Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Gardner found guilty of torture and murder of South African women

Helen Lotter

Days before the start of the world cup, the gardener of the two frail and unarmed Afrikaner women who were tortured to death on March 6 last your has been found guilty of their violent and sadistic murders by a South African Court.

The court found that the gardener Joseph Hlongwane, 22, had tortured to death 76 year old Alice Lotter and her daughter Helen. No explanation was given by the gardener as to why he had displayed such extreme cruelty, the torture had continued for at least three hours before the women died.

Warning: The following details, of extreme sexual violence, are particularly gruesome.

Mrs Alice Lotter died from multiple, deep stabbing wounds to her neck and throat; her daughter Helen, suffered 'severe, repeated, sharp trauma injuries to her lower body administered with knives and a broken beer bottle.' A post-mortem examination revealed that all of Helen’s front teeth were bashed out and that her entire body and face were ‘covered in severe bruises, chafing and stabbing wounds. During testimony from the coroner it was revealed that broken glass had been inserted into Ms Lotters genitals after which she had been savagely and repeatedly kicked in the groin. Her sexual organs internally and externally were extensively mutilated – some body parts including her cervix and uterus were completely missing:

Ms Lotter's breast had also been removed, and used to write the anti-white slogans such as "Kill the Boer" on the wall.

All this occurred whilst the women were still alive.

Very little of value was stolen from the victims during what the police had previously referred to as a "robbery"

A full report together with relevant links can be found at CensorBugbear

The verdict comes two months after the violent murder of Afrikaner Resistance Movement leader Eugene Terreblanche and mere weeks after South African Farmer Johan Strydom was murdered after being chained to the back of his truck and dragged around his farm, allegedly by three black men. Mr. Strydom's killing brought the total number of farmers murdered since the end of Apartheid in 1994 to 3107.


Anonymous said...

This is hatred of the whole Boar race. A fascist would have killed any men and raped the women and the children taken into their culture, alla Islam.
The female in this boy was programmed to annihilate the seed of white women. Marxism.

This is a foreboding of the outcome of socialism where Diversity has already made every person believe another got their job for their skin color so they voted a black president without substance. This will fuel a race war of elimination and not inclusion.

Anonymous said...

My Christ! What unspeakable savagery.

I'm aware of what these Blacks are also doing to White infants and young children.

Just how bad has this government condoned genocide of White peoples in South Africa got to get before the so-called international community intervenes with force.

When South Africa was under the control of White people, nowhere was the nature and depth of this kind of savagery and brutality recorded in the whole of the 300 odd years of White habitation and rule.

All I can say is that African Blacks have a dose of their own medicine coming down the pipeline at them when those myriad other ruthless and equally savage non-White races currently sweeping the African landmasses, finally secure the take-over of that evil dark cesspit of a continent.

I, for one, won't be expressing any sympathy whatsoever, for the Black victims of such atrocities when that day dawns - and it will.

alanorei said...

It is the same as happened in Rhodesia during the Bush War.

The Elim Mission Station massacre was particularly horrific.

alanorei said...

Here is something additional to consider, with material extracted on the Elim massacre from my previous post.

In June 1978, black Marxist terrorists killed 8 British missionaries at Elim Mission in southern Rhodesia. They also killed 4 young children and a 3 week old baby. These missionaries were at a mission station which was dedicated to helping and uplifting the black people. These people came in the name of God to help the African blacks and this was the thanks they got. It also appears that the missionaries had neither the weapons nor the will to resist their attackers.

By contrast, when 5 black terrorists from the Azanian Peoples' Liberation Army burst into St James' interracial church in Capetown RSA, on July 25th, 1983, during evening service, they got a different reception. One terrorist began spraying the congregation with automatic fire and 2 others lobbed grenades. A young worshipper named Charl (25) drew his 38 Special calibre revolver and fired at the intruders. They quickly beat a retreat. From the initial terrorist burst of fire and the 2 grenade bursts, 11 worshippers died and 36 were injued, 11 seriously but had it not been for Charl and his 38, 100s would have died.

But of course we don't have weapons to defend ourselves and it may well become even harder to do so, thanks to last week's atrocity in Cumbria.

If BBC Crimewatch is to be believed, though, blacks have no shortage of firearms.

Dr.D said...

The only possible solution for this is for all White people in the world, in every nation, to be permitted to carry personal fire arms for self protection. This will not fully solve the problem, but it will go quite a way towards the solution.

It is a fact that people of color are generally cowardly and attack only when they are assured that they have totally superiority and that there victim is completely defenseless. If it is known that most White people are armed, there would be a tremendous drop in colored on White attacks simply because the perpetrators would know that they would meet lethal resistance. It is unfortunate that things are this way, but this is the way the world works.

Ron Russell said...

Sarah, I just cross posted your article at TOTUS. Events such as the one are never, never reported here in the states. Black on white crime, even here, is swept under the rug and seldom reported by our MSM, but when the shoe is on the other foot(a rare event) its gets wall to wall coverage with people marching in the streets and crying racism. Believe me when I tell you, in this country blacks can commit no racist acts it only whites who can--that's the world we live in. Thanks for a great post!

Anonymous said...

Again, our inability to defend ourselves is absolutely intolerable.