 2.5 million people in this city. I think it is more important to take care of people now before we start bringing in more people. There's going to be a million more people, according to the official plan (which I did not support) over the next ten years coming into the city.
We can't even deal with the 2.5 million people. How are we going to welcome another million people in? It is going to be chaotic. We can't even deal with the chaos we have now. I think we have to say enough's enough."

  • Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford

It’s more reasonable and manageable for Canada to accept less people each year and from more culturally compatible countries. There simply isn’t enough qualitypositions created for all these people.

Canada takes in about a quarter of a million immigrants each year. Add in aquarter of a million guest workers and about forty thousand refugees. About 75% of allnew Canadians head for Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. About 28% of all best sellingauthors are foreign born and Canada has some of the most interesting eateries the worldover. However, upon closer inspection of Canada’s source countries, there is major causefor concern.

In 2009, Canada only took in a paltry 90,648 citizens from democratic countries.Canada took in 29,049 citizens from the people’s republic of China. Mara Hvistendahl isa Beijing – based correspondent for Science Magazine. There is a very high premium placed on having a son. Demographers have calculated that there are 163 million women missing from Asia. Basically, they were purposely killed off before being born.

These trends are also showing up in North America and Europe in these ethniccommunities. There is zero democracy in the People’s Republic, no human rights, rampant organ harvesting against peaceful Fal Gong practitioners and absolutely no freedom of the press. Canada should not be getting the majority of new Canadians from this country.

Canada took in 9,566 from the U.K (where Canada got the Magna Carta for it’s constitution from), 7,300 from France (the birthplace of the modern renaissance) and only 9,723 Yanks (the recognized leader of the free world). This equaled 26,589. The Philippines is Canada’s 2nd highest source of new Canadians in 2009 at 27,277. There is a break away insurgency in the south. The government is run by
a military dictatorship and man’s best friend is also on some restaurant menus. This isillegal in Canada. However, since multiculturalism instructs us to value all cultures as the same, I guess it’s ok to eat Fido.

In 2009, Canada took in only 4,080 came from the economic powerhouse of the E.U, Germany. Canada admitted 6,214 citizens from the terrorist state of Pakistan.

Suicide bombers kill tens of people thousands each year. The minority Hindu and Christian population are routinely targeted for kidnapping, rape and murder. The government lives off of U.S foreign aid. Honor killing are also common.

Acqa Parvez’s father and brother wanted to preserve their Pakistani culture. She wanted to wear her own clothes and hold down a job. Since multiculturalism instructs us to value all cultures as the same, they figured it was ok to kill their daughter when she got out of line. Stephen Harper recently amended Canada’s Discover Canada:

The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship booklet by including that:

Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric practices that toleratespousal abuse, ‘honour killings,’ female genital mutilation, or other gender – based violence. Those guilty of these crimes are severely punished under Canada’s criminal laws.He also cut immigration levels by 25%, refugee levels by 25% and family reunification levels by 40%. Why did he do all this?

Canada spent a cool $600M in 2010 on ESL and language training centers. This was up from $200M in 2005. Canada spends approximately $4 billion a year on the refugee program. Studies estimate that there are about 1.4 million people living in public housing. The Toronto Community Housing Corporation is now officially Canada’s largest tenant.

Does Canada simply create millions of great paying jobs each and every single year? CIBC’s Chief Economist Benjamin Tal explained in a detailed report why this simply isn’t even close to the reality. He wrote:

the softening in the monthly pace of job creation from an average of 31,000 in 2010 to 20,000 in 2011 will single-handedly slow growth in personal spending by more than 0.4 percentage points,”. Therefore, in 2010, 372,000 new jobs were created (31,000 X 12 months). In 2011, Canada is expected to create about 240,000 (20,000 X 12 months) new jobs. That’s a 35% plunge in what is shaping up to be Canada’s worst recession ever.

There is a very good reason that Lowell Green entitled his new book on Canada’sdisastrous immigration system “Mayday Mayday”. The jobless rate in 2002 of eight percent about 520,000 people might have seemed high, but eight years later, it actuallyappeared rather low.

According to Statistics Canada, as of May 2010, 1,498,300 people were unemployed in Canada. Yes, you are reading it right. Figures for May 2010 show that one million. Four hundred and ninety – eight thousand, three hundred people were looking for jobs in this country.Which surely begs the question: Why in the world are we importing another 250,000 immigrants, to say nothing of 30,000 or 40,000 thousand refugees, a quarter of a million temporary workers, and 79,000 foreign students every year?

If immigration were stopped completely; it would take approximately six years for Canada to reach zero unemployment. Meanwhile, corporations are bestowed with an excess supply of cheap graduates in which to hire and fire within a two year period. No raises, just hire another junior worker. Professor George Borjas of Harvard University, is the world’s leading authority on the impact of immigration on local economies. He invented a formula to estimate the immigration surplus in any free-market economy. How much money does mass immigration actually cost Canadian workers?

