Saturday, 8 August 2009

Rioting in Birmingham - Coming to a town near you!

There have been a number of "incidents" on the streets of Birmingham, England's second largest city, this evening. If you can pick your way to the truth this heavily censored BBC news report, which studiously ignores the participation of Asian gangs, you might get some indication as to what is happening.

What we are seeing is further evidence of the civil unrest which the media has until now failed to adequately report. It is something I suspect we will soon see a lot more of.


Further information and pictures can be found at the Home of the Green Arrow at the following links:
"Get Used to it because its going to get worse",
Some images from Birmingham
A day out in Birmingham 8 August
The Daily Mail removes the truth
The battle for Birmingham, by Mister Fox

A gang of non-whites attack a slender white boy (no doubt the media will pretend this was self defence)

The police target a single white protester, who unlike the non-whites in top pictures doesn't appear to be kicking anyone's head in. (Presumably the officer had a quota to fill)

The police ignore a white victim (nothing new there then)

Our new countrymen show their respect for our flag

Above is a screen shot of the latest news story from the BBC site this morning (which includes the flag picture, captioned "Youths dragged a Union flag from a man's hands" - those "youths" again huh!! - no mention of the fact that they used their feet in the process) I decided to save this image in case the words "It started off with a group of white guys who were chanting 'England, England'. I thought they were just football fans, but then a larger group of black and Asian people turned up and it all kicked off." quietly disappear during the day.


Anonymous said...

So the labour and Tory a nd union backed ''uaf'' were protesting against .....Islamic fascism...oh sorry no , they weren't that Muslim aggression and violence is ok by the liberal -communist left, Islam can do no wrong, its those white people demonstrating against Islamic fascism taking over the UK, that the ''uaf''were demonstrating against.

the uaf identify with the provocative, white - British hating Muslim fascists as the 'uaf' so called anti-fascists are the real fascists in the UK along with the Muslim extremists

Man Of The Woods said...

Have saved to disk before it gets censored. Interesting pictures.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Yes, I have saved the pictures as well, I will put them up in the morning. There need to be lots of copies out there when the authorities start re-writing the facts.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You were correct Man of the Woods. The picture which you have on your site had now disappeared from the Mail coverage, and it has been slanted to make it appear that whites were to blame.

alanorei said...

Coming to a Town or City Near You I suggest would be a realistic headline.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Great idea Alan, I have changed the title!


Man Of The Woods said...

Here is my capture of the original Daily Mail article.


smeg said...

As a white working class English man who is able to trace his family back to 1600 and forefather was an officer in Cromwells' Troop of Horse, I find the tone and content of this blog offensive.

England has a proud history of tolerance of political, religous and racial differences. Huguenot weavers, Jamaican Nurses, Lithuanian Anarchists, Kashmiri Curry Chefs, Bengali Taxi Drivers, White Rhodesians, displaced Poles and Eastern Europeans, Asian Ugandans, and I could go on.

Britain, and England is the proud country is today because of our willingness to welcome people here and welcome them to our way of life.

I find the camps of people trying to get here from Calais a compliment to UK people and their ability to assimilate different cultures.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


This country has indeed a refuge to groups of refugees in the past, but what we are seeing now bears no comparison to what we have seen in the past, or indeed what any European country has seen since the fall of Constantinople.

You claim pride in your country, but how can you feel proud about something which will soon cease to exist.

By the government's own figures, within a tenth of the time that you can trace your family back to those of your family's heritage will be an ethnic minority in their homeland. What pride is there in that?

What pride is there in stripping third world countries of their young, strong and (supposedly) qualified, and relieving dictators of their opposition?

What pride is there in suffocating traditional British tolerance in politically correct oppression?

A man may be proud of offering others sanctuary in his home, but when those others take over and deny him his own home?

Nobody objects to reasonable levels of immigration, but this is an invasion of unprecedented proportions, which will destroy everything there is left to feel proud of about Britain.

If you are too blind or stupid to see that, then you deserve what is coming to you, but does your family?

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Ha ! Great reply Sarah ... don't believe I've ever seen you so riled, but you're justified in your anger.

Yall (proper English translation - "you all") be careful.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Jeff

You take care as well! ;)


alanorei said...

Re: headline, thank you, Sarah, glad to be of help.

Smeg, typically for one of Sarah's critics, you fail to address the subject of her post.

You should at least pay Sarah the courtesy of so doing.

