Sunday, 18 November 2012

To Separate or Die?

On the 6th of November 2012 the real purpose behind mass immigration into America became starkly clear, when the immigrants did what they were imported to do and re-elected an otherwise unelectable American president.

As Ann Coulter points out in here latest article “Demography is Destiny”, had the same nation called America which voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 voted gone to the polls this month Romney would have won with a bigger landslide than Reagan achieved. In fact more white Americans voted for Romney than they did for Regan.

But America is no longer the same country it was in 1980, and it is one which has changed beyond recognition from the nation which voted John Kennedy into power in 1960.

America was not changed by nature, nor was it changed by evolution and certainly not by the will of its people. America was changed by a series of deliberate political acts, and the intention behind those acts is now clear for anyone to see, as it is now becoming clear throughout Europe, where similar deliberate acts of treason were committed.

Many millions of Americans will have greeted the US election result with a deep sense of sadness and dread for what is to come. There are so many implications to the election result, all of them achingly depressing. That some sixty three million voters would willingly re-elect a leader such as Obama, reveals a heartbreaking truth about what that country and much of the West has become.

And it didn't become that way by accident.

In fairness to many of those whites who voted for the incumbent, I doubt so many would have done so had the media allowed them to know the truth about the most incompetent, dangerous and vindictive president ever to have been elected. Most black voters would still have done so, they voted for his colour, not his record, and Hispanics, easily disproving the naïve claim that they are natural conservatives, voted as they always will for anyone but the white man. Others though may have thought twice had an honest press reported honest facts.

But they didn't. The media long ago gave up reporting truths without an agenda, so they were not told the truth.

Even if the press had told the truth, an act of which they are no longer capable, is doubtful that it would have made much difference, what we see in America today is a vote cast by a constituency which the American left began importing 50 years ago and who will soon make it impossible for a Republican, let alone a white man, to ever again be elected president of the same America which white men once made into the greatest power on Earth.

This, of course was the plan, and if there were any justice left in history, the mouldy corpses of Senator Edward Kennedy, Rep. Emanuel Cellar, Senator Philip Hart and others behind the 1965 Immigrationand Nationality act, which fundamentally changed what it meant to be an American would be dug up and hanged as they should have been at the time. Theirs was a deliberate and traitorous act with genocidal intent, and the deadly fruit of what they planted cast it's votes on November 6th.

The Labour party in Britain committed a similar act when they opened the floodgates to third world immigration believing they were creating an eternally dependant electorate who would deny the Conservatives the ability to ever again win a majority. It will be a bitter sweet irony if future Democrats find themselves losing votes to a la Razza political party in the same way that the Islamic 'Respect' party now challenge Labour in a growing number of Britain’s ghetto cities.

However, it is not all gloomy, in the long run, painful and depressing as this outcome is it may in fact be the first step in bringing about some form of salvation, which a Romney victory might well have delayed.

Mitt Romney is self evidently a very decent, honourable and able man, his running mate, Paul Ryan is also a highly intelligent, honourable and able man, but are they, is anybody, capable of repairing the damage which has been done to America, without the levels of pain, for which no politician would be forgiven?

Whoever takes power after this election will have to bear the consequences of what went before it, and they will be blamed for it. Had Romney won, the corrupt media would have ensured that he was blamed for all the pending disasters already set in place. Unlike Obama who has been permitted to blame his predecessor for all the bad news in his presidency, Romney would be held fully culpable from day one, whilst a defeated Obama would become even more a figure of veneration, portrayed as the saviour denied America by a white racist vote.

This matters because it is almost certain that within the next four years, possibly as soon as within the next few months the crumbling structures currently holding the American economy in place, and with it what social order remains, will collapse and America will face its greatest crisis since the civil war, a crisis which has been building now for 50 years. But which was exacerbated beyond measure during the last presidential term.

Given the election result, it will be Obama who presides over the disaster which is mostly of his own making. When that happens, only the most brainwashed or ideologically deluded will fail to see the truth, the damage which has been done and who did it.

Had Romney won on November 6th the left would still have a fig leaf behind which to hide.

The Left will not succeed, as we have seen throughout to the twentieth century, it is not capable of succeeding, and the Obama administration will not change America in the manner it seeks to. They are too incompetent and their beliefs and policies too divorced from reality to succeed. However, they are more than capable of destroying the union, and I think they may succeed in that.

Would that be the disaster it at first appears? Across the world Unions and cobbled together nations are breaking up and forming closer more ethnically and culturally homogeneous nation states. Must the United states remain constant and unchangeable?, must it remain united even though parts of the union are no longer America in any form and, as they drown in their diversity, are dragging a great nation under with them.

Look at the US electoral map and between a fragmented blue periphery there is a vast and viable red nation with access to two Oceans* to Canada in the north and Mexico, beyond a border in the south. A Nation where, unlike the disparate blue states, and except in certain pockets, the vast majority of the population share a common culture and ancestry. That is a situation which will not be allowed to persist and should be grasped now before it too is gone.

Many of those now blue states which were once the engines of industry are now so swamped with the third world they are more liabilities than the benefits they once were, and America’s great red heart would thrive better now without them.

Scenic beauty aside, what more than nostalgia would lead anyone to believe the bloated drone which California has become brings benefits to America to equal what it costs? Is even Hollywood a benefit now? Silicone valley can be rebuilt in Utah or South Carolina and thrive without the political correctness and quotas currently stifling it.

