Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The problem continues

As I mentioned back in August, for some reason this blog has been flagged as a possible "Spam Blog"and I am required to do a word verification to prove that I am a human being every time I do a post. As you can see from the examples below some of combinations I am required to decipher are really quite difficult to make any sense of. Hence I often have to make numerous attempts before I am able to successfully post.

I have sent four requests to blogger asking them to check the blog so as to confirm that I am not a Spammer. However, after almost seven weeks, I am still in the same position.

Does anyone know how one can contact an real person at Blogger, so that I can find whether they are just being inefficient, or if I am being deliberately hindered from posting

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The Green Arrow said...

Sarah that is really strange. I had the same problem but contacted them and it was resolved in 24 hours.

I have one other blog (did not know that did you:)) that as the same problem but as I only post a few times a year I have not chased them up.

I will do so and let you know how long it takes.