Sunday, 29 June 2008

The murder or Eve Carson - an update

Back in March I wrote an article entitled "When the American Dream becomes a nightmare", regarding the brutal murder of Eve Carson (pictured above during a trip to Ecuador) the student body president at America's University of North Carolina , allegedly by two African American males, Laurence Lovette Jr and Demario Atwater.

Details of what allegedly occurred have been released and they make chilling reading, a confidential witness told investigators that Demario Atwater admitted that he and Lovette entered Eve Carson's home in Chapel Hill North Carolina through an open door March 5, according to search warrants which have now been made public.

The alleged killers, both of whom have lengthy criminal records, and one, Lovette, is suspected of the murder of a student from nearby Duke University, forced Carson into the backseat of her Toyota Highlander and drove her to an ATM machine, where she was forced to reveal her PIN number.

Having no further use for her, Lovette shot Carson multiple times, and Atwater subsequently shot her with a different weapon. Carson's body was found at 5:30 a.m. on March 5 on a residential street in Chapel Hil.

Over the next two days, Atwater and Lovette took $1,400 from Carson's bank account.

The full article can be read here.

Eve Carcon was what would once have been called an all American girl, before so much of America begun to resemble down town Tijuana, blonde, beautiful and intelligent, having been elected Student President at the age of 22, a glowing future was all but guaranteed. However, her future was snuffed out in an hour or two or terror and violence, when another innocent white woman became a statistic in the multicultural nightmare into which america has sunk even deeper than we have.

Let us hope she finds a peace which is now denied to her homeland.


ZZ said...

This is tragic, but it's not common. That's why it's in the news.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi ZZ I think you would be wise to check the crime figures

It is a damn site more common than the instances than instances of interracial murder where the victims are black

Indeed the fact that, as my original post pointed out, Eve Carson was one of two young white women who were slaughtered in similar circumstances in the same week shows it is not as uncommon as you suggest.

ZZ said...

Um, this country has 300 million people. Two murders, however sad, do not establish a statistical trend.

I don't know if you're right about the ratio between this kind of thing and white-on-black murder or not, but I don't think it matters. Comparing two rare things is missing the point.

Big country. Not many murders. Safe place. I feel comfortable walking the streets.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

That is good to hear ZZ, I hope you stay safe. Sadly as an American you are statistically around twenty times more likely to be the victim of violent crime than most northern Europeans. However, you are considerably safer than the average South African.

As to to the black / white crime ratio, you might find these figures informative.

ZZ said...

Well, Carson's autopsy results were released yesterday, and I must say they make the situation seem even more infuriating and heartbreaking. I can't even imagine what might have been going on in that poor girl's mind. Rather than any racial implications, what I mainly take away is the fundamentally evil nature of people in general, and their need for redemption.

Vanishing American said...

Sarah - You are doing a great job with this blog.

I live in America too. I feel relatively safe where I am -- but many places in America are not at all safe, which is a fact that most Americans are aware of. We all know of urban areas, bad neighborhoods where a sensible person would not want to find himself.

And the indisputable fact is, the relative safety of any area is very much tied to its demographic makeup. It's absolutely unfailing: the racial/ethnic composition predicts the crime rate. On an international scale, we can look at crime rates by country and see similar trends. It is just common sense that all peoples are not equally prone to violence. Yes, from a Christian perspective we certainly are all in need of redemption and we are all capable of criminal acts but in reality there are wide disparities among peoples as to actual rates of crimes such as murder.

The only reason I can see for denying such a plain fact is political correctness, or fear of being seen as 'bigoted'. But facts are not bigoted; they are what they are.

As America changes demographically, and appears on the way to becoming Northern Mexico, our murder rate will climb to approximate that of Mexico, which is several times our present murder rate. Sad, and not politically correct, but true.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

ZZ ( as in Top or fast asleep ? ) and Vanishing American
( as in vanishing common sense nationwide ? ) ...

C'mon ! Are you guys just more whiny apologists that just can't seem to get far enough up it , skewing your vision in the process or what ? You can tell us ! I'm only asking because the only other explanation that would make sense would be if you were from a different planet .

Link up to blogsites that have this info or do we have to take every bloody ( how's that ) one of you by the hand and laborously strive to open your eyes ... an effort that is usually doomed to failure from the start .

Better I divert that energy elsewhere , as you more than likely already came into the room with the HICS
( head in concrete syndrome ) . Encounter it all too often .

If you live anywhere in the states , you know what's going on in the streets . Got yourself a cozy lil corner somewhere , do ya ? For how long ? And you are aware of the animosity and rising hatred that is sweeping this land .
Rose colored glasses wont hide that .

Argueing with you about 1000 atrocities
of black on white crime will always bring the response -
yeah , well ... what about that 1 white guy
that did so and so
( see aforementioned illness ) . You deal with the greater threat first .

On the outside chance you're capable of grasping hard realities , start on some surfing .

You will get caught up in the black tide if you don't peel your blinders .
You'll find that you've burnt your bridges .

That bus you think you're hitching a ride on will reach its designation ... and you're gonna be just another
white eye devil .
Happy trails ...

( pay attention to the facts - I don't always agree with delivery methods but it's the message )

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Vanishing American ...
if I've lumped you with the others incorrectly , my apologies . I really must try and get some sleep . So much work - so little time .

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Jeff

I was going to say that I thought you had misunderstood Vanishing American, who seems to ghave quite a clear vision of what is happening.

However it is easy to misread what people are saying, especially when you are tired.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Although being hard pavement - internet highway weary is no excuse for impoliteness towards fellow warriors , I do hope any unintended rudeness is not held against me . My apologies buddy .