Thursday, 8 September 2011

But there is no knife-crime in Bexley!

By Richard Barnbrook

But there is no knife-crime in Bexley!

… least so says the politically correct mantra from the powers-that-be! Instead of pooling their efforts into stamping down on knife-crime, it would seem that some London politicians are more concerned with brow-beating those of us who make a stand against it.

Following reports made to me by three independent members of the public about a stabbing incident that was said to have taken place in Dansom Park, but which could not subsequently be verified, I have had to bow to the inevitable and make an apology, which has been posted on my blog. Or, face the possibility of a formal complaint and another Standards Board hearing, with the unwelcome inconvenience to myself and pointless expense to the taxpayer.

So please note that from henceforth, as a result of relentless pressure from the ‘P C’ brigade at City Hall, I will endeavour to be a good boy and reprogram myself politically correctly, as follows:

1) The problem of knife-crime does not exist- in Bexley, in Barking and Dagenham, in London, or indeed anywhere else.

2) All members of the public have a tendency to lie, or at least to gild the lily when it comes to knife-crime and should therefore be ignored.

3) Consequently I will not listen to, nor believe the concerns expressed to me by bona fide members of the public about alleged knife-crime incidents.

4) Unless an incident has been formally reported to the police, it never happened. Therefore I should dismiss any such information supplied to me by members of the public from my mind and should certainly not dare to repeat it, let alone bring it to the attention of the politicians in case it disturbs their karma.

5) If the problem of knife-crime does not exist, people cannot be concerned about it! Therefore their anxieties should also be ignored… after making the necessary polite noises of course.

6) Despite the fact that ten youngsters have been stabbed to death in London this year, the problem, such as it is, is under control, so don’t panic!

7) Reassurance is the name of the game. I must never say anything that might possibly cause upset or alarm. Besides, The Mayor has implemented schemes especially designed to address the (non-existent) ‘problem’ to keep youngsters busy. Therefore the ‘problem’, which of course never existed anyway, is solved. End of story.

8) What the politicians tell me is far, far more important than what you, the people tell me. So I should believe them and not you. Even though you elected me to represent you!

So, to all you good citizens of London out there, who come up to me in the street to express your concerns about knife-crime, please, take it from the new, re-programmed, politically correct me, (or rather from the authorities)-it’s all in capable hands. (Well, that’s their story). So, as everything in the garden’s absolutely blooming rosy, in future I’ll just carry on politically correctly like everyone else, by shaking hands, patting babies and turning a deaf ear- as I was elected to do! NOT!


alanorei said...

Well said, GLA Member Barnbrook. Stand your ground, sir.

alanorei said...

An additional comment to ensure email notification.

I wonder if the mayor could be asked to comment on the following.

Detectives believe up to three young black males, possibly in their late teens or early 20s, attacked Mr Grisales.

You have to scroll down almost to the end of the article before you get to that statement.