Sunday, 11 May 2008

Another Dubbya?

The possible next president of America speaks

Where did the extra nine states come from? Is there a secret plan within NAFTA to annex everything north of Panama?, if not it is kinda' scary if the next Commander in Chief does not know how many states there are!

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

yep ... and just as smart !

But they got him groomed for a reason , so whether he makes it in or not , things are bound to happen .

So , how's yer gas ( petrol ) prices these days ? Getting close to $4 the gallon here , probably better than yalls though . They continue to up the costs of our survival .

Taxes , they be going up . Lot more programs and folks to support now .

Just like in South Africa , when the black gets into power , the people think it's restitution time again . Immediate results are expected . Let's crank up the money machine ... for starts .

But we know how they are , to the larger extent of them , to revert to a nature they cannot deny . Our eyes prove this true .

And we know a point is reached when appeasement of any amount is no longer acceptable to them . This is where the blood lust is loosed .

Aaah ... the old sunshine returned here today . Seems it's been raining forever .
Never know how much ya miss it til it's gone .

Changes , ever more changes on the horizon ...