Sunday, 27 June 2010

Diane on the Spot

After building a career on accusing everyone else (and British Society in general) of racism, it is good to see labour leadership candidate (and would be Prime Minister) Diane Abbott taste her own medicine.

Click the image or here to watch the interview on YouTube
Hat Tip Alanorei and Mister Fox


Anonymous said...

Effing black hypocrite. Obviously, she couldn't provide an answer as to why so many black "families" are DYSFUNCTIONAL and most criminals are black.

Dr.D said...

She got her head handed to her. If it was a prettier head, it would have been a beautiful exercise to watch, but considering who was involved, well ... It is never too surprising to see someone that dumb come off looking badly.

Malthus said...

The whirligig of Time brings in his revenges.

Birdman said...

Good grief, I thought that our idiots....sorry, politicians were stupid (which they are), but it feels good that stupidity is not only confined to our country's idio....sorry, politicians

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

It appears to have been an encouragement, especially with Green Arrow also having posted the item.

alanorei said...

More 'enrichment'.

I wonder what Ms Abbott would have to say?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Alanorei

It was me who posted it at the Green Arrow. He has kindly given me posting privileges there.


alanorei said...

Thanks for clarifying that, Sarah. The item will get additional good circulation via GA's site.

One of the commentators described her as "Weyman Bennett in drag," which I think was quite perceptive.

Anonymous said...

The woman herself is hardly to blame for exploiting the opportunity to shake us all down.

Anyone who is impressed enough by her to actually vote for her, richly deserves what's in store.

The real idiots are the Labour Party activists who have allowed her to float to the top.

If you ever need a clear example as to how pernicious, treasonous, destructive and stupid these Labour people are, look no further than this.