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Mandela: The legend and the Legacy. Part 1

It is often said that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, however, this usually means that the other man has been less than fastidious in his choice of hero, or that the “freedom fighter” in question was on the crowd pleasing side.

On the 27th of June, London's Hyde Park will play host to a concert in honour of Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday and we can be assured that it will receive wall to wall coverage by a star struck and worshipping media, who will continue to laud Mandela as one of the greatest, or indeed the greatest, heroes of our time.

No doubt the beaming old man will appear on stage in one of his trademark multi-coloured shirts and cheerily acknowledge the cheers of the adoring crowd, most of whom have been taught to believe in his sainthood since their first days in primary school, which, for many of them, will have occurred around the same time their hero walked free from Robben Island.

The unquestioning belief in Mandela's universally admired saintliness will again be displayed in the press and by the unending line of politicians and dignitaries who will queue up to genuflect before him and sing his praises. It is a brave politician or journalist who would dare to question the godliness of this legend and consummate showman, and hence no such questions will be raised, nor will his much vaunted “achievements” be subjected to any objective scrutiny.

No matter how many speeches are given or how many news articles are written, it is safe to bet that the full truth about Mandela will not be told.

In fact the truth about Mandela is so hidden in mythology and misinformation that most know nothing about him prior to Robben island, and those who do tend to exercise a form of self censorship, designed to bolster the myth whilst consigning uncomfortable facts into the mists of history.

For most people all they know about Mandela, prior to his release in 1990, was that he had spent 27 years in prison and was considered by many on the left at the time (and almost everyone now) to be a political prisoner. However, Mandela was no Aung San Suu Kyi, he was not an innocent, democratically elected leader, imprisoned by an authoritarian government.

Mandela was the terrorist leader of a violent terrorist organisation, the ANC (African National Congress) which was responsible for many thousands of, mostly black, deaths. The ANC's blood spattered history is frequently ignored, but reminders occasionally pop up in the most embarrassing places, indeed as recently as this month the names of Nelson Mandela and most of the ANC remained on the US government's terrorist watch list along with al-Queda, Hezbollah and the Tamil Tigers. Of course the forces of political correctness are rushing to amend that embarrassing reminder from the past. However, Mandela's name was not on that list by mistake, he was there because of his Murderous past.

Before I am accused of calumny, it should be noted that Mandela does not seek to hide his past, in his autobiography “the long walk to Freedom” he casually admits “signing off” the 1983 Church Street bombing carried out by the ANC and killing 19 innocent people whilst injuring another 200.

It is true that Mandela approved that massacre and other ANC killings from his prison cell, and there is no evidence that he personally killed anyone but the same could be said about Stalin or Hitler, and the violent history of the ANC, the organisation he led is not in question.

According to the Human Rights Commission it is estimated that during the Apartheid period some 21,000 people were killed, however both the UN Crimes against Humanity commission and South Africa's own Truth and Reconciliation Commission are in agreement that in those 43 years the South African Security forces killed a total of 518 people. The rest, (some 92%) were accounted for by Africans killing Africans, many by means of the notorious and gruesome practice of necklacing whereby a car tyre full of petrol is placed around a victim's neck and set alight. This particularly cruel form of execution was frequently carried out at the behest of the ANC with the enthusiastic support of Mandela's demonic wife Winnie.

The brutal reappearance of the deadly necklace in recent weeks is something I shall reluctantly focus upon later.

Given that so much blood was on the hands of his party, and, as such, the newly appointed government, some may conclude that those who praised Madela's mercy and forgiveness, when the Truth and Reconciliation tribunal set up after he came to power, to look into the Apartheid years, did not include a provision for sanctions, were being deliberately naive.

Such nativity is not uncommon when it comes to the adoring reporting of Nelson Madela, and neither is the great leader himself rarely shy of playing up his image of fatherly elder statesman and multi-purpose paragon. However, in truth, the ANC's conscious decision to reject a policy of non-violence, such as that chosen by Gandhi, in their struggle against the white government, had left them, and by extension, their leader, with at least as much blood on their hands as their one time oppressors, and this fact alone prevented them from enacting the revenge which might otherwise have been the case.

As the first post Apartheid president of South Africa it would, be unfair if not ludicrous to judge Mandela entirely on the basis of events before he came to power, and in any event there is many a respected world leader or influential statesman with a blood stained past so in the next part I shall examine Nelson Mandela's achievements, and the events which have occurred in South Africa in the 14 short years since he took power in following the post Apartheid election in 1994.
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alanorei said...

Thanks, Sarah

I have a report stating that Mandela in his early years as a terrorist advocated mutilation of political opponents.

I would guess he will not make any reference to the victims of farm murders in South Africa during his visit here.

Anonymous said...

Thnaks Sarah,

Great reading. Glad to see I'm not the only one that sees past mandela, for he is the reason i now live in the uk. I am really tired of everyone constantly praising him.

magnus said...

mandela is a fraud and a con that feeds the white guilt mentality in the uk today. It is an utter disgrace to honour this creature ihn a so called civilised first world country. Get a grip of yourselves Britain - mandela would kill most whites with his anc savages given half a chance. Mandela is anti white just like his belovered corrupt anc.
Take down that vile statue now!

Anonymous said...

Sarah is an Englishwoman endowed with an incisive and razor-sharp understanding of South Africa's recent history."

My question to her messianic diatribe is, has she ever been here?

Has she lived through the dark days of the 60s 70s and 80s in this country?
Has she ever met the man?
Has she ever lived in a township?
What are her first hand experiences and qualifications for such scattered and racist rhetoric?

Who credits her with such a "razor sharp understanding"?