Applied to Canada, the Borjas formula reveals a loss to native workers of $30.7 billion annually.

It’s better if Canada went back to the intake of 1989 of 84,000 new citizens. It’s more manageable and less costly. It also helps if 80% come from first world countries with strong democracies. It’s also a good idea that they speak one of Canada’s two main languages, either English or French. Paper routes and coffee shop jobs should be for students. It sucks to get a degree or diploma and then not get anything of value for it. It costs lots of money to buy a house and start a family.

Here’s What Canada’s New Immigration Should Look Like

Suggested total yearly immigrant intake: 80,000
Job Creation Numbers For 2010: 372,000 (both figures from Benjamin Tal, CIBC)
Projected Job Creation Numbers 2011: 240,000 (a 35% decrease from 2010)
Unemployed As of May 2010: 1,498,300(Statisics Canada)
United States 5000 Belgium 4000
Australia 4000 Switzerland 4000
Ukraine 4000 Portugal 2000
Ireland 4000 Austria 4000 South Korea 2000
Japan 4000 Germany 5000 Greece 2000
Singapore 4000 France 4000 Israel 2000
Ghana 4000 The U. K 4000 India 2000
Netherlands 4000 Italy 4000
Poland 4000
Hungary 4000

That’s 69,000 people a year or 76.66% of all new Canadians from Anglo Saxon countries. The rest are places with strong democracies. Japan, South Korea, Israel, Ghana, Singapore and India. There is absolutely no logical reason to become an ethnic minority in the lands of our forfathers. English and the Christian religion should be preserved at all costs. It’s Canada’s cultural tradition and forms our identity.Canadians should be proud Canadians. No apologies for being a Canack. Let’s keep hockey and European traditions by loving ourselves first and not hating who we are. Canada is a white country(84% accordiong to the 2009 Canada yearbook) just as China is a majority yellow nation and Jaimaica is a majority black nation and India is a majority brown country just as Thailand is a Buddist nation and Egypt a majority Islamic nation and Israel is a Jewish state.

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McGonagall said...

Darul Uloom just opened a school in my little agricultural town in Southwestern Ontario.

misterfox said...

This essay by an American Conservative correspondent of mine paints a more optimistic picture. He is a follower of Pat Buchanan.

Laager said...

"It’s better if Canada went back to the intake of 1989 of 84,000 new citizens. It’s more manageable and less costly. It also helps if 80% come from first world countries with strong democracies. It’s also a good idea that they speak one of Canada’s two main languages, either English or French."
United States  5000 Belgium  4000
Australia  4000 Switzerland 4000
Ukraine 4000 Portugal  2000
Ireland 4000 Austria 4000 South Korea 2000
Japan  4000 Germany 5000 Greece  2000
Singapore  4000 France 4000 Israel  2000
Ghana  4000 The U. K  4000 India  2000
Netherlands  4000 Italy 4000
Poland 4000
Hungary 4000

That’s 69,000 people a year or 76.66% of all new Canadians from Anglo Saxon countries.

Notice that South Africans (whites) who fulfill all the above criteria are not on the list.

Who remembers the Brandon Huntley case?
A South African who successfully obtained refugee status in Canada on the grounds that he had suffered racially motivated 7 attacks at the hands of black South Africans and that Govt was unable to guarantee his safety. Now the ANC Govt - which is hell bent on expelling white South Africans - appealed the Canadian decision on the basis that it was granted on false information.

The Canadian Govt reversed their decision which Huntley is now appealing

My oh my!
What a can of worms.

Anonymous said...

@ McGonagall

Having just checked that school's website in Chatham, Ontario, I do wonder if the Department of Education (who must have issued a license) is aware of what they may be teaching.

I suggest the bureaucrats brush up on their knowledge of Islam beginning HERE.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I do not understand the premise that there should be more than zero immigrants annually. The underlying assumption for more than zero appears to be that the host nation simply cannot manage by itself and, since it can't, help must be obtained from countries whose citizens or subjects have as little as possible in common with the people of the host country.

Those host country nationals and those would-be migrants who can tell the most outrageous lies about immigration and their desire to assimilate if permitted to immigrate appear to acquire the most political power or the most free stuff from the host government, respectively.

This represents the highest and best thinking of the governing elite of the host country. The finest minds educated at the finest host nation schools do not and cannot find holes in this.

Anonymous said...

Remaining on the "news from Canada" theme, perhaps your readers are interested in knowing how one gutsy small town councillor from Hérouxville, Quebec managed the numerous death threats from the "religion of peace" after challenging their Islamic rules and customs.

André Drouin's well spoken interview can be read HERE.