Monday, 31 August 2009

Asian Riot, Bury Park, Luton, 30/08/09

Thanks to Derby Patriot

More footage here, I have no idea why they are calling it a "BNP riot" there were no BNP there, in fact the only whites were amongst the police.


Anonymous said...

I suppose we've all got this to look forward to - when will people wake up ?...Donna

Dr.D said...

While the accusation that it was a BNP riot is false, this gives an opportunity to continue to talk about the BNP in the British press. There is some advantage to that. There is an old aphorism along the lines, "I don't care what you say about me as long as you spell my name correctly." The point is that any publicity is advantageous.

It is, of course, important to make clear who is the source of the problem and what the simple solution is. If these people were removed from the UK, the problems they bring with them, all depart with them. That is really very, very simple. So much so that anyone with half a mind should be able to understand it.

Anonymous said...

of course the BNP sound bite as to be heard -any excuse and this is another one of course it co-coincidently? comes at the time when the BNP go to court over the Harman/Phillips politically motivated injunction to shut down democracy and the BNP along with it

Anonymous said...

Racial solidarity appeared to be a strong theme in that Brown crowd. There's nothing wrong with that cohesive force. So what is the Browns' problem with the BNP aligning themselves along with their White racial lineage?

When I had the opportunity some 30-some years ago while travelling throughout "the continent", I should have visited your country when England was STILL England.

But, from viewing that multicultural diversity video-clip and other similar clips, I really have no desire to visit. Pity!

However, I hold the same disinclination for the now "multi-culti" city of Toronto here in former hometown that I've not visited in several years.

Mercifully, we had the choice to select from so much space here and move further away from the invading 3rd-world colonizers pouring into this country by 250,000 per year.