Monday, 31 August 2009

Muslim Riots = Media silence

You would not know this from the mainstream media which appears to have suppressed this story, but Muslim gangs staged another riot in Luton yesterday.

Muslim Riots in Luton

By the Green Arrow

Moslem rioters took to the streets of Luton yesterday after rumours of a protest march by white people concerned with the Islamification of their Country.

The Dhimmi police who had done nothing to prevent the same moslems disrupting an homecoming parade of the Anglican regiment from Afghanistan earlier this year, reacted in a typically cowardly fashion by banning peaceful patriotic protesters from the town.

Then attempting to suck up to the Moslem Colonisers, they drafted in extra police to "protect them from far-right protestors". Notice how anyone who objects to having their land stolen from them is referred to as far-right? These days being called far-right is a complement.

Of course it all went wrong for thick plod. The moslems in Luton are now in sufficiently large numbers that they can determine who goes where and who rules the streets - promptly gave the Old Bill a slap by attacking them with missiles, including fireworks against the mounted police who were also deployed. Only the rapid arrival of more police and horses saved the day by all accounts.

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