Monday, 19 May 2008

Strife beneath the rainbow

Violent racially motivated attacks against immigrants in South Africa have resulted in a large number of deaths and many rapes with rioters claiming foreigners are responsible for rising crime levels and low employment opportunities. A return to the horrific sight of the cynically named black on black practice of “Necklacing” which the BBC and the rest of the western media suppressed during the Apartheid where at least one man was set on fire after a tyre soaked in gasoline was put around his neck. There was no immediate word on his condition

Hundreds of foreigners have taken refuge in police stations and churches as the violence against them spread further across poor townships. Some South Africans, especially those living in poor areas of high unemployment, accuse Zimbabweans and other newcomers of fuelling the high crime rate and taking scarce jobs.The attacks have renewed the authorities' fears that xenophobia is on the rise in the country which was once portrayed in the west as one of the most welcoming to immigrants and asylum seekers, especially from Africa.

According to the BBC around 12 people have been killed so far however Reuters suggest that least 22 people have been killed since unrest started last week.

The targets are largely Zimbabwean immigrants who have flooded across the boarders fleeing Mugabbe's hell in recent years, however report that a number of Nigerians, another group who have immigrated to South Africa in recent years, have also been attacked

Below is a timeline of the troubles and facts and figures on some of the issues at play.

May 11 - A mob attacks a group of immigrants in Alexandra township outside Johannesburg, killing two and injuring 40.
May 15 - Police fire rubber bullets to quell anti-foreigner violence in Diepsloot, another township near Johannesburg, where youths threw stones, set up barricades and looted shops.
May 18 - Violence spreads to other areas, including the Johannesburg city centre. Among the dead are five people killed in the Cleveland area of Johannesburg, local media say. At least one immigrant is burned to death.
May 19 - Two people are killed and dozens of shacks are torched in the Tembisa township near Johannesburg. Police say at least 19 people have been killed since May 16.

Earlier on Channel 4 news Jon Snow pretended to be amazed that such a thing was happening in South Africa, however, he and every other commentator was certainly aware that the early optimism about the “Rainbow Nation” was misplaced by 1996.

Like the rest of the media, Channel 4 has been suppressing news of the almost 3,000 white farmers who have been tortured to death since 1994, dismissing this ongoing genocide as “crime”, but they can't hide young men being set on fire on the street. (Albeit I am sure they would try to had the victim been white)

Events in South Africa follow recent tribal violence in Kenya which graphically exposed the folly of attempting to impose Multiculturalism on people who do not want it. Yet, in the face of international evidence, our government continues with its policy of mass immigration.

I do not to explain the analogy I am making do I? Will we have to wait until we see similar scenes (again) on our own streets before our leaders realise what they are risking?


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alanorei said...

Again, thanks for telling it like it is, Sarah

This is a link to the farm murders. It is being kept up to date.

The photos are harrowing, readers should be aware.

Anonymous said...

You write:"Will we have to wait until we see similar scenes (again) on our own streets before our leaders realise what they are risking?"

Comment: You do not understand. Our leaders realise very well what they are risking. In fact, our leaders WANT to see similar scenes on our own streets. That is the implicit but unspoken purpose of mass immigration.