California, once the embodiment of the American dream is now the ugly and dependant symbol of everything which has gone wrong with America in the last 50 years. If anyone truly believes that it can be saved, or that America can succeed with such a heavy parasite feeding on its gut, then they are far more optimistic than I.

California is not alone, does America really benefit from sharing nationhood with people quite so stupid as those in Massachusetts who voted for a creature such as Elizabeth Warren?. That little cluster of blue states in the North East, iconic for their early colonial status, are now, in their way, as damaging as California has become. Their liberal majorities crave nothing so much as to become another Sweden. Perhaps it is time to let them go their own way and share the same inevitable fate as that once great European nation.

I am not advocating the death of America, America has already been damaged beyond repair. Like a badly cracked vase, it's parts cling together now more by the power of failing will and a fear of the unknown rather than the cement of ancestry which once built a nation.

Already since November 6th, over 700,000 Americans, so far mainly in the South, have signed petitions calling for their states to secede from the Union. “Just a spit in the Ocean” when compared to America's three hundred million population, as one left wing commentator sneered on a recent episode of the Late Show. But that 700,000 was achieved in just eight days, and the numbers will inevitably grow as the reality of what happened and the direction America is taking becomes clearer.

America has ceased to be a democracy, as, by entirely artificial means, small sections of the country, with imported and politically manufactured populations are able to defeat the political wishes of the rest of America.

The alternative options are to either to follow the current course into increased diversity, multiculturalism, decline and the Detroitisation of America, or to seek to undo the last 50 years worth of immigration, and send the newly imported Democrat voters home. Options which are either unthinkable or impossible.

Meanwhile there is no point in hoping that blacks and Hispanics will stop voting for their race, because they never will. If white America is to survive and prosper again then it must start to do the same. That could well mean that the only option is to separate or die. There is no Plan B.

Look again at the map, the answer is there, and there is much which can be saved. White America can choose survival or it can choose death, I believe it will choose survival. I pray it will choose survival.

We in Europe may also have to make a similar choice, sooner than many think.

* Following the 2012 election Alaska may be the only Republican state with direct access to the North Pacific, but would the white population of  Oregon and Washington State choose to remain shackled to California is America split?

I suspect within 20 Years of separation the US map would look like this


alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

It's interesting what the Texans have said.

The Texas petition, which suggests to the Obama administration, "Texans neither want nor need you," reads as follows:

"We petition the Obama Administration to peacefully grant the State of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA
[National Defense Authorization Act], the TSA [Transport Security Administration], etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect [its] citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government."

The 5th Column is the US is quick to point out that only a relatively small number of Texans have signed the petition but they forget that you don't need an avalanche to start an avalanche.

KleinVrystaat said...

Nothing but the Truth.

JohnnyAngel Advocacy said...

Always good reading on your Britisn blog. Just a small (or larger) aside;us Conservatives in U.S. who are old enough adored Ronald R-E-A-G-A-N. Thanks, from now on?

Anonymous said...

Will they learn their lesson and create , like Israel , a racial nation. But most importantly they will need to ban forever at pain of death any jew presence or agitation for it.

Sensitivity_training_dropout said...

The alternative options are to either to follow the current course into increased diversity, multiculturalism, decline and the Detroitisation of America, or to seek to undo the last 50 years worth of immigration, and send the newly imported Democrat voters home. Options which are either unthinkable or impossible.

What do you mean, undoing the last 50 years of immigration is "unthinkable"? You've just thought of it. Why impossible? You've drunk the Kool-Aid. That's exactly what the Left wants you to believe, that their victory is absolute and irreversible.

Stop the defeatism and whingeing. It's equivalent to what the cultural Marxists have been saying for years, that it's impossible to seal the borders, when in fact it would have been easy and cheap. End welfare for immigrants, legal or illegal, and see how fast they self-deport.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Johnny Angel Advocacy

I do apologise, I do know how to spell Reagan, I can't imagine why I left the first 'a' out.

I have corrected it

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Sensitivity Training Dropout

The option I felt "unthinkable" was to continue on the current path.

I am afraid that there are parts of America where it will be virtually impossible to remove the millions of immigrants who have settled there in the last fifty years.

I think California is lost to America, and some of the hyper-Liberal North Eastern states will not change whatever happens. This is why I say you should separate. I believe most of America can be saved, but not while you are dragged down by those states which have gone mad.

It is not a defeatist message, it is meant to be a realistic one

Adit said...

One interesting thing to note is that many States which went to the Democrats were carried by large cities (where most immigrants live) in those states. For instance, in Nevada, Las Vegas gave the state to the Democrats (in this case only 2 out of 17 counties were for the Democrats). I think the same can be said for Seattle in Washington and Portland in Oregon.

I wish it were that easy, but there are something like 100+million non-white immigrants in the US. They are not going to all self-deport. The only way that is going to happen is at the point of bayonet and frankly I don't really see White Americans as up for that task. Add to the fact as well, that many traitorous Whites (esp. Government types) would side with the immigrants and your problem gets bigger. This is not defeatism, but simple reality on the ground. Whites may have to consolidate, re-attach a certain pair of organs and then go to the long hard slog of getting their country back. It tool well over 50 years to 'break' the US, and since it is easier to break something than to build something, I'm guessing it will take at least 200 years to put American right again. This once again proves that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.