Tuesday, 25 August 2009

From Titans to Lemmings: The Suicide of the White Race - Part 5

By Reconquista

5. Galloping Headstrong To Bondage


One of the major issues being highlighted in this series of essays concerns the Marxist imposition of equality. Having intended to write this essay after part two, an essay which discussed how imposing artificial equality among and between the races flies in the face of Mother Nature, I will now discuss how imposing equality between the sexes has had a catastrophic effect upon Western societies. It is best read with the issues raised in part two in mind, I had intended it so but one or two more pressing matters meant the chronology was disrupted.

I think if I stated that if one were to observe Western societies with a neutral stance to assess how the enforced Multicultural social experiment is progressing, it would be difficult to assert that Multiculturalism is working. Despite being brow-beaten with the "we're all equal" mantra, clear differences continue to arise between races and cultures because reality stubbornly refuses to fall in line with this childish Liberal fantasy of equality of all in a tranquil rainbow Shangri-la.

Throughout the West, vast numbers of alien immigrants shun the culture of their host society, preferring instead to maintain their own languages, traditions and cultures and demanding ever more tolerance and acceptance of their way of life. Meanwhile, back in their lands of origin, their cultures and traditions are entirely persevered and in the case of the Middle East, alien cultures and traditions are strictly - and very forcibly - forbidden.

Making such an observation and also comparing the West with other societies, it is crystal clear that major differences exist between races and that the predominantly white West is behaving in ways that other societies - societies from where most immigrants to Britain originate - do not and this means that our own culture and our own traditions are now in decline, indeed one could honestly claim that we are well along the road to colonisation and this is a damning indictment on Multiculturalism and its supporters.

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