Monday, 20 October 2008

Colin's latest recommendation

Sometime Republican Secretary of State Colin (Pronounced "Coal-in") Powell, has abandoned his friends and one time allies and publicly endorsed Democratic Presidential hopeful Barrack Obama. Now there's a surprise ...... not!

I guess one can't accuse Coal-in of lack of loyalty to his ethnicity, if not to his party. It is of course indicative of the double standards in American politics, that almost every African American in the US, from Louis Farrakhan to Chris Rock, can come out in support of Kenya's favourite son, yet it is the whites supporting the McCain / Palin ticket who are accused of racism.

This is the same Coal-in Powell who sold the world the argument for going to war in Iraq, and the certainty of Saddam Hussein's possession of weapons of mass destruction. (let us hope he did not confuse his Husseins).

The American people might wish to consider long and hard before they buy another of Coal-in's recommendations.

Obama WDMs?


Anonymous said...

How are You so sure that powell is supporting obama b/c of ethnicity?

What about lieberman? Is lieberman supporting McCain b/c the democratic nominee is black? You guys didn't see the liberal left claiming lieberman was a racist.

If powell is such a racist(who is part white like obama), how come he didn't endorse Jesse Jackson and Al sharpton when they ran for president?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

to quote Rush Limbaugh

Where are the inexperienced, white liberals Powell has endorsed?

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

There is no way to know for sure, but my hunch is that if hilary or johnEdwards were the democratic nominee, Powell would've endorsed them also. He's always been a moderate republican, but after the falling out he had with BushJr, and with lot of repubs turning their backs on him, endorsing a white liberal nominee would also most likely have happened.

Have you seen the interview he gave with 'meet the press'? He gives a very persuasive, convincing and logical reasoning as to why he decided to endorse obama.

He is proud of his white side also. This is a man who asked and was granted a scottish coat of arms for his father. This is certainly a man who wants to acknowledge and be proud of being white also. No?

After looking over you're site, I suppose there is no point in arguing. You only see the black part of colin powell voting for the black part of obama. Never mind that fact both are christian men and at least to most people, seem like they genuinely want to be aids to the forces of good.

Anonymous said...

Having just read the comments by "anonymous" for the first time, I'm a little delayed in my own response here.

Prior to the election of Obama as the president-elect, it was noted by several polls that anywhere between 92% and 98% of African-Americans were going to vote for Obama.

Are those high percentages of support attributed to his policies or is it because his black racial appearance simply mirrors back a reflection of themselves? Furthermore, why does Obama refer to himself as being black -- if race didn't matter??

The answer is obvious because race does matter in this world, unless "anon" has been so thoroughly brainwashed by the "industry" to not believe his lying eyes.

Further reading on this issue HERE.

"..........seem like they genuinely want to be aids to the forces of good."

If you believe that nonsense, then you have much to learn in world politics.