She is certainly entitled to her opinions, erroneous as most of them are, however, Mandela retired in 1999 he hasn't "ruled for 14 years" as she claims.

Without going into too much detail and ripping her article to shreds I ask:

Had she been terrorised by the State Security police as (to quote her) "The Terrorist Winnie" had for 30 years. Had she been living under threat of death, imprisonment, under banning orders, being refused to leave the magisterial district to attend her own sister's funeral, unable to be in the same room as three people at the same time. Black (Uncle Tom) security police living on either side of her.

Having her banning order lifted after 5 years only to have it re-instated the very same afternoon.

How would this Razor sharp witted genius have coped and reacted with all that? I wonder.

Certainly the country has degenerated in the past 8 years. That I do not dispute. Mandela was released into a political vacuum. Had the Apartheid regime let him out earlier things would have been very different.

Had the Apartheid regime not given the ANC toy telephones with which to lodge their complaints, had they been allowed to live where they wanted in their own country, not used as slave labour, not been totally disenfranchised, not murdered indiscriminately as a result of their colour, not been torn apart from their families, not been forcibly ripped from their homes and re-located to swamp land, not been tortured and beaten for the right to walk into a public library, then maybe resorting to violence would not have been necessary.

Thank God Mandela has a "murderous past" had he not, change would never have come for better or worse but it has and it has to be handled accordingly.

For the vast majority of black, Indian and coloured people in this land change has meant improvement. A great change from the murderous, racist, Nazi style draconian rule of the Apartheid regime.

Sure crime linked to government corruption is the main cause for concern. The "have not's" for so long were let loose into the toy shop with no supervision. Mandela is not to blame for this.

So, let us not put all the ill wills at the feet of Mandela. Prior to his release, negotiating with his "murderous enemies" with patience and calmness. Then on his release and up to 1999 he did a
very fine job against tremendous odds. Furthermore, unlike Mugabe and other African despots at the end of his first term he did not try to cling onto power.

Credit where credit is due please!

A white South African who worked and lived through it all.

Unknown said...

I would like to congratulate you on voicing your opinion. To be honest your views portray what I have felt for a long time. I am a South African and have long felt that Mandela receives way too much praise for what he deserves. Thank-you for your article and for opening the eyes of many!

Anonymous said...

Against the international background of heavy Jewish involvement in Communism, did the South African experience show any parallels? Perhaps the best way to gain an insight into this topic is to quote from four books, three of which are by Jewish authors.


A History of Communism in South Africa by Dr Henry R Pike (published by Christian Mission International of South Africa, Germiston, South Africa (1985, 1988).

A large number of Jews have worked to promote Communism in South Africa, as Pike’s book indicates. Many of these Jews were involved in the organization of trade unions, particularly black trade unions. Some of the names mentioned by Pike are A Z Berman ‘a noted Marxist’ who headed the Industrial Socialist League in Cape Town; the communist writer David Shub, Solly Sachs, secretary of the Garment Workers Union and expelled from and then readmitted to the South African Communist Party, Bennie Weinbren who directed the Non-European Trade Union Federation, Issy Diamond, Abraham Levy, Hymie Levin, Issie Wolfson, Julius Lewin, Louis Joffe, Dr Max Joffe, Molly (Zelikowitz) Wolton, Lazar Bach, Rebecca (Notlowitz) Bunting, Fanny Klenerman, Michael Harmel, Sam Kahn, Katy Kagan, Eli Weinberg, Yetta Barenblatt, Hymie Barsel, Leon and Norman Levy, Lionel Forman, Jacqueline and Rowley Arenstein, Errol and Dorothy Shanley, Monty Berman, Bertram Hirson and Neville Rubin.

Dr Pike (p 212-3) quotes from a South African Government Gazette Extraordinary (vol VI 16 Nov 1962 pp 2-28) which listed ‘persons who have been office-bearers, officers, members or active supporters of the Communist Party of South Africa’. The list included 66 ‘clearly identifiable as Jews’, 61 ‘white non-Jews’ and two uncertain. At the time, the South African population was approximately 3 million whites, while the South African Jewish population was 110 000 (World Almanac 1958 p270). So there was approximately one Jew for every 26 white non-Jews in the country. If there had been an equal distribution of Communist involvement between non-Jewish whites and Jews, the Jewish membership of the Communist Party should have been one-twenty-sixth the white Gentile representation. Instead, we find slightly more Jews as members. In other words, Jews were almost thirty times more likely to become members of the Communist Party than were white Gentiles. If Jews with non-Jewish names were also counted, the ratio would be likely to have been considerably higher.

In theory this could be explained away as simple Jewish concern for the welfare of the underdog, the lowest classes, and in the South African context, evidence of Jewish sympathies across racial barriers, or non-racism. In testing such a hypothesis to see whether this is indeed the case, we can look at another instance. Such concerns have been notoriously, and very conspicuously, almost totally absent in the protracted conflict in the Middle East. There, international Jewish support has been overwhelmingly and steadfastly in favor of the Jewish Israelis, and not of the Palestinians who have lost their country, and in thousands of cases their lives, to the violent settlers from Eastern Europe and America. After all, the entire territory was under Palestinian political control until 1947. The Jewish population of the area in 1917 was a mere 7% of the 700 000 inhabitants. The other 93% were Arabs. In 1947 the United Nations under tremendous US pressure gave the Zionists, who owned only about 6% of the land, 56% of the territory of Palestine. Since then, there has been a steady take-over of the remaining territory by force, violence, warfare, bribery and stealth.

