Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Today in Britain

Extracts from a couple of today's news stories:

1) Wood Green Crown Court, North London

A teenager with learning difficulties was gang raped by up to ten youths who then showered her 'head to toe' with burning caustic soda, a court heard

The attackers left the girl 'naked, screaming, crying and in a desperate state' as they ran away laughing, it was alleged.

They had picked on the shy 16-year-old because they claimed she was a 'dirty ho who was asking for it', Wood Green Crown Court in North London heard.

The girl was left traumatised and severely disfigured by the attack.

Prosecutor Rosina Cottage said she may have been raped because she had recently slept with three men known to the gang.

'She was shy and insecure and with learning difficulties and thought that she would be liked by these boys if she had sex with them.

'Of course, the world can be an old-fashioned place and they did not like her.

'They thought she was, to use the words of a number of these defendants, ''dirty''.'

On January 9 this year Mark Hendricks, one of the men she had previously slept with, allegedly lured her to a unoccupied house in Tottenham, North London, where the other youths were waiting.

Miss Cottage said: 'She had no idea what was in store for her.

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2) Alum Rock, Birmingham

A TEENAGER was today undergoing emergency surgery after being hunted down “like an animal” by a machete-wielding gang in a Birmingham street.

The slightly built 16-year-old fled in terror as he tried to escape from the 10-strong mob, who slashed him repeatedly across his neck and face when they finally trapped him.

The youngster begged for help from passers-by seconds before the savage attack in Alum Rock Road, Alum Rock.

Three of the gang, two armed with large machetes and a third with a wooden baton, caught up with the victim and rained down blows during the broad daylight attack at 5pm on Saturday.

Eyewitnesses saw the boy being chased from Woodwell Road by a gang of at least 10 youths in their late teens, who hit him indiscriminately as he pleaded for mercy.

It was only when shopworkers, neighbours and passers-by closed in on the gang that they fled towards the nearby park.

Interpreter Iftikhar Ahmed, who was cleaning his car when the attack unfolded, said: “The boy was only small and ran up to an old man in the street screaming ‘help me, help me please’.

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The ethnicity of the victims in both stories is not clear, they could come from various communities. In both cases the media does not tell us the ethnicity of the perpetrators either, however, from the nature of the alleged crimes I think it can be safely assumed that they are not from the indigenous community.

Just two news stories from many similar ones on another average day in multi cultural Britain.

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Anonymous said...

"They tell us to watch what we say; They tell us to watch what we think; They tell us to watch what we eat; They tell us to watch what we drink; They tell us NOT to smoke; They tell us to watch the feral youth outside of our homes and prey they don't turn their attentions towards us, or we may well be arrested for provocation; we avoid the imperious glances of the Stazi Police; we hide from council cronies with jumped up police powers; we watch a third of what we earn be spirited away to be graciously re-allocated to feckless New Labour pond life; we watch malevolent televised entities with plastic smiles and insincere tones shave away our freedoms one at a time; we watch, we wait, and we despair."

Anonymous said...

stop waiting and kick the living shit out of these criminals.

something has to be done