Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Beyond Belief?

Diane Abbot, standing for Labour leader

Yes I know she is the token, black, female candidate, I know the pundits say she doesn't stand a chance and that she only managed to gain enough nominations to stand for election as the next Labour leader so that there would be a "diverse" choice of candidates. I know all that .... but .....but...!!

All it takes is for Labour to do something really, really stupid (it wouldn't be the first time, they actually thought Brown was electable - and the Guardian is already worried) then the Con-dom Coalition collapses (it could easily happen) we could have another election within the next twelve months. Then, if enough idiots, led by the multi-culti zealots in the media, decide "Wow wouldn't it be really neat and politically correct to vote for a totally unqualified black Marxist!!", this women could be the Prime Minister of Britain in a year.

Crazy? beyond belief?, maybe, but it happened in America.


Dr.D said...

It fits right in with the national suicide wish. This is the way to do it. Believe it.

We see it happening with frightening speed in the US at this very moment. We are currently engaged in a furious effort to right the ship of state. The question if whether it can be done, of if we are too late and it will capsize. The UK, being quite a bit smaller, will probably roll much faster, and over she goes.

Race Equality Secret Service said...


BNP (Black National Party)

The BNP (Black National Party) has been created to expedite the work of the Race Equality Secret Service (RESS).

The BNP (Black National Party) gets stronger as "STORMFRONT" gets weaker.

Anonymous said...

The difference between America and the United Kingdom is that the United Kingdom is an ancestral White homeland, in this case of the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh.

The fact that a non-White (Abbot) is being afforded a shot at the leadership of a prominent Party due to the enactment of Positive Discrimination and quota system legislation against the indigenous White nationalities of the United Kingdom, means that such a development is, in fact, illegal. It is also illegal under the English Constitution and yes, there is one

No non-Whites, regardless of race should be permitted to enter politics or the judiciary nor set up self-interest organisations and/or new political parties in White ancestral homelands and the same rulings apply to their inclusion into the police force and armed forces as well.

Besides, non-White nations nowhere are behaving in this suicidal manner for the benefit of White immigrants residing in their nations. To the contrary, many are doing the direct opposite even going as far as creating official barriers in relation to education, healthcare, employment and accommodation against White people for the purpose of preventing their survival altogether.

It's time White nations collectively stopped behaving like spineless lemmings and started acquiring a back-bone once again just as non-White nations have always done and will continue doing.

Birdman said...

I think that the UK is heading the same way as SA (except for the horrors we see EACH AND EVERY DAY).

Why is this allowed to happen? Could it be something more sinister (illuminati etc)?

Surely, there must be some organisation behind this or am I clutching at straws?

fellist said...

To be fair to the Messiah in the Whitehouse, he's much more articulate and politically savvy than Abbott. For a clone of Obama, marxist and non-European pedigrees included, look no further than bookies' favourite David Milliband.

Anonymous said...

Just look at her eyes! That should frighten you out of your wits!!

Anonymous said...

If you Brits want to follow the US lead (over a political cliff) then by all means, vote for this "lady", lol. If you have not learned anything from the mistake of the perfidy of those Whites in the US that voted our sociopathic president into office, then perhaps there is no hope for the White race anywhere. We (many of us, anyway) thought that George (Jugears)Bush junior was the worst possible, low IQ, traitorous monster possible, but it seems that Obongo may have topped him in every possible way-except that he can speak intelligibly, albeit only when in front of a teleprompter. Before his tenure as president is over, Obongo will be the most despised man ever to occupy the "Offal" office. Those Whites who have swallowed the egalitarian philosopical outlook and helped to get this man elected are already seeing their mistake. He is without conscience, without empathy (except, perhaps for his "own kind"), bought and paid for, and had reneged on every promise he made during his campaign. He is inept, inexperienced in government and will, given time, turn the US into a large copy of Zimbabwe. Should Britain elect this woman to office, you will see the same pattern of behavior and incompetence as well as a new policy of preferential hiring for blacks in Great Britain. Take heed to our mistake here in the US and do not make the same mistake as we have.

Anonymous said...

GaaAARRGGG! I was living in such a pleasant state of denial and ... and .. and then I'm jap-slapped back to reality by your closing line.....*sigh*..I need another Corrona.


Anonymous said...

worse is better

Braniac said...

Fuck me. I will garuntee you that she will get elected. I will bet anything I own she will be prime minister of England. The world is so fucked up. I can't deal with this shit anymore.

Anonymous said...

The Milliband comment is right on.


Adrian Peirson said...

Trouble is most B rits either believe the multi culti bullshit or are intimidated away from voting / supporting the BNP.

There have been advances but more eyes need to be opened.

Can I suggest DVD's, a good piece of DVD Authoring software is DVD Styler

Videos can be downloaded and burnt to a menu'd DVD and handed out free to wake people up to what is really going on.

I would say only use videos that are factual rather than purely inflamtory or abusive, don't give them an excuse.