Perhaps you might think Dr Pike is just ‘anti-Semitic’ and his approach is biased. But have a look at the next author:


Jews and Zionism: the South African Experience (1910-67), by Dr Gideon Shimoni (Oxford University Press, 1980).

This book appears to have been written for a Jewish readership.

Two extended quotes from the book will serve as a summary of the situation some decades ago.

[Dr Shimoni was born in South Africa to parents from Lithuania, but settled in Israel where he lectured at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and where he gained post-graduate degrees in Jewish history. While bitterly contemptuous of South Africa under the apartheid system, Dr Shimoni in effect identifies with the concept of geographically based ethnic groupings that was the basis of the South African system. This kind of irony, not to say hypocrisy, is typical of Jews opposed to ‘racism’ in Europe, the US or South Africa.]

Dr Shimoni writes of ‘..the extraordinary salience of Jewish individuals in the white opposition to the regime of apartheid. Throughout this period Jewish names kept appearing in every facet of the struggle: amongst reformist liberals; in the radical Communist opposition; in the courts, whether as defendants or as counsel for the defense; in the lists of bannings and amongst those who fled the country to evade arrest. Their prominence was particularly marked in the course of the Treason Trial which occupied an important place in the news media throughout the second half of the 1950’s. This trial began in December 1956, when 156 people were arrested on charges of treason in the form of a conspiracy to overthrow the state by violence and to replace it with a state based on Communism. Twenty-three of those arrested were Whites, more than half of them Jews. They included Yetta Barenblatt, Hymie Barsel, Lionel (Rusty) Bernstein, Leon Levy, Norman Levy, Sydney Shall, Joe Slovo, Ruth (First) Slovo, Sonia Bunting, Lionel Forman, Isaac Horvitch, Ben Turok, Jacqueline Arenstein, Errol Shanley, Dorothy Shanley. To top it all, at one stage in the trial the defense counsel was led by Israel Maisels, while the prosecutor was none other than Oswald Pirow. The juxtaposition was striking: Maisels, the prominent Jewish communal leader, defending those accused of trying to overthrow White supremacy; Pirow, the extreme Afrikaner Nationalist and former Nazi sympathizer, defending White supremacy.’ (pp. 227-8).

‘In this extended five-year period between the emergence of violent opposition and its effective suppression, the prominent involvement of individual Jews was in the public eye more than ever before. This was even more so than in the dramatic circumstances of the ‘Rivonia arrests’. On 11 July 1963 the police raided the home of Arthur Goldreich in Rivonia near Johannesburg, where it captured, by surprise, the leadership cadre of the Umkonto we Sizwe underground. Seventeen people were arrested.. Five of those arrested were Whites, all of them Jews. They were: Arthur Goldreich, Lionel Bernstein, Hilliard Festenstein, Dennis Goldberg and Bob Hepple.. [There was an] overwhelming impression that Jews were in the forefront of the White radicals who were trying to overthrow the system of White supremacy in South Africa. When the secret African Resistance Movement (ARM) was crushed during 1964, it again became evident that many Jews were involved. One of its founders was identified as Monty Berman.. others were Adrian Leftwich and Bertram (Baruch) Hirson. Among those who were associated with ARM were Neville Rubin and Michael Schneider [and ] others implicated were Frederick and Rhoda Prager, Raymond Eisenstein and Hugh Lewin..’ (pp. 232-3).

Dr Shimoni records with obvious distaste the wording of an Afrikaans letter in a newspaper criticizing this fundamentally hypocritical proclivity of Jews: ‘They (the Jews) themselves are the most exclusive apartheid people, yet they exert themselves here for integration.’ While Jews themselves have shown no intention to integrate or merge with the African masses, they have been hyper-critical of mainstream whites who are reluctant to follow this route, criticizing churches with segregationist policies, while their synagogues have remained ethnically 100% Jewish.


Cutting Through the Mountain: Interviews with South African Activists Edited by Immanuel Suttner (Viking-Penguin, England and USA 1997).

This book also appears to have been written for a Jewish readership. It is a thick expensively bound book of over 600 pages, financially supported by the Liberty Life Foundation created by the Jewish mega-capitalist Donald Gordon. Suttner says ‘a disproportionate number of individual Jews played a part in transforming South Africa into a more just society. There are two streams: those who fought ‘within the system’ as jurists, members of parliament, via the media, or in civil society, and those who entered ‘illegal’ organizations which were socialist, communist or mass-based in character.’ (p.2) He says the book ‘welcomes (these Jews) back not only as worthy South Africans, socialists, communists or liberals, but as worthy Jews’ (p.3). Some of the ‘remarkable people’ (page vii) who are heroes of the book include:

Taffy Adler who was involved in the 1970s and '80s in the 'formation and consolidation of the black trade union movement'. His father was a Lithuanian Jew who emigrated to South Africa in 1926 and who 'was tremendously loyal to Stalin and Russian communism' right up to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989. His uncle, Michael Harmel, became general secretary of the South African Communist Party.
Ray Alexander (Rachel Alexandrowich) arrived in South Africa from Latvia and joined the SA Communist Party five days later. She played a leading role in the organization of trade unions. She was married to Jack Simons, a 'devoted communist' and lecturer at the University of Cape Town.
Pauline Podbrey (Podbrez) born in Lithuania came to South Africa at the age of eleven. She joined the Communist Youth League, run by Max Joffe, and the related Labor League of Youth, run by Hilda Bernstein. Of the Communist Party she says 'the majority of the members were Jewish…looking back on it now, it seems as if everybody was Jewish.' (*p52). She married a prominent Indian trade unionist and Communist Party leader, resulting in her mother being ostracized by the South African Jewish community, although it has been and still is normal practice for this community to depict white non-Jews as despicable prejudiced racists.
Joe Slovo born in Lithuania, came to South Africa where he joined the Young Communist League at the age of sixteen. He became a central member of the Communist Party of South Africa and a 'hard-line Stalinist', becoming general secretary in 1986. He concentrated on building up Umkhonto we Sizwe, the ‘armed wing’ of the ANC (African National Congress), becoming its chief of staff and head strategist in the campaign of bombings directed at civilian targets and other acts of terror. He only abandoned his commitment to Stalinism and Soviet-style communism when the Soviet bloc started falling apart in the late 1980s and it became necessary to do so. A key strategist representing the ANC in the negotiations with De Klerk’s government in the hand over of power, he became a minister in Mandela's Cabinet.
when the ANC came to power in 1994. He died of cancer a few years later. His daughter published an autobiographical book describing her father’s affair with a Jewish Communist friend’s wife and his utter refusal to acknowledge the son born of this relationship.

