Monday, 6 October 2008

Playing their cards

I suspect that it is not just those of us in the nationalist community who find the current claims of racism in the London Metropolitan police somewhat lacking in credibility.Given how desperate the Met is to boost ethnic recruitment and advancement within the ranks, only a few fanatics or Die hard McPherson supporters genuinely believe these tales of blocked promotions and the laughable claim recently made the black Chief Constable for Kent that black officers have to work twice as hard as whites.

When a white male is passed over for a promotion he believes he is entitled to, he will often feel he has been unfairly treated, but when the unpromoted one is a women or even more so if they are a member of an ethnic minority, there is inevitably the temptation to attribute those feelings of unfairness to something else. This is obviously even more tempting when there is the potential for one's grievance to be soothed by a large cheque for a life changing sum they could only otherwise expect if they won the lottery.

Speaking of lucky dips, I think most people have formed their own views as to the merits of the Met's most senior Muslim officer Tarique Ghaffur's claims of discrimination, and as for the sometime president of the Black Police association, Commander Ali Dizaei, if there is anyone out there who has not yet got his number, then they really should not be allowed out on their own.

However, the fact that we know what is happening is probably irrelevant, political correctness has reached the point where the truth no longer matters. In all likelihood, Ghaffur's complaint will pay dividends and he, together with the other two to three dozen ethnic minority officers currently consulting their lawyers, will soon be supplementing their early retirement funds with handsome amounts of tax payer's money. The alternative would be for the Met to say that none of their enthusiastically recruited ethnic appointees were sufficiently able to be promoted to higher positions, which we , the complaining policemen and their smug lawyers all know the Met will never do.

As for Dizari, given his oft displayed talent for dodging even the most compelling evidence against him, one would be a fool to not to rate his chances of wangling some additional compensation out of the latest developments as better than evens.

When those who have been appointed to positions of trust in law enforcement act so blatantly and with such obvious contempt for society, is it surprising when society begins to lose faith in law and order, and indeed respect for the law itself?

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alanorei said...

If the BME police don't relish their promotion prospects over here, they could always emigrate to a country that should show proper appreciation for their latent talents and ability (given that the BME 'race' is all one united band of brothers etc.)

Like Somalia.