Re: the disparate groups you mention, Huguenots were Protestants who suffered persecution at the hands of Catholic French monarchs throughout the 17th century, to be finally displaced by the ravages of the Dragonnades and other persecutions under Louis XIV and his Jesuit Confessor, Pere (Father) La Chaise SJ. Racially they were essentially the same as the English. For both those reasons and in practising viable trades, they could easily be assimilated and were, also being in relatively small numbers. White Rhodesians (many of whom were late generation Brits anyway) could also be assimilated as they are basically kith and kin with indigenous Britons. EEuropean groups, however, are here illegally through Britain's illegal membership of the EU and should be summarily deported. Non-white groups are basically non-assimilable minorities, who do not adapt to "our way of life" but in varying degrees seek to subvert it, abuse it or, as in the case of Muslims, violently overthrow it.

That goes for the Calais-based invaders as well. These camps are emphatically not "a compliment to UK people" as you fondly suppose. They are a testimony to crass UK stupidity in carelessly allowing the creation of a 'soft touch' begging-bowl Britain to be regularly ripped off by the world and his wife at will.

And as Sarah says, any foreign workers here, of any description, are a loss to their own country of origin as well as under-cutting the indigenous British workforce. Your reference to "Jamaican nurses" is typically Nulab in tone and like Blair, Brown, Straw et al callously overlooks the double penalty inflicted on British nurses displaced by lower-paid incomers and on the former patients of the ex-pat nurses who are thereby deprived of even such healthcare as they once had before the Jamaican etc. exodus.

Since you come from Cromwell's officer class, I guess you may be one of the still-extant landed gentry who doesn't live in an 'enriched' community. Whatever the case, given your apparent association with the former Lord Protector, you should be prepared to take on board the fact that Cromwell stated in about 1654 “Every sect saith, “Oh give me liberty,” but give it him and to his power he will not yield it to anybody else." He saw his role as a Constable to keep opposing factions from “knocking their heads one against another." See Cromwell by Sir Charles Firth p 336, 361.

That is the whole problem, as Sarah's post shows. We don't have a Cromwell but we do have a virulent sect (Islam) that, having acquired "liberty," would absolutely ensure that no-one else has even the ghost of the same privilege, dictatorially imposing dhimmitude as Islam has done everywhere in the world where it gets into power.

That is one main reason why Islam should be expelled from Britain asap. The other is Constitutional. If you study the Coronaton Oath vs. the Qur'an, you will see that the two are in no way assimilable.

The national leaders who allowed this abysmal state of affairs to come about are guilty of treason, which is probably why the traitor Blair sought to repeal the Treason Act some years ago.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Alanorei - I was hoping someone more qualified than me would point the ethnicity similarities (or not) out in detail. Good comment.

"Since you come from Cromwell's officer class, I guess you may be one of the still-extant landed gentry who doesn't live in an 'enriched' community."

I was thinking the same, although we call it ... acting all high 'faluting.
Your version sounds a bit more proper.

Anonymous said...

A tribute to the prescient parliamentarian who laid out the basis of today's racial problems way back in the 1960's for all to see....but, nobody was listening.


alanorei said...

Thanks, Jeff

Your version would be equally applicable.

Viking said...

Very informative post, once again, Sarah.

Smeg does raise an interesting point; at what point do we lose something of our Britishness by giving up our traditional tolerance of minorities?
The answer is by not treating them all the same. Many minorities just want to get along; many more just want to suck the taxpayer dry, and still more want to change our way of life.

The trick is not to tolerate the intolerant!

Influx said...

you are a racist

will said...

You accuse the mainstream media of being selective and then present a series of very selective photographs.

The riots and looting were something the police were working hard to control, and then white racist EDL thugs turn up for a bit of vigilante action and chanting. I'm glad the police turned on them before they made a bad situation even worse. The EDL ought to be ashamed of themselves, they are just opportunistic thugs looking for a fight, no better than the looting scum.

People like Tariq Jahan from the Muslim community have shown us how to respond to these events and pull together as ONE community.

Anonamous999 said...

your arguement is pathetic Pakistani young men did not commit as much atrocities as the black and white bastard children who do not want to work and blame the "authourity" for their lack of wealth infidel youth caused all of this tension in Birmingham its the month of Ramadan why would we as muslim engage in such a filthy act, YOU JUST WANT TO POINT THE FINGER AT ASIAN MEN DUE TO YOUR OWN RACIST VEIWS STOP PUBLISHING SUCH CRAP IT ONLY MAES WHITE PEOPLE LOOK BAD your blog isnt objective its subjective and only deviates to your own racist point of veiw

Anonamous999 said...