Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lest We Forget

June 6 1944

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Mick said...

I keep thinking about the heroes that fought for our freedom.

After all their effort, lives lost and tragedy that they experienced, people are now allowing the same evils to infiltrate by stealth.

What is also amazing is that they don't even realise it is happening.

People suggesting sentences are too harsh on criminals; no corporal discipline to keep the children in line; abolishing the death sentence; TV, gyms, education and other benifits for criminals are all contributing to undermine the fabric of our society that the heroes of these wars fought for.

Imagine what these veterans would think when they look at the world they fought for and realise that society is voluntarily giving away their rights to live in peace and safety because they choose to be politically correct rather than call a spade a spade.

Lock up the gang-bangers, discipline the unruly, execute the murderers and rapists.

Live badly and expect retribution, live life well and expect to reap the rewards. This is what my father and the others fought for and this is my inheritance to claim.

I for one respect the heroes of our freedom and as far as I am able, I won't allow their legacy to be tarnished by current fashionable trends such as being PC or being embarassed to speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yes,that's right.Do never forget your glorious war,which defeated the last nation that stood up for the European race.Your beloved Winston did his Talmudic paymasters a great service.

Of course only after the Russians already steamrolled towards Berlin.

Mick said...

Actually anonymous, I don't think of the war as a glorious thing. I respect the veterans (not the politicians) of all sides as being victors who deserve our respect.

I certainly respect the German nation as an intelligent, cutting edge people. I am half German myself.

What I was referring to was respecting the values of our forefathers which was represented by their courage and selfless sacrifice, regardless of their nationality.

Take a look around you and you will see what I mean when I say that anarchy is creeping in and society is allowing this purely by their apathy towards it.

Read deeper and not in anger. There are often more words between the lines than on them.

You might even realise we have some common ground.

Anonymous said...

Mick, my comment was not a response to yours but a rant about the general perception of WW2.Though i'm not quite sure what Sarah's agenda is with this post.I assumed it to be some "hooray we beat the huns" post.


"I respect the veterans (not the politicians) of all sides as being victors who deserve our respect."

No....nobody is a victor .Not even those who won the war.All European people lost.Especially the common British and American men who thought that they bleed for their country.Because , not much later the paymasters they didn't know they were fighting for, were pushing for non-white immigration into our countries.

Now the "victors" can watch the fruits of their victory as their grandsons are being ganged up on by blacks/pakis/whatever or when their granddaughter presents them her newest mongrel baby.

"Imagine what these veterans would think when they look at the world they fought for"

If they would accept the truth then they would realize:That is exactly what we were fighting for.
The destruction of white countries was planned long before 1945.The defeat of Nazi Germany was a nail to the coffin.This defeat ensured that never again a white country rises up for the interest of its people.And that is all what this war was about.

If we survive this era and come out as victors,we will remember America's and Britain's efforts in WW2 as the first big betrayal of European people,and not as heroic crusade against evil Huns.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I certainly did not make the post in the spirit of Hooray, we beat the Hun. I am actually very ambivalent about the war altogether.

We should never forget the sacrifice which so many young men made, whilst we may question the motives of the politicians who started the war.

The same applies for the young Germans who fought and died for their country, they were no less brave and no less honourable and only doing what they believed to be right.

Whether or not you question the rightness of the war, we can not question the bravery of the men who fought it and the sacrifice they made.

Anonymous said...

Sarah i never doubted their honour.I know very well that the common man didn't see the big picture of this war.He only saw the ruins of his city and the desire for revenge.On both sides.As brave and honourable as they may have been it is my strong opinion that they have been nothing but tools.Lured into a war that would result in the bastardization of their countries.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Anon 11:00

What you say is certainly not without merit


alanorei said...

Wisdom is always easier in hindsight but anyone who possessed, read and believed a KJB in 1940 (most English-speaking Christians had one then) could not have overlooked the warnings about "the bastardization of their nations" as Anon remarks, e.g. Revelation 13.

Even though Queen Elizabeth 1st did not possess a KJB, she had access to its faithful precursors, e.g. the Bishops' Bible and she rightly insisted that she did not want any "blackamoors" in her realm.

One of the early postwar advocates of race-mixing was the author Neville Shute, with his novel Chequerboard. I guess that most C of E ministers at the time were too timid to reprove it as a work of darkness, Ephesians 5:11 and therefore were disloyal to their calling, 2 Timothy 4:2.

If the English-speaking Western nations had stuck to the KJB post-WW2 (they didn't), these works of darkness would not be occurring. I don't believe they will progress as much as may be feard but they could have been avoided altogether.

However, an Axis victory in WW2 would have seen the enforced removal of all KJB Texts from conquered countries, you can rest assured. The Allied victory prevented that.

So that is at least one worthwhile outcome of WW2.

