Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Genocide Watch raises South Africa's Genocide risk status to level 6

Genocide Watch has explained its reason for raising the genocide risk level to Stage six out of eight potential risk levels.  Stage six "Preparation for Genocide" being just one stage below "Extermination".

For the last ten years, since Genocide Watch raised the South African risk level to level 5, the organisation has been particularly concerned by the level of violence and hate crimes perpetrated against the white population in particular the Afrikaner farming community.  Since 1994 between 30,000 and 40,000 whites have been murdered in South Africa, over 3,100 of these are farmers, making being a white farmer in South Africa statistically the most dangerous occupation on Earth.

However, Genocide Watch have now raised the level because of clear evidence that the violence against the white community is being deliberately incited. In this respect, they refer to the actions of Julius Malema, president of the African National Congress Youth League, who was recently convicted of hate speech folloing his repeated singing of the ANC song "Kill the Boer".

Click here to read Genocide Watch's explanation for the change to the South African status.

Don't expect to see any mention of this in the western press any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen this hideous creep 'Jon' Snow who recently married a black woman from Zimbabwe interviewing Drogba ?

Just watch how he gushes when questioning him making references to South Africa "forgiving people". The sycophantic gushing is stomach churning.

This is overly paid self loathing 'white' creep and his media related ilk are a component of the root cause of the problems associated with white people.

Despicable scum bag.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Yes, I saw that interview last night, it was nauseating.

However, what is there about Jon Snow which isn't nauseating?

Pensioner said...

Nice Country we are living in isn't it!!!

Brock Townsend said...

Sad. Posted.

Anonymous said...

The "Western Media" is owned and run by Jews of the likes of Rupert Murdoch.
Don't expect to see anything out of SA on thier media outlets.
Here in the states negros assualt Whites on a daily basis for nothing but a racial motive. No word from the media.

81 yr. old White man killed by a mob of negros on the way home from his daughter's wedding.

Lex said...

Now, now, don't be a waysist .......

mary sullivan said...

this is all caused by the jew-bbc and the all jew american media not reporting this anywhere in the world.
bbc head, mike lyons has standing order not to report any black on white attacks, anywhere in the world. no one in America or Canada will see this on their TV sets

Anonymous said...

ANC violence in South Africa - Adult content! Not for sensitive viewers!

crowd singing VIVA Mandela while killing their own.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

WARNING The video posted bt Anonymous 06.13 is very graphic

Durotrigan said...

This is very worrying, as is the ongoing mass media worship of South Africa. Whatever is inconvenient to their narrative is simply passed over, as, I note, has been the Muslim attack on three school buses carrying pupils home from St Bedes in Bradford this week:

Adit said...

"Don't expect to see anything out of SA on thier media outlets."

On occasion, family members meet whites from SA and the South Africans are always shocked that any whites at all are aware of their plight. Such is the MSM lock-down on news from South African.

We can not let this happen to them. They are our kith and kin. If we do nothing to stop this, the rest of us will not be far behind. Our failure to stop this will send a signal to all of our so-called leaders that they can wipe us out with absolute impunity. Do not kid yourselves, they are watching our reaction to this very closely.

Laager said...

@ Adit

There is something that readers of this blog can do.

Cut and past this article and send it the following people and organisations;

Your MP
Foreign Secretary William Haig
Amnesty International
The Church of England
The UK Catholic Church
The UK Methodist Church
If you have a faith to the head of your congregation
Tell your circle of influence about what is going on and ask them to do the same.

Ask them why - when compared to the international campaign to condemn and end Separate Development (Apartheid) - nobody is speaking out against the atrocities being perpetrated against white people in South Africa.

The Truth and Reconcilliation Commission accepted a document as evidence that 7,000 people (all races) perished during the 42 years (1940-1990) [=167 deaths/year] of named (Apartheid) racial segregation although the formalisation of the system began with legislation passed by the British Cape Colonial authorities starting in 1806.

Since "freedom" and majority rule in 1994 an estimated 40,000 white people have been randomly slain as a result of "crime". [= 2,353/year] In many cases nothing is stolen and the victims are brutally tortured before being executed.

This death rate makes South Africa a more dangerous place to live in during peace time than the war zones Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

Even if these individuals and organisations do nothing they can never say "We did not know"

Thank you for your support

Anonymous said...

The chaos in South Africa was predicted in 1985 by P.W. Botha in his "Rubicon Speech". He warned the ignorant, arrogant and interfering world in the UN what would happen if he succumbed to their demands to hand over the government to the ANC. The Prophet is dead but the truth of his prophesy is alive and is openly revealed daily. Crimes perpetrated by the majority of the ANC government politicians and their officials have no boundaries and no retribution. Since 1994 trillions of Rands have been fraudulently moved into personal bank accounts and the violent crime in the private and public sector is ncreasing daily. For South African whites to seek refuge in another country would be pointless. It looks like the U.K. and others are now also going straight down the drain the same way as South Africa and the rest of Africa did. I have no pity for the white fools who forced this "black apartheid" and white genocide upon S.A. The only consolation is knowing for a fact that the worldly enforcers who backed the ANC are next on the racial genocide list. "Cry the beloved country"

Anonymous said...

True words my friend because when P.W Botha was cunningly worked out of his job the crafty communist backed A.N.C suddenly began to shout freedom and democracy. The world at large and the sanction strapped S.A. whites slicked it like a honey pill. So much so that when they were offered a vote to determine the next course of action for the white government to take they were gatvol with the economic sanctions and the ANC terrorism. So 90% of them voted for the abolishment of white apartheid and for it to be replaced with equality, freedom and democracy and free and fair elections for all. They did so knowing full well that it was inevitable that a black government would come into power. However they were living in hope that a new and united nation would rise from the ashes of the past and that together they would be able to build the most successful and richest country on the African continent. Nelson Mandela and his ANC comrades were released from chookie and Winnie (Stompie) met him at the gate. The media had a field day and the politicians around the world who had supported the ANC cause patted each other on their backs. Wonderful words of praise and glory were showered on Mandela and the ANC from every corner of the globe and the majority of the whites in SA just stood apprehensively by in the background. It was actually quite sickening to see the ars kissing and the emotional farce being played out before them. Former communist trained terrorists were no longer terrorists they were now called freedom fighters and the writing was on the wall but still the world refused to see it. The ANC was voted into power and it did not take long for them to reveal their true colours. Now 17 years down the line the equality, freedom and democracy that was promised is nothing more than inequality, bondage and hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

The whites are to blame for their own downnfall. When a white person says or does anything that goes against the grain with the blacks or colored people in the world then they are accused of being a racist. Whether there is any truth in their reason for saying or doing so is of no consequence at all. Immediately there is a huge outcry from blacks and sympathetic whites alike from every quarter. Apologies are demanded and threats and insults are also hurled at the alleged racist. Today to be outspoken about any irregularities that occur wherein a black or colored person is involved is regarded as a greater crime than a black or colored person murdering a white. To be a white person on earth is nothing to be proud of anymore. A black uneducated jungle savage is glorified and given all access to human rights, dignity and freedom of the land while the most brilliant of highly qualified whites are completely ignored and their great contributions to society both past and present go unacknowledged and unrewarded

Macker said...

And people wonder exactly why South Africa developed nuclear weapons....

Anonymous said...

To Macker.
Under the circumstances they had no option. Communist Russia and China already had them and they were blatantly supporting the ANC. With the rest of the ignorant and gullible world also supporting the communists and baying for South Africa's blood it was the only way for S.A. to go. However no nuclear weapon will ever be able to destroy a country more efficiently than an arrogant irresponsible and greedy African Government.