Gill Marcus, the daughter of parents involved with the Communist Party, a long-time member of the Party and of the ANC, is now a Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank after being a member of the first Mandela Cabinet.
Ronnie Kasrils became a central figure in the South African Communist Party and head of military intelligence of the ANC's military wing. He became Deputy Minister of Defense in the Mandela government, and is now Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry.

Traitors’ End: The Rise and Fall of the Communist Movement in Southern Africa by Nathaniel Weyl (Arlington House, USA, 1970).

‘For the most part, the Jews had come to South Africa from Lithuania at the turn of the century.. They had been popular at first, but by the mid-1930’s this was no longer the case. The Jews had become heavily urbanized. In Johannesburg, they constituted 17 per cent of the population and were sufficiently conspicuous so that the metropolis was sometimes referred to, not as Jo’burg, but as Jewburg. They aroused envy and some rancor during the years of depression because they controlled a large part of the business of Johannesburg and other cities.. Anti-Semitism was fed by the economic discontent.. A perhaps more important ingredient was the prominence of South African Jews in finance, mining and the other economic command posts of the nation, on the one hand, and in revolutionary and racial reform movements on the other. From the outset, the Jews had been prominent in the Communist Party and its various fronts. They were equally conspicuous in the various movements that sought to break down the barriers separating the White from the non-White population. South African anti-Semitic propaganda.. depicted the Jew as a deracinated element who sought to destroy White civilization and nationalism with the twin weapons of Communism and international finance. Given the visible prominence of Jews in both areas, this doctrine fell on receptive ears.’

The famous Rivonia Trial of the 1960’s resulted from a raid on a farm near Johannesburg in which many of the top leadership of the Communist party were detained. The White defendants were virtually all Jews, including Dennis Goldberg, ‘a civil engineer who served as commander in a Communist camp that trained young guerrillas’, and Lionel ‘Rusty’ Bernstein, the only prisoner to be acquitted. A Johannesburg architect, Bernstein ‘admitted to having been a Communist for 25 years, but successfully alleged that he had left the party, without, however, changing his revolutionary convictions.’ (Weyl pp 122-3). Amongst those implicated during the trial were the Jews Joe Slovo and his wife Ruth First, Bob Hepple and Michael Harmel. ‘Operation Mayibuye [a plan for guerrilla warfare, armed invasion of South Africa and Communist conquest of the country] was drafted by Arthur Goldreich, perhaps the most important of the men captured by the South African Police at Rivonia. Goldreich managed to bribe his way out of prison.. During the trial, Goldreich was referred to by Nelson Mandela and other defendants as a military expert who served as an officer in the Israeli war for independence.. Goldreich’s plan was modeled on the guerrilla strategy of the Chinese Communists.. Goldreich’s notebook shows constant preoccupation with the practical details of revolutionary war. He goes into the types of explosives and fuses needed and their characteristics…’ (Weyl pp124, 127-8).

‘On December 16, 1966, the United Nations branded Rhodesia "a threat to international peace". President Johnson’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Arthur Goldberg, immediately pledged United States support for sanctions against Rhodesia "in order to drive home to the illegal regime (of Ian Smith) that the international community will not tolerate the existence of a discriminatory system based on minority rule in defiance of the United Nations and its principles." Ambassador Goldberg’s logic was extraordinary, to say the least. Over half of the 122 UN member states had governments not based upon majority rule As for the United Nations statement that Rhodesia threatened international peace, the statement simply reversed the facts of the matter. Rhodesia was exposed to attacks by guerrillas, armed, financed, trained and abetted by Black African member states of the United Nations in flagrant defiance of the UN Charter.. Ambassador Goldberg had shown on previous occasions that, where racial issues were involved, he practiced a double standard of morality in favor of Black demands.. Ambassador Goldberg was not alone in his fanatical hostility to White rule in Africa..’ (Weyl pp 162-3).

Jews in South Africa in the main and those mentioned above in particular have all been pushing for a majoritarian government in which population numbers effectively mean that whites have no say over their own affairs. The new ANC-dominated South Africa is proclaimed to be a ‘democracy’, although a leading political scientist, Professor Hermann Giliomee has described the election system as a simple ethnic census. Whites, for example, have no effective power over the government as far as their own interests, such as schooling for their children or their language rights are concerned. The Constitutional Court, supposedly the custodian of these rights, has an over-representation of Jews who have shown little sympathy for white non-Jewish rights. Even the traditionally English South African game of cricket is being transformed - the Jewish former director of the cricket board, Dr Ali Bacher, did everything in his power to turn cricket in the country into a black-dominated sport.

