Thursday, 15 November 2012

In Search of Equivalence

Experience has taught me never to accept anything I read in the papers or see on the TV at face value, and never, under any circumstances to assume that what I am being told is the full and unvarnished truth.

This is even more the case with high profile stories which dominate the news day after day and often week after week.

In much of the West, where truth and honour were once held to be so precious, journalism long ago ceased to be about accurately reporting news and instead has become more about creating a narrative, promoting an agenda or in many cases a means of suppressing or misrepresenting real events.

For that reason, in the current environment, the most appropriate response to anything the news media tells us is to ask three questions:
  • Why are they telling me this?
  • Is it true?
  • What are they seeking to achieve?
In recent weeks with the exception of a few days of US election coverage (of which I will have more to say in a future posting) the news has been dominated, virtually to the expense of all else, by stories of long ago child abuse, most of it occurring thirty, forty or even fifty years ago.

None of this is exactly topical, in the first case the main suspect is now dead, and his accusers middle aged women, all recalling events in the 1960’s and 70’s.  The secondary suspects are old and diminished men, their fame a distant recollection even for their most argent fans, their alleged crimes historical events from another time.

Yes, some were one famous, and yes,if true, this may be a news story, but the main news story?, on every broadcast?, night after night, week after week?.  At a time when so much is going on, this is all we hear about?

The second story now appears to have been no story at all but an exercise in massive media fantasy wish fulfilment which fell apart in a mess of lies, false identifications and a flawed liberal, narrative always too eager to accuse rich and powerful white men of heinous acts and exploitation.

The second case has certainly gone very wrong for the BBC, whilst other media outlets, such a s channel four now rush to distance themselves from their earlier breathless reporting of the allegations.

Although under British law, proof of guilt is not predicated upon the number of people who make the same allegation, it does appear there may be some truth to what is said about Jimmy Saville, however, it is now clear that the allegations about poor old Lord MacAlpine are entirely false.

However, even if they has all been true, why were the decades old crimes of dead men and thirty year old allegations against long ago retired politicians the most important news story of the day, for weeks on end, now, all these years later in 2012?

The latest of the allegations may present some clues to what is going on. The, also very dead, heavy set politician Cyril Smith has been posthumously accused of spanking bare bottomed schoolboys during the 1960’s (Such allegations are, of course, all but impossible to prove 50 years later, and in any event according to the Beano, being spanked was an occupational hazard for schoolboys back in the 1960s). Like Jimmy Saville, Mr Smith is no longer here to defend himself, and, therefore, as the matter will never come to court, just about anything can be alleged. 

The media claims that the rumours about Smith have been around for years, but that is what we are told about all the accused, and, of course, there are rumours about most public figures, so why have they all come out now?

Cyril Smith, of course, was the member of Parliament for, …. guess where? …. he was MP for Rochdale.  Rochdale, of course was in the news earlier this year when a gang of Muslim men were convicted of grooming, raping, abusing and prostituting a large number of under aged white girls.  Now isn’t that a coincidence?

Are you starting to get the picture?

There is one very obvious reason that old news and lurid, unproven, and probably unprovable allegations of child abuse by old white men have been dominating the news since September, the media are in search of equivalence.

You can be sure that there are a number of big cases about to hit the courts featuring Muslim males and little white girls, so the press are desperate for news stories about the host community doing the same thing, even very old, and very dubious stories.

Can anyone be in doubt that were a group of  immigrants to be found committing acts of cannibalism the main news reports the next day would be about Sawney Bean and the legends of Scottish cannibal clans in 1500 AD.   

All this nonsense is the smoke screen which will enable the media to say “look, white men do it too!” 


Anonymous said...

Yippee ! Youre back . Hope all is well with the tiny popper , and you too . Great , and abscence made my heart grow fonder . Thanks again for your article . Greets from Crossbow .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back Sarah,hope all has been well.

You article has again hit the nail on the head and mirror image of the 1st muslim grooming gang court case where the media overkill coverage of the murder of a young woman from Bristol.
I then thought way the mass coverage of a murder???which are basically ten to a penny and then we saw why.These are not just paedophile actions by muzzie,s but racial ones.

For St George.

FlorianGeyer said...

Your thoughts mirror mine exactly - I thought I'd joined the tin foil hat brigade with my cynicism over news stories like these so it's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah Good to see you back..I've been making this exact argument ..not as eloquently but the same content and a lot of people seem to get it.

whiteson said...

Welcome back! We really missed your very good postings. You are right, a libtard ca not get any medication for his/her distorted views, and with that, they want anyone with a functional brain to believe it!

zazie said...

Glad you are back ; I like the way you have to show that the king wears no clothes....

Franklin Ryckaert said...

I think there is a "dual" use of these stories here. One is, as you said, to draw attention away from Muslim grooming of young white girls for prostitution, but another one is to create the impression that paedophilia among the upper class is only a thing of the past.There is however reason to assume that it is rampant at present among the elite in Britain (and the rest of the Western world). Paedophilia is the most effective form of blackmail and this is the way the elite is controlled by those who want to impose a "New World Order" on us. Remember the case of Dutroux in Belgium? That's only the top of the iceberg.

JohnnyAngel Advocacy said...

Sarah, Are you a guy or a Ms. or... just where was Albion in the older days of English yore?

alanorei said...

Hi Sarah

Good to see you back again, excellent in fact.

Just a very brief comment for now but regarding MSM ploys, I have read that in the lead-up to Mandela's release, German photographers threw wrapped sweets into garbage bins in places like Soweto, photographed black children rummaging for the sweets and then reported how starving black children were being forced to live off what Whites had discarded.

More on this issue in due course.

Commenter said...

"There is one very obvious reason that old news and lurid, unproven, and probably unprovable allegations of child abuse by old white men have been dominating the news since September, the media are in search of equivalence."

I don't live in the UK so I am largely unfamiliar with men who happen to be Muslim abusing white girls. However, the case of Jimmy Savile is one that represents media sugar-coating the deeds of rich and/or beloved pedophiles because they are rich and/or beloved. It is possibly being aired now before there is a huge scandal over what could've been known for years without any intervention or whistleblowing.

I don't agree that it is a search for equivalence, or to point out that whites sexually abuse children as well. The sexual abuse of children does occur in our community and, I for one, believe it is something that should be addressed because it makes us look bad--no child's abuse is worse than another's if the predator happens to be Muslim, or any other race. I cringe each time whites are highlighted for sexual abuse and pedophilia in American media because it seems to be never-ending (we had a long, drawn out pedophile scandal with a beloved football coach Jerry Sandusky not far back).

The sexual abuse of children is a scourge and everyone, regardless of race, who abuses a child should have their face broadcasted on TV.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Commentator

It is true that child abuse exists in all communities. However, there is growing evidence that it is disproportionately perpetrated by Muslim males.

They are also the only group who appear to be specifically target a different ethnic group.

However, the purpose of this article is not to expose that fact, but to expose the media's attempts to obscure that fact.