Tuesday, 25 August 2009

An ugly face of modern Britain

This is Cara Davenport, the sister of West Ham soccer player Calum Davenport. Cara, her mother and brother were involved in an acrimonious family argument on Sunday night, when Calum and his mother expressed their disapproval at the company Cara had been keeping.

It seems that they may well have had good reason for their concerns, given that shortly afterwards, either by reason of his telepathic powers, or having been called by Cara, the undesirable “company” she had been keeping turned up, in the form or Cara's mixed race boyfriend Worrell Whitehurst. Allegedly Whitehurst then proceeded to assault Mrs Davenport, to the extent that she required hospital treatment, and then repeatedly stabbed Calum Davenport in both legs.

According to witnesses, Whitehurst behaved like a mad man during the attack screaming “This is what you get when you f*** around. You don’t f*** with us.” (I leave it to you to speculate as to what he may have meant by that.)

Calum Davenport, who also sustained head injuries, and his mother were rushed to hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. Although his life now appears to be out of danger, it is not yet clear whether the doctors will be able to save his legs, or whether he will ever play football again.

Whitehurst was arrested, and the following day Cara showed where her loyalty lay, turning up in court weeping and mouthing “I love you” as the man accused of assaulting her mother and probably crippling her brother appeared in the dock.

Worrell Whitehurst has yet to stand trial and, as such the allegations against him remain unproven, However, as far as the heavily pregnant Cara Davenport the situation is somewhat different, she "has form", as the British cops put it, this is not her first ride on the multicultural ghost train. She already has a previous child fathered by Jamaican gangster Neville Knight, who is currently serving a twelve year sentence for a string of armed robberies, committed together with another identicate, spread legged, white girl he apparently dumped Cara for.

No doubt Cara once claimed that she “loved” Neville also, however, given that she apparently sought out two such similar beaux one has to question to what degree “love” is her motive. Do those who are drawn to dangerous and abusive characters feel “love” or are they following some other less wholesome need?.

Woman like Cara Davenport and the, thankfully smaller, number of men who do the same are one of the greatest threats which any nation faces. Any other damage caused by this multicultural nightmare which is currently being imposed upon us has the possibility of being put right. Politicians can be defeated, laws and minds can be changed and migrants can return to their homelands but the damage they do can never be put right.

They, or Satsumas as I call them on account of the orange fake tan they trend to favour, are a true enemy within, and the harm they do is incalculable, it is for that reason older and wiser generations shunned them, excluded them from decent society and, in the case of our European cousins, shaved their empty, shameless, heads in the streets of liberated Paris.

They know nothing of loyalty or honour and care no more about their country and their people than Cara cares about her devastated family and they are amongst our greatest of enemies.

Cara Davenport's is a face we see too often in modern Britain and it is an ugly, ugly face.


teacher.paris said...

Saga - Ode to a dying nation

Dowlish said...

Totally agree with you Sarah.

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

Another ragwort, or more accurately, poison ivy.

Good to see you back and hope the little tornadoes weren't too exhausting.

Dylan said...

Totally dont agree with you sarah. "Multicultural nightmare" - maybe if you muddle economic and class inequality with cultural identifiers.

Also have you study "white" mtDNA? You do realise its a whole bunch of mixed genes that make up the body you live in.

Gosh it not even worth getting into it is it. youve already buried your head in the sand. Fight economic inequality and political corruption on a national scale not multiculturalism.

alanorei said...

Re: mixed genes, they are the death knell for both black and white races.

J.H. Van Evrie, M.D. studied "several thousand cases of mixed blood" and published the results of his research in 1868. A CD entitled Vatican Assassins 3rd Edition, by American Baptist writer Eric Jon Phelps, summarises Van Evrie's work and is obtainable via ebay.

Van Evrie concludes that the mulatto progeny of white males and negresses, who then inter-breed with other hybrids, are by the 4th generation "as absolutely sterile as muleism...it may be assumed as the natural and impassable barrier of this abnormal and exceptional being."

He adds that "it is in the female hybrid that this tendency to decay...is most apparent. Many of them are incapable of nourishing or taking care of their offspring, and together with miscarriages and the numerous forms of disease connected with maternity, they are often found to have had a large number of children, not one of whom reached maturity."

As a rough guide to the accuracy of Van Evrie's conclusions, it's difficult if not impossible to think of any major nation in history that consisted mainly of black-white hybrids.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Two things Dylan

First I don't buy this lie which you multicultural fanatics spread that white DNA is a mixture of all and sundry. Certainly there has been a degree of historical mixing within the European race. However, in fact the DNA of men and women has more in common than the DNA of Europeans and Africans or Europeans and Asians (or indeed Asians and Africans). However, even you haven't yet tried to convince us that sex is a social construct.

Secondly, as far as economic inequality is concerned, multiculturalism (or perhaps homogenisation would be a more accurate term in that it turns everything the same) is one of the main causes of that, it is all but impossible to think of a city or an area which has not hurtled rapidly downhill once it has been subjected to enforced diversity which inevitably brings both environmental and actual poverty in its wake.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Alanorei

I have heard that before about ethnic mixing. I know the findings have been dismissed by a lot of so called "scientists", but as with so many of these things, when you investigate the scientists who are dismissing the claims, they are all the usual suspects, and they all have an agenda.

Hence it is difficult to know who to believe.

alanorei said...

Interestingly, the highly inconsistent race-mixing fanatics in gov't (e.g. Harriet Harman) have little or no criticism of the preference of Asian (i.e. Indian and Pakistani) males for their own kind when it comes to marriage and progeny.