There are various kinds of hypocrisy at work here. Authors such as Immanuel Suttner perhaps unwittingly communicate their clear belief that Jews are morally better than South African whites, because of their political stance. This in itself is not only racist but also not true. We can study the attitude of South African Jews to Middle Eastern issues to see whether they really do display a genuine moral superiority. Until a few years ago South African Jews gave more per capita to Israel than any other Jewish community in the world, including that of America (Suttner p. 420).

‘When Ronnie Kasrils, a leader of the ANC’s armed campaign against apartheid South Africa, returned home after 27 years in exile, he was lionized by a local Jewish establishment belatedly eager to associate itself with the struggle. His picture was put in the Jewish Museum in Cape Town and his name in the Book of Honor. The Jewish community basked in his reflected glory’ (Fair Lady 22 May 2002 p.37). South Africa’s Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris officiated at the funeral of Joe Slovo, calling Slovo ‘a better Jew than most’ (ibid p.39). Who was Slovo? He was general secretary of the Communist Party of South Africa and chief of staff of the armed terrorist wing of the ANC (African National Congress). When Kasrils, in an awkward position because of his cabinet post in the ANC government which includes several very influential Moslems, became one of a very small number of Jews to speak out against Israeli policies against the Palestinian people in Palestine, his name became mud. He signed a petition along with 286 other Jews to the effect that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians does not have their blessing. The South African Zionist Federation quickly organized a rival petition in support of Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, and collected 11500 signatures. Helen Suzman, the veteran anti-Apartheid Jewish member of the South African parliament and consequently the recipient of numerous international honors and awards, ‘believes that everything Israel has done has been retaliatory’ (ibid p39) in spite of the fact that the Israelis, with support from Jews elswhere particularly in the US and its government, have been able to take over Palestine with absolute impunity, disregarding with absolute and violent contempt the lawful human and property rights of the Palestinians. This hypocrisy is very common, not to say dominant, in the Zionist community which forms the overwhelmingly dominant part of South African Jewry.

No candid discussion of the issues raised above was permitted to take place in South Africa before the fall of white rule owing to the ownership pattern of the newspaper cartel. There has been much talk of a ‘Jewish Capitalist-Communist nexus’ - we have to recognize that monopoly capital has an affinity with Communism. According to Antony Sutton (Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution) international bankers funded the Bolshevik Revolution. In 1917, Trotsky and 200 revolutionaries were literally transferred from New York's Lower East Side to St. Petersburg to foment the revolution in Russia. Jews are internationally synonymous with hyper-capitalism or monopoly-capitalism, where ever-greater financial power is continually being sought, and there is the impression that the hunger behind this urge is insatiable. Media control is an important part of this program, because criticism must be stifled at all costs. These powerful people are ever-seeking to instruct or coerce non-Jewish people of European ancestry in the direction of non-discrimination, but always supporting their own country with its fundamental racial discrimination whereby Palestinians born in Jerusalem have no rights, while even atheistic Jews born in Milwaukee or Miami have full citizenship rights in Israel.

The large reserves of gold, diamonds and other natural wealth attracted Jews in large numbers from Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Russia. The discovery of gold in the Boer republic of the Transvaal turned out to be tragically unfortunate for the Boers. According to J A Hobson, an English liberal-socialist thinker and correspondent who reported on the Boer War, ‘a little ring of international financiers’, mainly Jews, led Britain into the war for their own selfish capitalist interests. (Hobson, The War in South Africa – its causes and effects (New York, Macmillan, 1900, pp194, 184, 190). Boer farms and towns were burnt to the ground. Boer women and children were herded into concentration camps, where 26 000 died through epidemics and unsanitary conditions. But the Jews gained a wonderful ascendancy in the gold and diamond industry, with leading names including Barney Barnato, Solly Joel and Lionel Phillips. Eventually the Oppenheimer family, with financial support from Rothschild interests, controlled not only the largest gold mines in the country but also the world diamond cartel De Beers and a very large part of the South African economy, as well as the English language newspaper monopoly. De Beers in recent decades has been often implicated in trading in ‘blood-diamonds’ from war zones in Africa. (The international diamond trade in New York and Amsterdam is also largely Jewish-controlled.) The Oppenheimer press cartel normally depicted white efforts in South Africa to find political self-determination, including the apartheid policy of parallel or separate development, as totally and utterly reprehensible and unacceptable. At the same time the cartel ensured that the Israeli State did not come in for parallel criticism for its incomparably inhumane and violent oppression of the native Palestinians. The Jews have found it useful to their ethnic agenda to exacerbate tensions between white and black in South Africa, with the clear objective of subverting the apartheid idea of ethnic self-determination for a situation in which non-Jewish whites would be subject to unfettered black political and social control. Since this goal has been achieved, Jews have been emigrating in large numbers, primarily to the United States. Although scornful of white non-Jews for racism during the apartheid era, none of these Jewish emigrants are known to have moved to any African country. As Immanuel Suttner says ‘The Jewish community.. will likely continue to shrink through emigration, and those Jews who choose to stay in South Africa, and choose to involve themselves fully in South Africa’s unfolding story, face a difficult period of redefining their role and finding a niche in which they believe they are relevant and useful.’ (Cutting Through the Mountain p.4).

Why are Jews prominent as political activists in all western countries, but definitely not on behalf of the Palestinians, as fifty years of history have shown? Why were US Congressmen Stephen J. Solarz and Howard Wolpe, instrumental in securing financial sanctions against the South African apartheid regime, but ‘unwavering in their commitments to Israel’ (ex-Congressman Paul Findley, They Dare to Speak Out: People and Insttutions Confront Israel’s Lobby (1985) p70-71). Are hidden tribal-racial agendas a factor in "liberal" American universities and, above all, in politics?

