Thursday, 15 September 2011

EDL - A Question for the Metropolitan Police

Hat Tip: Mister Fox


davekennedy52 said...

I agree entirely with you! Its total disrepect to the 1000's of people who died a horrible death on 9/11, as well as to their families who must live with their loss day after day.

You do realize of course that these muslims want confrontation with the police so that they have an excuse to burn more buildings and loot more shops in the chaos that will follow

Dr.D said...

It is encouraging to see that the EDL stands with the USA, even when the official stance of the government is to placate the causes of the 9/11 disaster. Is it not clear to all native Brits that these people, the muzzies, will do similar things in the UK? Did that not recently do such with the riots and fires in London and elsewhere? Is your society really improved by their presence? Somehow, I have the feeling that the UK of 1940 was a nicer place to live than the UK of today, just because of the racial homogeneity.

alanorei said...

Excellent video. Has the EDL forwarded it to any police blogs with a request for comments that it will publish on its site (and forward to this one)?

I am not about to be over-critical. The officers in our immediate area (admittedly not enriched except by 'home-grown' druggies, vandals and thieves) are superb. (Although it has to be acknowledged that the most senior officer in our area is currently under investigation.)

However, elements in the force elsewhere in the country would probably give you little more than 2 fingers in response the video.

As mentioned on this blog before, a certain PC Ellie Bloggs, 21st Century Police Officer blog owner (or her mentor is) and many of the commentators to that blog appear to perceive you folks as mere MOPs (members of the public).

That individual once intimated that Christian believers were a load of slashing, stabbing serial killers.

When asked for examples, none were forthcoming.

The remark was never retracted however.

That is what you can get these days from, apparently, a serving police officer and quite an astute, if amoral, one at that.

I really believe that the police force/service needs to be turned upside down and shaken out.

There is definitely a growing Stasi/Gestapo element within it.

Re: these Mohammedan cowards who bleat about the West being at war with them, what is not often mentioned is that Islam is and always has been at war with the West according to the principle of Dar-al-Harb, House of War, whereby every non-Mohammedan country has to be forced by various means of jihad into Dar-al-Islam, House of Islam.

This is set out by two different authors, whose belief systems, btw, are poles apart but their independent witnesses do agree. The books are Jihad by Arthur Kemp and Slavery, Terrorism & Islam by Peter Hammond, long-term missionary to the Sudan.

These books are both worth reading.

Finally, one Mohammedan in the crowd said that the West would be defeated because it was fighting against belief.

Be that as it may, Mohammdans are themselves on a collision course with belief. It is not hard to summarise the results ahead of time. This is a Second Advent reference.

"And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh" Isaiah 66:24.

Mohammedans do transgress against the Lord Jesus Christ.

He said in John 10:36 "I am the Son of God."

No Mohammedan on earth believes that.

This is from a message delivered in Durham City a while back.

Sura 3:59, Yusuf Ali’s translation.

“The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: “Be.” And he was.”

Yusuf Ali in his notes insists that this verse proves that Jesus was only a man and not God or the Son of God. Islam is blasphemous. It has no more business in this country than rabies.

See also Suras 19:92, 23:91, 92 and over 15 more.

Btw, since our written British Constitution is predicated on Bible belief e.g. the Coronation Oath, then those police Mohammedan-minders the other day were committing treason. Keep that in mind.

End of Part 1. Part 2 to follow.

alanorei said...

One other thing, at the Second Advent, any surviving Mohammedan will have to lick dirt at the feet of a Jewish Messiah.

"They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust" Psalm 72:9.

Can you imagine how that will be for any surviving Mohammedan at the Second Advent?

(Readers will note my use of the term Mohammedan. I'm aiming to use it from now on. Christian believers are not unwilling to be called after their Founder. Why should other religious group members be any different? Unless of course even they have some reservations about an association with a 50+ year-old man having 'relations' with a 9-year-old girl*. Her name was Aesha. Well, tough. If they are not prepared to stand and be counted according to the name of their founder, they are spiritual as well as physical cowards. *Some won't. A local case concerned a Pakistani 13-year-old girl taken into care because she had been got pregnant by her grandfather and 'disgraced the family' - not because her grandfather had got her pregnant, he wasn't a disgrace but she was for, I guess, being careless. Removal from the household was necessary to prevent reprisals aka an 'honour' killing. It's what they're like. I don't have the details but I consider the source of information impeccable.)

Finally, here is a comment that I posted on Sarah's blog over two years ago. I believe that it is still relevant, especially in view of this year as the 400th anniversary year.

(A few edits, indicated by [], have been necessary in what follows.)

I have one recommendation. And only one.

Britain and England in particular need to get back [to] the Book that made this nation [great], according to Queen Victoria who was head of state when Great Britain, in spite of manifold problems then as now, was truly great...

I will quote briefly from The Men Behind The KJV, by American researcher Gustavus S. Paine, p 19. The year is 1604, the year that James 1st commissioned a new translation of the Bible, which would become the KJB.

It has to be understood that attitudes were different in those days, the KJB later changing them for the better.

The following account is highly symbolic, nevertheless.

"When [James 1st] had to return to town for the first Parliament of the new reign, he occupied the new royal apartments in the Tower of London and there, in the Lion's Tower, the king watched three dogs set upon a lion, which tore two of them apart."

I guess the survivor beat a hasty retreat.

Think of any enemy of this realm of England, and in the wider context the collective realms of Great Britain and the Old Dominions that you can, any enemy at all.

Get the KJB, the Lion of the books, back into the hearts and minds of English men and women and that enemy will either be torn apart or not wait around to be torn apart.

i.e. [Mohammedans] will beg to [emigrate].

Ideologically, this is the way to get England back.

And when you've got it back, to keep it.

Simple, really.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You do realise that the majority of Britons simply don't see a difference between the BNP, EDL or Muslims Against Crusades, right? They're all seen as being as bad as each other, and despising one group (MAC) won't mean supporting their extremist opponents (EDL)