Thursday, 10 June 2010

Farmer murdered daughters raped

News has reached me of a further farm killing earlier this month. News reports have so far been very limited, and there is nothing that I can find in the English language press. However, according to the Afrikaner press four Mozambicans have been arrested in Soweto following the gruesome murder of a 50 year old farmer at his small holding near Meyerton in South Africa's Gauteng province.

The men are also accused of the repeated rape of the victim's daughters aged 16 and 18.

Allegedly the murderers waited for the victim to return home. After the 16 year old daughter opened the door for her father, they shot him and forced their way into the house where the rapes then took place. The attackers fled with a radio,TV and the family's BMW. However, the vehicle together with the stolen property was later found abandoned.

I will post further information on this killing if I get it. This now means that, at least 3,108 white South African farmers have been murdered since the end of Apartheid.
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Mike Smith said...

That is why we had a double, electric fence on the Kruger National park border with Mozambique...not to keep our animals in, but to keep their animals out. The ANC took this border away and now we see the results. My heart goes out to this family. May they find it in their hearts to take revenge, for if that was my daughters, a thousand Mozambiquens would be dead by the morning.

Birdman said...

With the wc2010 starting today, things are just going to get worse. People having a good time, going on leave, etc and not paying attention and being as vigilant as normal.

These are sad times in my once beloved country. Now the border has been opened to allow for a "faster" entry into sa from Moz. (there was some signing of agreement about a week ago) and it is only for the wc.

How the hell do these idiots who pass these lasws think?

The reason I am up so bloody early is because of some idiot blowing a vuvuzela.

I know this post is slightly off topic, but when I saw the picture of the bush, it made me remeber when I was young, how we used to go for hikes in the bushveld.

Those days are also gone. said...

Afrikaans to English translation

Four Mozambicans were arrested after the murder of a man of Meyerton whose two daughters, 16 and 18 then repeatedly by their father's killers raped.

The man in his living room Friday night before his wife and children collapsed and died after his attackers before his house on his holding just outside Meyerton in the Vaal Triangle shooting.

The four Mozambicans yesterday in the early morning hours in Soweto was arrested because of the gruesome attack.

According to Constable. Tikoane Sonopo Police, members of the trio-Vereeniging task team at about 02:00 on a shack in Orlando, Soweto, struck three men arrested. Their accomplice were later arrested elsewhere in Soweto.

According Sonopo the four men the 50-year-old man Friday suspected about 22:00 in his home on the Boltanworld-awaited holdings.

The man apparently of Kuruman in the Northern Cape came down.

His 16-year-old daughter, the door opened to him and is back to the lounge where her mother and 18-year-old sister along with two other women were.

Sonopo did not say yesterday who the two other women are.

Shortly after the 16-year-old rejoined the other women joined, they heard two shots, after which the room her father was bleeding binnegestrompel.

He had collapsed and before the women and children dead. He is suspected in the regterskouerblad shot under the arm.
"Shortly after the man the lounge ingestrompel had three attackers rushed the room. They spoke little, but was very aggressive, "said Sonopo said. A fourth man was later joined by the men and women beside the dead man tied.

Image yesterday heard the attackers, the two girls until after an outbuilding into a garage, and they were repeatedly raped in turn.

One attacker was one of the girls in the house and took again raped.

The older women were severely traumatized but unhurt.

Sonopo said the men then went through a TV set and a radio stolen and the family's BMW car fled.

After the attackers away, was the women themselves loose and called the police.

The two girls went to a local hospital for treatment.

The three task team has the stolen BMW the next day in Diepkloof, Soweto, and found the TV set, radio and a gun, presumably the murder weapon in the cabin.

The men soon on charges of murder, rape and robbery in court in Vereeniging appear.

Zarky said...

I would like every white policeman in South Africa to inform Blogs like Sarah's about each and every murder on farmers in South Africa that takes place, IT IS YOUR DUTY TO BRING IT OUT IN THE OPEN AND TO OVERCOME THE NON COVERAGE OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN MEDIA ON THE GENOCIDE THAT IS TAKING PLACE!

Remember this boys, by not doing it, it will haunt you to the grave one day as you grow older!!!

Anonymous said...

This inability to defend ourselves is intolerable.


Anonymous said...

(2009) New Labour David Miliband M.P. -PARASITE AND SUPPORTER OF TERRORISM

Read about him excusing the terrorism of the ANC said...

Saga-Prayer for the dying

Ron Russell said...

Birdman, even here in the american south the old days are gone forever. I use to walk the grounds of the Mississippi capital building at night--lovely. But that's impossible now with all the gang activity in my states capital. To be quite blunt a white person is not safe in that area at night now---just the way things are. I know you guys have it much worse there in SA! said...!

Prayer for Dying by SAGA

Ode to dying people - SAGA

Anonymous said...

Again, the Miliband comment is right on.

Relative of Slovo.

No inherent allegiance to the West.

Subconsciously wants to outdo Uncle Jo (Stalin, that is , as well as Slovo).