Anonymous said...

Date Posted: Wednesday 30-Jul-2008
Mandela the black pimpernell

Why is it that only very few people are able to see through the lies propagated in the last two centuries?

Like Sarah maid of albion reveals about the pimpernell - the only ANC - member from black "nobility". During his youth it bothered him that his nobility had virtually no significance in the former South Africa and his main aim would become to restore this.

The only way it could be done was to "fight for the rights of his people" and he found good companions in other groups using the same "opression" theory as their smokescreen in order to gain the power in SA.

As a kid, i saw the name "Nelson Mandela" for the first time in one of the leading newspapers in the eighties.Without knowing exactly what his history was, i knew instinctively that it was a name to be spit on.

Today that very same man is the hero of the world! His blood - stained hands are molded in gold and sold by a large mining - group in South Africa. Never before was a man in SA honoured to such an extend - while he is nothing but a murderer!

I read the history of the Rivonia trial - there is no doubt what he and his fellow terrorists were upto. On a photograph taken in the lounge in the homestead in Rivonia on the day of their arrest, the place they used to gather while in hidance, i saw at least eight pictures on which symbols of demonic nature occurs.

I asked a kid who attended a seminar on identifying these signs before, to ID to me what he sees in the picture - he identified these immediately!

But it is the same than in Zimbabwe! - whom is to blame? The traitor himself or also the people who are responsible for getting him there?

Democracy seems pure, but does not keep it mind that it very oftenly puts people into power for the sole reason that are in a majority, while the only reason for them being in the majority is due to their weakness.

Bottomline? - they rule out of weakness!!

Result? - What we see happening in Africa!

South - Africa - a once very disciplined and properous country limping under violence, crime, fraud, drug - smuggling, prostitution, unemployment etc. etc. etc and in the midst, the "hero of all" sits smiling while fools praise his "legacy"



Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi mantloko

You provide an interesting contrary view, it is particularly interesting that the one alleged error you highlight in my article as "erroneous" (namely my alleged claim that Mandela ruled for 14 years)is one thing which I did not actually say.

I said that it is 14 years since he came to power, and I referred to the "14 years of rule by Mandela and his grim successor Mbeke", which is not the same thing.

It is 14 years of rule by the ANC (Mandela's party) which has brought a once great nation to the state it is now in, and Mandela must carry a huge responsibility for that.

Likewise he must take his share of responsibility for the fact that the ANC killed 40 black South Africans for every one killed by the evil white security services, and that does not include the many many thousands who have been slaughtered since 1994.

Perhaps you would like to go back and look for a different "error", or can you only dispute the ones you make up?.

You are entitled to your view, however, I respectfully suggest that you check your facts before expressing it.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I would like to make clear that I do not share all of the views expressed amongst the comments posted in this article.

In particular I do not hold Israel or "Jews" in any way solely responsible for what has happened in South Africa. I think that there are many people who are equally culpable

However, as a believer in free speech I have let all legal commentary through.

alanorei said...

Well said, Sarah

Once again, I refer to the escalating toll of farm murders in South Africa. That the black killers are eliminating the very individuals who could help prevent mass starvation in that country shows that they are reverting to savagery, i.e. to type.

Also, during the years of the so-called 'struggle against apartheid,' I don't recall any necklace killings being carried out by members of any race except the black race - against their own kind and in large numbers.

i.e. more regression to savagery. 6000 years of recorded history reveal no significant variation anywhere.

The same savagery is on the increase in this country and will continue to be fuelled by uncontrolled mass immigration, even between black and black, because down in London, I understand that Afro-Caribbeans and Africans, e.g. Somalis, hate each other proverbially 'like poison.'

That is the issue for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I was surprised you published my comment. Thank you for doing so.

I accept that you included Mbeki’s name in the “14 year rule” but the implication that Mandela was somehow still in charge during this period is erroneous.

When Mandela was released from prison in 1990 he was, as I have said, released into a political vacuum. He had been negotiating with the Apartheid regime since 1985 with extreme patience and much foresight. I know because I was a part of those negotiations.

Unfortunately, however, when the ANC came into power in 1994 on many issues Mandela was not listened to by his cabinet. The ANC were and still are riddled with Marxists and Communists of which organizations Mandela never joined or committed to. On many issues he was ignored, browbeaten into submission or simply outvoted.

In June of 1990 I wrote and published a report. This I discussed with Mandela
At his home in Qunu shortly after his release from Victor Verster prison.

Here is an excerpt: But please bear in mind this was written in 1990.

"The future of South Africa should the trade unions continue their march to power with the help and connivance of the Politburo will be bleak.

Unfortunately the country is ripe for Socialism (read Communism) owing to the poor standards of education amongst blacks. This is exacerbated by their inherent lack of ambition making Socialism appear even more attractive.

If the economy is strained further through so called "mass action", "stay-aways", and days off, here and there, for reasons known only to the masters of deception themselves, ethnic violence will increase. Soviet Embassies will be established here so that a more hands-on foreign policy can be achieved from within the country.

Internecine murder will also escalate. This will inevitably spill over into the white suburban areas and outlying farming communities will be targeted. More and more people will become unemployed. Jobs will be unavailable. Business will not be able to accommodate the masses of school leavers. Education standards at all levels will fall dramatically.

The economy will be further shattered by continuing strikes and "mass-action". The Soviet masters, orchestrating this through the ANC, the SACP, and the Trade Unions. The puppets of the Politburo will wag the SACP tail who in turn will cause the ANC dog to nod in submission.

The once tenuous links between the ANC and the SACP have roots going back to the early 1950s. Moscow, seeing the advantages of acquiring valuable military and mineral resources in South Africa, befriended the ANC during these early years.

