Sunday, 25 May 2008

Another Victim of the Maddness

Another mother has lost her much loved son, another boy his adored brother. How many more of our children must be sacrificed before this mad social experiment is brought to an end?

The situation is now out of control, and at this point we have to wonder if it can ever be put right.

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Bruce Fletcher said...

I live in the area and have spoken to two people who were there, and they have both confirmed that the killer and his accomplice were black men.

One of them had been causing trouble there before.

Sidcup never used to be like this but over the last few years it has been getting worse and worse and all of it is caused by blacks and Asians.

I have never thought about supporting the BNP before, and I used to condemn racism, but I am rapidly changing my mind. This country is turning into a third world battleground.