It has also been said, though anti-Semites will choke on it that "WW1 got the land (i.e. Israel, where the Christian General Allenby (his name is rendered as Allah-bey in Arabic, meaning "Prophet of God") captured Jerusalem in December 1917 without firing a shot) ready for the Jew and WW2 got the Jew ready for the land."

That's another worthwhile outcome.

To see how this is working out in our own day, I strongly recommend a newsletter available online called The Righteous Gentile compiled by Baptist pastor (and ex-Jesuit-trained scholar) Robert Millitello.

Bro. Millitello, btw, was the first child to be born via the marriage of a WW2 American GI serving with the occupation forces in Germany to a German girl.

So I guess WW2 had a pretty good outcome for Bro. Millitello.

Re: WW2 and the KJB, I have a message entitled The Unknown Warrior that I can make available as a WORD attachment. It's also available on CD.

Anonymous said...

The two world wars were without a shred of doubt, the suicide of Europe, and should never have happened.

I do not see them as a conspiracy, rather, the result of shortsightedness; but it is clear the Germans made nationalism easy to sell to modern "intellectuals" as totally unacceptable, and this in turn has led to the impending death of Europe.


AgainsTTheWall said...

WW2 was a tragedy for Europe. One can argue endlessly who was to blame - Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, international Jewry. I would suggest that all of those to a greater or lesser degree.

Suffice to say its hard to see how a nationalist can look back to those events with pride. It concerns me that the BNP for example have co-opted Churchill as an icon for nationalism when any open-minded student would regard his character and actions as dubious.

Today the Left constantly rams the era down our throats - as perhaps they should. It was their war and their victory over OUR ideals (leaving aside Hitler's imperialism). Why do we join them in celebrating our demise?

Zarky said...

I have been a keen WWII reader/researcher my whole life, there is very little I do not know about the big war.

But I can tell you one thing, I pity those poor souls that came out of that war alive, they were scarred for life! I myself had been exposed to warfare as a young adult fresh out of school and I will never allow my child to go to war, to fight for hidden agendas for the politicians, unfortunately young adults are easily manipulated.

Say what you want but the masses are exploited to fight the wars for the rich and their agendas.

I am a patriot towards my country but not towards the politicians.

We unfortunately realize this to late in life, this is something you only gain by life experience and choosing not to believe everything that is thrown at you via the media this is also a choice.

We never seem to learn that we are exploited by the rich and the few, we are merely pawns in their escapades and doings.

For the men and women who died for us in wars and causes I salute you and may you rest in peace.

Only the dead have seen the end of war - remember that.

alanorei said...

Re: "Say what you want but the masses are exploited to fight the wars for the rich and their agendas."

This was certainly the view of Major General Smedley D. Butler, USMC, Medal of Honour and Bar, as expressed in his outspoken book War is a Racket.

I just wonder, therefore, if that means that Chamberlain was right and Churchill was wrong.

Zarky said...

Just by chance tonight I noticed on this web page from Sky News "The Fallen Heroes" something that struck me like a hammer blow between the eyes, they are all mostly Caucasian young men. Now seeing that I am from South Africa, I automatically qualify as being a racist.

Now the question begs, where are the others? Do they not believe in the cause why they should be helping, seeing that they have such a natural fighting instinct and abilities or is that only good for mugging the elderly, thievery etc.

Go and have a look at the site and make a call on this.

Dr.D said...

We live in a time today when we see the political leaders of our nations disconnected from the people of our nations. We distrust our leaders, and with good cause, because they have shown themselves to be largely untrustworthy. I have not doubt that in the present time, these are sound judgments.

Almost all of the rest of you commenting on this thread are too young to have lived through WW II. You make your evaluations of the leaders of that time based on what you have read about them, what you think you know about them by indirect knowledge. As one who lived through that period, I can tell you, I think you are largely misjudging the situation.

During WW II, there was not this idea of the leaders being separate from the people, even antagonistic to the people. The leaders were 100% with the people and vice versa. To be sure, we still had political parties, but partisanship was much less than what we see today. The major concern was to win the war, and everybody understood that, and put party politics secondary to that effort. Cooperation was understood to be essential, and anyone who refused to cooperate was seen clearly as a subversive and suspected as an enemy agent. Winning the war was at the top of everybody's agenda.

You look back and try to assign fault to this leader and to that one. I do hope that you will keep in mind the great lack of information you will always suffer. There is a vast amount of information you will never know, in particular, you will never know what they did know and did not know at the time. You look back with hindsight, in some cases better than what the original people had at the time, in other cases less complete, but you can never know exactly which.

There are valuable lessons to be learned from history. Blame fixing is less valuable, even if there is some degree of satisfaction in it. What is important it to get the lessons and try to apply them to our present situation going forward. We cannot change the past in anyway, but we can hope to have a better future if we act wisely. To do so, we must be honest about the search for truth, rather than seeking scapegoats to blame, and the goal must be to gain light for the future.