Sunday, 18 November 2012

In Search of Equivalence - Update

Will Ms. Berelowitz tell the truth?

According to this report in the Daily Mail the government report by the Deputy Children's Commissioner Sue Berelowitz (pictured above) into child sex abuse will seek to cover up the threat of Pakistani men targeting white girls.  The Mail is not always the most reliable source of information, but I suspect this time they've got it right.

Hat Tip: Runic


Anonymous said...

It's to be expected really wasn't it?We didn't really expect a government report to state the obvious that gangs of asian/moslim men are targeting vulnerable under-age white girls,that would upset the new world order.

We all know there is paedophiles in every community but not the scale we have seen uncovered in the muzzie community.It's not confined to the north as the Oxford gang proves it just how many are there???.

Another case of not wanting to upset a medieval cult for fear of what?that's what i like to know as their haven't the back bone for conventional stand up war so why are there scared of??

For St George.

Anonymous said...

As having been a victim in my childhood , I would happily see to the quick disposal of the criminal . No loss to humankind but one less future victim .

TBM - 1 said...

Well Anonymous, One possible reason for the establishment's fear is that they have allowed themselves to become slaves to the oil producing nations, most of whom are muslim. If they upset them, then their, and our, cosy lives may be overturned in a moment. We are so vulnerable! Think about the consequences if the taps were to be shut off tomorrow. By the way, we are grateful for the return of Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Juden buries crimes against White children by Moslems that the kikenvermin conspired to bring into our Nations.. shock.

They are not our friends. A garage, a chair, some duct tape , a bag of power tools and a camera would go along way towards convincing them they've made an error of judgement.