Saturday, 1 August 2009

A teachable moment

As the American Thinker put it so succinctly yesterday, there was one class act who attended Barry's little photo opportunity yesterday and it wasn't either the president or Professor HL "Do you realize who I am?" Gates Jnr.

Amongst all the beer and brouhaha following the recent clash between the Cambridge MA police department and the affirmatively inflated ego of a black Harvard professor, the powers that be in America must be busily seeking a legitimate and speedy means of transferring Sergeant James Crowley to a desk job in Fort Yukon or, at least, as far away from a television camera as possible.

For every time the excellent Sgt Crowley appears before a camera the contrast between him and those who have attacked him as "stupid" and "racist" must become uncomfortably obvious, and it is he, not they, who benefit from the comparison. From the automatic act of kindness towards a man who had deliberately threatened his livelihood, shown in the picture above, to his polite and dignified refusal to apologise for doing his job, in the face of what must have been considerable pressure the quality of this decent man becomes obvious to all who see him.

Meanwhile, the true characters of the arrogant little pip-squeak from Harvard and the ex-Chicago community organiser must be equally obvious to all but those who stubbornly refuse to look, and they will both find it very hard, if not impossible to live this seemingly trivial event down. When the mask slips so far in public, the photos, and sound bites, keep coming back to haunt you.

I suspect that when future historians look back to the point when the Obama presidency began to implode, they will count Barry's decision to involve himself in "Skip" Gates' racist hissy fit to be a teachable moment, if perhaps not quite in the way which the insufferable Prof. Gates was hoping.


fellist said...

Is Officer Crawley a bit too tolerant? You and I will say Gates threw a racist hissy fit, that it was Gates and Obama who carried racial narratives in their heads and whose prejudices created the situation; it would be nice if Crawley at least hinted at that.

Dr.D said...

Sarah, you are missing the point (I wish!). Zero is exercising his idea of leadership as he leads the parade down the steps in his shirt sleeves, a real show of class. He has to be steppin' out in front where he can be seen most prominently, because remember, he his the Won!

As with everything else in America today, at least for Zero, it it all about himself. NOthing else matters in the slightest bit.

MrsJ said...

Obama seems so oblivious to his fellow man - he strides in front, totally unconcerned that his "friend" is having difficulty with the steps. What does that say about him?

Dr.D said...

MrsJ, it says a great deal about Obama, and all the world is taking note. The Left is in a tizzy trying to say that the picture does not show what it so plainly does show, while everyone else is seeing it for what it is: arrogance, ego, narcissism writ large. This like everything else that happens is all about the Won.

John B said...

I am a supporter of the BNP and I believe in the concept of ethnic nationalism, but I just want to point out a few things for your education. These things are "incontrovertible" which means that there is no real argument against them and any attempt simply shows the person attempting to do so is a fool or a liar. (1) Obama's mother was a US citizen when he was born, therefore it would not matter if he was born on Mars, he is a US citizen the same way John McCain who was born in Panama is one. That is the Law and it is settled. (2)A US citizen cannot "lose" his citizenship because his mother moves to another country. (3) Officer Crawley may come across as nice as he can be, BUT A there is no dispute that Gates Identified himself and B Gates was in his own home. He did not have to comply with any of Crawley's instructions and in fact Crawley had only barely tenuos cause to knock on the door and no probable cause to remain on the property, let alone arrest someone. Maybe in the UK the police have these omnipotent powers, they are prohibited by the bill of rights in the USA. To enter private property in the USA a police officer absolutely MUST have either a warrant signed by a judge which can only be issued upon a sworn affidavit, or have probable cause that a crime was being committed. Crawley had neither, and as WHITE AMERICAN GUN OWNER who values my civil rights. I support Gates, whether he was black white Red yellow or brown mox nix. The cops in this country already step on our rights too much and need to be taken down a peg, Crowley's "Politeness" not withstanding. (4) Obama's fault is that he was willing to back away from principles to put on this " let us all be Friends" show.( In other words he is spineless) I don't want a President who is a good buddy with every one. I would prefer one who would stand up for American civil rights. (5) In The USA we have 2 main AMERICAN cultures A European American B ex slave African American (Obama is a member of Neither) African Americans have many faults (including many with big chips on their shoulders and ugly attitudes) but they are Americans not some foriegn culture and they have just as much right to be here as we whites do, Including the right to behave like a boor in their own house. (6)The main danger in America is that the cops, who are damn well paid, all to often have misused their authority to bully people and they do so with no fear of being called to account. We don't say being a cop is a no stress job. We Patriots say if you can't handle the assholes that come with the job with out loosing it( usually after the fact and with someone else), Get another job. JJB