When a man is drowning he does not stop to read the manufacturer's label when grabbing the life jacket. The ANC grabbed and has never been allowed to let go.

The link is no longer tenuous. They are so infiltrated with SACP members the parties are, in fact, one and the same. It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favour of vegetarianism when the wolf remains of a different opinion. As I have stated previously "the Soviet leaders are nothing if not patient".

Mandela assured me “We will not let it happen”. I believe his sincerity to this day. However, as I have said previously he was ignored. He was the figurehead for Democratic change and hope for the people. This went a long way in avoiding a civil war. When Chris Hani was assassinated on the 10th April, 1993 it came very close to being a reality.

The violence you refer too (I’m not sure where you got your figures of 40 to 1) in the early 90s was black on black. This was orchestrated by members of the Apartheid regime that did not want change. The Boipatong massacre in 1992 was a prime example of this. Many such incidents were repeated throughout the townships.

Violence has always been an integral part of African culture only in South Africa in the past much was not even reported on. Africa is a harsh continent in both weather and politics.

From 1994 to 1999 the government was a coalition between members of the old regime and the new. When Mandela retired in 1999 the rot set in.

Mbeki himself a rabid Marxist like his father Govan before him was put in charge. This was a deal made many years before. It was written in stone by the communists and nobody had the political will or power to elect a more suitable candidate such as Cyril Ramaphosa for example, a fine man, I helped write the new constitution with.

Mbeki is a drunkard who can’t see past his next drink and a racist. This has been borne out many times by his rhetoric (“Aids doesn’t exist” and “There’s no crisis in Zimbabwe”) etc etc etc). The ANC government are riddled with Marxists and every present cabinet member except three are card carrying members of the Communist party.

These theories and affirmative action policies (badly implemented) from 1999 led to the present crisis in South Africa. There is such a thing as too much democracy. They were warned by many (including Mandela) it would come to this. Like a drunk who has to hit rock bottom before realising their mistakes hopefully the masses here will soon realise their mistakes by having constantly voted the ANC into power.

Mbeki is firmly tied to the Chinese communists like his pal Mugabe another racist despot who doesn’t give a damn for his people. Mugabe’s wife Nancy is related to Mbeki’s wife (cousins) and both Mugabe and Mbeki have diamond mines in the Congo where our troops are stationed to look after them!!! Both are in the pay of the Communists and Marxists.

However, a chink of light shone through at Polokwane last year when Mbeki was ousted as ANC president together with many of his sycophants.

His successor Jacob Zuma has a chequered past and at the next election it will be like choosing which of two dirty pairs of underpants is the cleaner to wear.

Good luck with the forum. Some interesting articles. The one by “ anonymous” on the Jews of South Africa had some valid points. Although as you state they can’t be blamed for all of SA’s ills, nor can Mandela!


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I base the "forty to one" figure on the following statement which I make in the article "According to the Human Rights Commission it is estimated that during the Apartheid period some 21,000 people were killed, however both the UN Crimes against Humanity commission and South Africa's own Truth and Reconciliation Commission are in agreement that in those 43 years the South African Security forces killed a total of 518 people. The rest, were accounted for by Africans killing Africans,"

I do not agree with your assessment of the situation, or your claim that the Apartheid government orchestrated the violence, that would have been totally self defeating, the violence very much contributed to the International view of South Africa during the Apartheid years, which lead to the isolation and eventual downfall of the white regime.

Like many others you find reasons to absolve Mandela of blame, however, he and his party embraced both violence and communism, in the face of successful non violent examples such as India. He and his party have to accept responsibility for that choice, and the bloodshed which resulted.

Furthermore, the ANC did not come to power in a vacuum. Mandela and his crew rode to power on a surge of international good will, shared at the time by much of the white population.

The whole world wanted South Africa to succeed and were ready to assist. The ANC inherited a strong economy, a first world infrastructure and a healthy and comparatively well educated population.

However bad the Apartheid system may have been Mandela's achievement is that he, and his party have replaced it with something worse. Indeed in so far as it applies to the experience of the average South African, Apartheid was replaced by something far worse.

You can pretend that things are not as they are because you want to believe something else, but it must be getting harder to deny the evidence of your own eyes.

What is the point of self determination if it doesn't make things better. A vote is a nice thing to have, but if winning it means that you have no job, little education or access to health care, you have no security, probably no home, the infrastructure is crumbling about you and you are terrorised by one of the highest crime rates on the planet, it loses some of its gloss.

Across Africa, the fact remains that most black Africans had infinitely better lives under white rule than they have under black rule either before or since.

I would even include the Congo in that statement, and certainly South Africa.

In the face of overwhelming evidence, is it not time people took off their political blinkers and reassess their School book views of right and wrong.

Or will it truly be 100 years before the truth is told about Africa?

Anonymous said...


Someone forwarded your blog re Mandela to me by email, and I looked up your blogsite. I do not agree with all the responses to your blog, and so hesitate to add my thoughts to this assortment.

I have been writing to the Telgraph at intervals, but realise that they will never print my letter as long as Mandela is alive. I have been referring to a temporarily suspended (?) Cabinet Minister, who is perhaps now getting his comeuppance over an alleged financial wangle. I refer to Peter Hain.

Does anyone in Britain know his background? Remember the first violence in South Arica was perpetrated by white Communists. The first political bombblast murder took place at Jo'burg station - a granny and a little girl - I forget who died. John Harris was convicted and hanged.

