Monday, 30 June 2008

The mounting toll of young lives

With the violent and tragic death this weekend of 16 year old Ben Kinsella, the brother of Eastenders actress Brooke Kinsella, and, like earlier victim Robert Knox, a a budding actor himself, the toll of teen aged victims in London has reached 17 in the first six months of this year. Already 2008 looks set to exceed the record bloodshed of 2007, and once again, not one of those young lives was taken by anyone from the indigenous white population.

I have made this point before, but it needs to be be repeated until the truth eventually hits home. Those of non white, first, second and third generation immigrant origin account for around 10% of the population but they commit most of the street crime and almost 100% of all the street murders.

If or when a white kid does retaliate and stab someone, do not accept it when the media try to tell you that it proves white Britons are just as bad, because, given the population levels, white British kids would have had to murder between three and four hundred of their fellow teenagers to achieve even parity.

That is a conservative figure, given that like Martin Dinnegan last year Ben was allegedly the victims of multiple assailants. Indeed, that is not the only apparent similarity between the two murders, the fact that, like Martin, Ben is said to have begged for help in his final moments is painful to even contemplate.

It has reached the point where even the BBC have been forced to use the word “black” in a crime report, albeit in this morning's reports they were still attempting to get away with blaming Ben Kinsella's death on “youths”. Certainly up until now they together with most of the media have engaged in levels of distortion which would have made a 1960's Pravda, or indeed a current day Zimbabwe Herald proud.

However, the media's concession to the truth only went so far, and I would like to know why both the BBC and Sky chose to use a bleary eyed picture of Ben Kinsella, swigging from a beer bottle in their earlier reports, when so many other pictures were available. Ben was a 16 year old, an age when it is legal to drink beer, wine or cider in Britain. If the reporters from the BBC do not have similar pictures of themselves at 16, they were either never invited to parties due to body oder, or they were at a young socialist meeting.

The media leopard does not easily change its spots, and the use of that picture smacked a little too much of an attempt to blame the victim for what was done to him.

However, surely even they can no longer ignore the facts. How long will it be before someone in the media breaks ranks and tells the whole truth, how many more innocent victims must die before they admit what they and our leaders have done to our country, and our children's future?


Nationalist said...

In this case the police have been good enough to announce that the assailants were a "gang of black youths" but most media outlets have either dropped the phrase altogether or buried it thousands of words into the text.

We also seem to have a slew of hand-wringing knife/gun crime programmes on TV at the moment all bemoaning the worsening situation but none remarking on the glaringly obvious fact that one ethnic group in particular, blacks, is vastly over-represented amoungst the perpetrators. (The fact blacks are also mainly the victims is widely reported but completely irrelevant when it comes to solving the problem.)

The solution is to deport any non-native to his/her land of ethnic origin on conviction for their first significant offence, eg possession of drugs or an offensive weapon. I very much doubt that any of the killers murdered as a first offence. Many lives would be saved by this policy - and frankly, there is no reason why we should allow an immigrant population to prey on the rest of us.

alanorei said...

Sarah, this is an update:

Since January 2005, including homicides and accidental deaths by reckless driving, from The Fallen List and elsewhere:

No. of non-whites, i.e. BME members and foreign whites killed by white Britons = 13

No. of white Britons killed by foreign whites = 13

No. of white Britons killed by BME members, Ben Kinsella being the latest victim = 138, including 27 white Briton victims of the 7/7 bombings.

Total white Briton victims = 151

At a rough population breakdown, 86% white Briton, 14% all others, it follows that:

The likelihood of a BME member/foreign white killing a white Briton versus the reverse = 71.

These killings are less than 4% of the total such deaths in the same time period, if Home Office figures are used but the disproportionation reveals that a serious problem exists.

The above result roughly matches Tony Shell's results.

Anonymous said...

Just look at

Says it all regarding immigrants.

Anonymous said...

i need as much support as i can for a campaign I am running on the labour party website.The idea is motivated by the recent stabbing of Ben kinsella and the stabbing of a close friend of mine last year,Martin Dinnegan.
The campaign is being run to persuade the government to review sentences on murder.'life sentences' do not mean life and barely even add up to a quarter of a lifetime (25 years) as a young person i think that life sentences do not justify the seriousness of the crime committed and in turn it is sending out a bad message to young teenagers.

i would appreciate it if you could join
Alex Jonson

here is the link: said...

"Who was disadvantaged by the absence of a gun on their person in this case?

Was it:

a.) the violent felon who bludgeoned eight people to death, or

b.) his victims, who were all smaller and weaker?

(But remember…according to gun control wisdom, the absence of a gun here was a good thing, since it would have only “escalated the situation”, and the perp could have taken it away and used it against his victims.)

Carry your guns, people. The wolves don’t care when the sheep declare their pasture a “teeth-free zone,” or put up signs that say “NO CARNIVORES”".

BritonX said...

I'm sure your heart is in the right place Sarah.
Unfortunately this is an instance of a HUMAN killing another HUMAN. One easily forgets that skin colour is merely a phenotypical trait and the MENTALITY of these assailants is what really counts toward their representation, not their skin colour.

The death of this boy (or any human child) is horrific beyond belief and, as usual, the BBC have done their daily dose of spin doctoring. However this slanted delivery rings true across the board, on a plethora of issues. Please do not lose sight of this.

As regards to the 'Natives' of the British Isles, we only have to look back on history to see we are not in fact natives, most 'indigenous' populations rarely have been in residence for more than a few thousand years. We are part of a grand cycle of change. And we should not let the ignorance of this, pared with the fleeting nature of our lives, blind us to the fact that, in coming years, things here will irrevocably change, whether we are in favour of that change or not.

My gripe with this article is that you seem to suggest a common rhetoric I've been hearing for a while now, that 'Immigrants' are the problem of a country and without them there would be fewer instances of mortality by comparison to 'native' self inflicted mortality rates... This simply isn't true.

Again, we only need to reflect on recent history to see that there have been more brutal murders by the english against the english over the course of a few decades than immigrants have contributed to in the same space of time.

I do not necessarily dispute the fact that immigrants can be violent and brutal (much like any person can) however this is a problem that needs to be solved by exposing the truth, swiftly punishing those responsible regardless of gender or 'ethnicity' and rectifying the source of the problem which is almost always bad education, oppression and the reduction of an overall Eurocentric attitude towards peoples standards of living.

After all, our modern culture is the culmination of many world cultures, how many of us english people realise our numerical system is in-fact arabic in origin? Not many I'd wager. We have an obligation as HUMANS to discipline one another and allow room for different ways of thinking to prevail, so long as the end result is not the loss of life or the diminishment of ones rights or integrity, these are the hard cold facts that many wish to ignore to perpetuate their comfy lives.

So yes, these murders are deplorable and entirely horrific, it makes me blanche to think of young people being killed by other idiots for pleasure or hate or which ever other motive, but so are all murders equally as horrific; there is nothing extra special about the death of a white person over the death of an asian, indian, or black person, lets make that perfectly clear.