Pakistani Muslim males will do their utmost (as part of their religion, certainly) to prey on vulnerable adolescent white girls but these pathetic young victims are basically just consumer commodities to their oppressors.

Actual Muslim marriage and child-bearing seems to be kept strictly within the 'tribe,' so far as I can tell, likewise for Indians. In a way this kind of racial homogeniety is pushed to a dangerous extreme with unions typically between close blood relatives (with the attendant birth defects this is likely to produce, more of a burden for the NHS).

The young Asian females are of course likely to be double victims of this kind of enforced racial 'purity,' being subjected to 'honour' beatings and even killings by their own fathers and brothers if they object to their families' 'arrangements.'

Not to mention female circumcision.

It occurs to me that only the indigenous (non-governemental) white population of this realm would have any compassion at all for these persecuted Asian girls and seek to assist them.

The Asian mindset clearly couldn't give the proverbial tinker's cuss, except as indicated above in a punitive sense.

alanorei said...

I take your point, Sarah

It's the same with scientific studies e.g. by Arthur Jensen back in the 60s, w.r.t. Black vs. White intelligence. Scientists like Jensen were vilified by their own institutions but their work was never refuted.

Instead, it was 'dismissed,' as you rightly point out.

See The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson.

Which is why I draw attention to the lack of any prominent mixed-race nations started by black+white liaisons.

This social and historical phenomenon can't really be denied.

The only one that readily comes to mind is the Voodoo republic of Haiti, which is therefore hardly a shining example of a mixed-race success. Its leaders were mulattoes, apparently, or were back in the 20th century. See Race and Reality by Carleton Putnam, a very thorough evaluation.

Julio said...

Interesting. But still no one really knows what determines race. Is it genetics? or is it heredity? or is it the environment?

What are genetics? Are they, for the most part, simply immutable dna base pairs that only can change via errors in the coding sequence?

All of evolutionary theory is based on the idea that the dna in us is constant from the day we are born to the day we die. The errors in the coding sequence from us to our progeny and the survival of them is what produces evolution.

What I'm trying to say is that difference between whites and blacks may not be hundreds of thousands of years of genetic errors but something else.

Jesus is reported from multiple sources as having light curly brown hair tending to slight redness with blue-steel gray eyes.
Seems pretty caucausian to me. The ancient text also show that the greeks had largely blue eyes and light hair. But the greeks of today are mostly dark haired and dark eyed. What happened? Did the middle east and Greece get invaded by darker people to produce their current complexion? Maybe.

But I think there is a something else at work here. I have a good idea what it is, but I'm saving it for my own book about race.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julio

I take it your book with be in the fiction section.

"What is race?" you ask, as if there is a question which you dare not ask the Chinese, the Arabs or the Asian for you know exactly what answer you would get.

Your arguments are the lies told to Europeans by those with a sick and perverted hatred of Europe. your lies are no different to the atomic weapons and biological agents with which those before you plotted to destroy us and future generations will look back on them with equal contempt.

Anonymous said...

You just sound like a crank racist with this article. 'Ooooh, she shagged a black fella.' Fuck's sake.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather we had 10 million immigrants than 1 racist fuckwit such as yourself. The impression I get from this abortion of an article is that the only qualities you yourself bring to the country are bigotry, baseless intolerance and complete and absolute idiocy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No doubt this won't make it into the comments, but I'll not be losing any sleep over it.

Anonymous said...

It's the likes of YOU that are 'ruining' your precious country. You make me ashamed to call myself English, Scum.

Anonymous said...

You bunch of fucking morons. And I say that as a white fella who's just shagged his b;acl bird fpr three hours.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Anon

I wonder if you will remember what you wrote when you sober up.

Despite your defence of her, Cara Davenport remains a disgusting treacherous old slut who has betrayed her family and her people.

Future generations will look back of creatures like her and they will spit.

Anonymous said...

Your comments are racist and divisive. Apart from that you obviously don't know Cara. I taught Cara and Calum and Cara was one of the nicest people it was my pleasure to teach. I also have a mixed race adopted daughter who I love very much. You are the real problem and all the misled people who agree with you.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Betraying her family and standing by the thug who virtually crippled her brother and "lovely" characteristics.

She must be a real pleasure to know.

Your choice of adopting a mixed race child shows where you stand on the issue.

However, I wonder if, had the races been reversed and the knife wielding thug had been white, would your liberal knee jerk reaction have been quite so sympathetic?

Gem Junior said...

I know nobody will see this comment since the article is old. I can't HELP myself from posting anyway - the dickheads that are writing how RACIST Sarah is are so damn predictable. It's like a wind up toy that says what it's supposed to, and that is really scary. The prospect of white Britons welcoming their own destruction, displacement, and ultimately white slavery. Enjoy it, because it's coming (with people like you it'll come for sure). Oho, the brainwashing worked. It's sad but you probably aren't OLD enough, like I am, to remember the old Britain where you could walk safely and there were hardly any blacks. Coincidence? Nope. It's research that is replicated all over the world any time, any place. Blacks = destroy. Whites build, blacks tear down. The boot stamping on the face is coming. All you "anonymous" anti-racist brainwashed idiots are treasonous traitors to your country and ethnic kin. Go breed with them so when the time comes (if you haven't been beaten to death or stabbed) we can throw you out with them. Believe me, you will LOVE Africa......
Keep up the great work Sarah!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks for the comment Gem.

I read it, and others will too