Sunday, 25 May 2008

Wafa Sultan - "Why I left Islam"

I urge any visitors who did not access this blog via the Home of the Green Arrow, or any who did but who skipped the excellent video of a talk given by a woman called Wafa Sultan explaining her decision to abandon her Islamic faith, to go straight to the Green Arrow blog and listen to this remarkable woman's harrowing story.

Wafa is an activist, but she is an activist in a good cause and I applaud her opposition to that oppressive and cruel dogma which calls itself a religion. As a woman born to the Muslim faith, Wafa Sultan's testimony is more powerful than anything which I, as a western Christian could say and I hope that many people will get to hear her.

The video can be viewed Here

The Green Arrow also has a very thought provoking post and video about the 1999 bombardment of Kosovo which may make many reevaluate their view of what happened.

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