Saturday, 15 August 2009

Jenny behind the enemy lines

The BNP's annual Red White and Blue festival is taking place this weekend in the country village of Codnor in Derbyshire, and I am sure that there will be numerous reports regarding the festivities and celebrations taking place in due course.

Gable's Youth in full cry

However, outside, and as expected, a group of snarling UAF and Searchlight storm troopers have descended on the place intent on causing trouble and violence. I suggest you ignore the Telegraph's claim in their latest article that the majority of the protesters were “peaceful”, the Telegraph is a British News paper. It therefore tells lies, as that's what they do.

TV's Channel 4 news referred to “Scuffles” but from the film they showed, it seemed a little rougher than that, however, the police appear to be doing their job for once, and so far 19 Unite against Freedom thugletts have been arrested. Channel 4 also interviewed veteran black UAF bullyboy Weyman Bennett (who as this clip demonstrates, has a lot in common with the Telegraph ). Bennett, who appeared to be marching in the company of various other non-white “protesters”, announced a obediently on-message Channel 4 reporter, called Jenny, that they had “come to show the BNP what Britain had become, and that they had better learn to live with it”.

He spoke like a rapist mocking his victim with the grim reality of what he had done to her, and that she had better learn to live with it. One can only imagine the reaction had a white South African made such a comment, but such irony was lost on the bland and brainwashed Jenny.

Jenny later visited the Red White and Blue festival and interviewed Nick Griffin. I am unclear how long the actual interview was, however, the only fragment of the interview broadcast was when Jenny claimed that a number of BNP supporters had appeared reluctant to be filmed, and enquired if that was because they were “ashamed to be associated with the BNP's racist views”. As a consummate politician, Nick resisted suggesting that some people might not wish to be filmed in case they were beaten up by the thugs whom Jenny had been sympathetically interviewing earlier, and chose rather to laugh in the silly cow's face.

Later Jenny, who appeared by that stage to imagine herself some sort of Charlotte Gray character, was asked to leave, presumably after further attempts to film BNP member's and their families, and was escorted from the area muttering sinisterly and suggesting that the BNP must have something to hide.

One of the events Jenny's film crew were briefly able to film. And which she and others in the fourth estate will no doubt suggest the BNP were trying to hide involved a set of stocks in which various volunteers wearing masks depicting characters ranging from politicians to Osama bin Laden were placed so that party goers could throw wet sponges at them.

One of the sponge targets appeared to be representing Barrack Obama, a fact which will no doubt cause outrage amongst the chattering classes, given the all but beatified status of the 44th American president. However, hypocrites to a man (and woman) as they “tut” and suck air through their teeth in order to signify their moral superiority, not one of them will pause to think of how many online shoes they chucked at a ducking representation of the 43rd President.

I am sure that those BNP members attending the Red White and Blue festival had a great time, however, I am equally sure they appreciate that, despite the success in June, they still have a long way to clime, and it will be some time before the brainwashed Jennies in the media give them an honest or fair press.


alanorei said...

Thank you for the overview, Sarah

One encouraging outcome is that the reds never got anywhere near enough supporters to link hands around the RWB enclosure and they had to bus in such as they got.

A pretty paltry show all round on their part. I hope the local constabulary appreciated the reality.

Re: Weyman Bennett and "what Britain had become, and that they had better learn to live with it"

No, I will not learn to live with "it." I will keep on seeking to show that, as with the EU, Islam and multi-culti-ism, Britain is better off without "it."

And probably better off without the MSM Jennies as well. (Regrettably, I don't envisage a change in her outlook. Not while she's paid to lie.)

Somewhat OT but in preparation for a message on The Unknown Warrior later this year, I've obtained the following figures from the CWGC site:


Number of identified war graves: 580,000

Number of unidentified war graves: 180,000

Number of names on memorials of men with no known grave: 530,000


Number of war graves: 370,000

(I believe about a third are unidentified but am seeking clarification on this from the CWGC.)

Number of names on memorials of men with no known grave: 250,000

Number of civilian dead (excluding, I think, men of the Mercantile Marine who are included with Forces casualties): 67,000

The Left don't give a proverbial tinker's cuss about any of the above.

Only BNPrs and those of like mind really care.

Shieldline said...

Learn to live with it? That sack of shit can learn to live with a growing number of white people fighting back.

alanorei said...

Hi Sarah

I am reminded of the following, Poor Jenny.

You can hear the Everly Bro's rendition here.

These are the lyrics:


(Boudleaux / Felice Bryant)
The Everly Brothers - 1959

I took my little Jenny to a party last night

At ten o'clock it ended in a heck of a fight

When someone hit my Jenny she went out like a light

Poor Jenny

And then some joker went and called the cops on the phone

So everybody scattered out for places unknown

I couldn't carry Jenny so I left her alone

Poor Jenny

Well Jenny had her picture in the paper this morning

She made it with a bang

According to the story in the paper this morning

Jenny is the leader of a teenage gang

Jenny has a brother and he's hot on my trail

Her daddy wants to ride me out of town on a rail

I hope I'll be around when Jenny gets out of jail

Poor Jenny

I went downtown to see her, she was locked in a cell

She wasn't very glad to see me, that I could tell

In fact, to tell the truth, she wasn't looking too well

Poor Jenny

Her eye was black, her face was red, her hair was a fright

She looked as though she'd been crying half of the night

I told her I was sorry, she said "Get out of sight"

Poor Jenny

It seems a shame that Jenny had to go get apprehended, a heck of a fate

This party was the first one she ever had attended

It had to happen on our very first date

Jenny has a brother and he's hot on my trail

Her daddy wants to ride me out of town on a rail

I hope I'll be around when Jenny gets out of jail

Poor Jenny

I hope Jenny C4 doesn't get too tangled up with UAF. Life might end up imitating art.

takevaccineget GBS said...

Guillem-Barre Syndrome

Anonymous said...

Wonder what all the liberal anti-BNP tossers are going to say now with the tumultous hero's welcome the Lockerbie bomber received in Libya.
I wonder if they will EVER get the message that there are entire countries whose populations down to the last man, woman and child want to annihilate every last white liberal tosser along with the bunnies they are hugging and unfortunately along with Brits who just want to be Brits in Britian.
In the history of warfare, the world's former super powers have the dubious distinction of actually facilitating and welcoming with open arms an invasion force, infiltrating them into every level of government and society and then financing and equipping them to wage overt war against the state and the people from within - what madness is this?

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Hope all's well with ya (probably busy with those younguns)..
dry spell for a week is unusual.

(or perhaps you're undergoing a crash course involving the intricacies of Colonel Sam Colt !
Sarah lacing up her leather boots ?!)