This is the story as I remember it. Hain's father, as I believe head of the group at the time, and under house arrest, was due to conduct the funeral in Pretoria jail. Because of the restrictions he was under, his teenage son Peter took his place and led the ceremony. Ultimatly he fled to UK and took up his activities of disrupting sports events and other protests in London, for which he became famous, leading to his eventual election as an MP.

I lived in Amanziimtoti through the years of the bomb blasts, including our supermarket. I moved to Hillcrest, and finally left when there were 52 murders in 1996 in the Valley of 1000 Hills, including six in our immediate neighbourhood. I wondered if you could research this story properly, as mine is only from memory, and let it be known that he 'associated with terrorists', a phrase I picked up from the Telegraph letter columns re Ireland, which I felt was so apt.

Forgive me if I ramble on. Reading recent comments the face of Ronnie Kasrils came before my eyes. At the time of the Ciskei episode there were newsbites on SABC about it. The ANC, or whoever was motivating the protest against the puppet apartheid government, had planned a march on the capital, following the overthrow of the Baphutastwana government.

They had permission from the police to hold a rally in a nearby sports stadium, but to go no further, and the police had made a cordon of razor-wire all around the stadium. We saw Ronnie Kastrils himself cutting a gap in the wire with cutters he had brought, and the people pouring through. The next minute there were sounds of gunfire from the panicked Ciskei guards down the road, people fell to the ground in the distance, and Kasrils was seen grinning from ear to ear. His purpose had been achieved. Those pictures were never repeated in news bulletins or newspapers, but they were imprinted on my memory. Another Cabinet Minister, this time in SA!

Anonymous said...

I would like to "pull out" some rock hard evidence on what the conditions in SA were during the reign of the so called "arthitecs" of Apartheid Malan, Strijdom and Verwoerd.Unfortunately i had no time for translation while it is written in Afrikaans, but anyone who wishes me to translate, should just shout, i will do so.

Transvaler 24 September 1958

Die Bantoe se hulde

Geagte Redaksie – Ek wens om namens my raad u te vra om die afskrif van die volgende brief aan Mev. Strydom in u koerant te plaas,sodat miskien `n beter indruk in die lesers sal maak,asb.:

27ste Augustus 1958.

Haar Edele,Mev.J.G. Strijdom en Gesin,Libertas,Pretoria.
Geagte Mev. Strijdom,Mnr. en Mej. Srijdom.

Dit is my opgedra om die volgende boodskap namens my raad aan u te rig:

Dit is met harte vol van diepe berou dat ons langs hierdie weg beskeielik ons innige meegevoel en deelneming in u smartlike verlies wens uit te spreek.

Advokaat Strijdom was nie net vir ons die hoof van die regering wat ons as sulke geër het nie,hy was ook vir ons `n vader, want hy was die hoof van `n regering wat vir die eerste maal in die geskiedenis `n vaste beleid van die Bantoe neergelê het waardeur die Bantoe die geleentheid gebied word, om selfstandig te ontwikkel, sy eie te kan uitbou en tot `n volwaardige volk opgroei. Adv. Strijdom sal altyd vir die regdinkende Bantoe naas Dr. Malan wat hy opgevolg het,die man bly wat die Bantoe gered het.
Ons eer en bring hulde aan Adv.Strijdom as een van die grootste seuns van Suid – Afrika, wat veral die welsyn van sy Bantoe kinders op sy hart gedra het en daarvoor geveg het tot die einde; om Suid – Afrika blank te hou vir die blanke en die Bantoe selfstandig naas aan hou om onder sy beskerming te laat ontwikkel,is die enigste antwoord vir die behoud van ons land,en dit het Adv.Strydom voor geleef en sy lewe gegee.
Waar Adv.Strijdom nou sy ewige rus ingegaan het en tot hoër diens opgeroep is,is ons bede dat die Here self vir u sal vertroos en bystaan en die plek wat leeg is, opvul.

U nogmaals van ons diepste meegevoel versekerende.

Hoogagtend,U dienswillige dienaar,



Die Bantoe Winkelierse Helpmekaar vereniging

In Volume vii No. 4 van Mei 1961 van die Bantoe – onderwysblad “Bantu Education Journal “ die volgende aanhaling:

“Ons land is geseënd met ryk en onbeperkte natuurlike hulpbronne,ons primêre en sekondêre nywerhede vergelyk goed met die` van enige ander land in die wêreld. Op die gebied van die wetenskap word ons gereken onder die toonaangewende lande. Ons het geleerdes en tegnici onder wie se leiding ons in feitlik al ons behoeftes kan voorsien. Daar is min ander lande wat beter mediese dienste as Suid – Afrika aanbied.Ons skole en Universiteite vir Blank en Nie – Blank vergelyk gunstig met die beste in die wêreld. Besoekers sê ons openbare dienste is puik. Ook op staatkundige gebied word daarna gestewe om vrede,geluk en vooruitgang vir alle groepe te bewerkstellig. By dit alles het ons volop en goeie voedsel volgens die smaak van elke groep.

Of ons republiek van krag tot krag sal gaan,hang van onsself af. Solank as wat ons bereid is om getrou te wees aan ons land en sy belange met toewyding en met die regte gesindheid te behartig, sal dit goed gaan. In Afrika het ons geen gelyke nie en ons kan hierdie leidende posisie handhaaf. As ons van plan is om voortdurend onderling rusie te maak en te soek na botsings, dan sal ons daaronder moet ly en die mense sal sê:”`n selfmoordenaar word nie beween nie”

Ons moet ons daarop toelê om mekaar te waardeer. Die Blankes kan die Bantoe waardeer vir die goeie gesindheid wat hulle oor die algemeen openbaar. Die Bantoe weer,kan onthou dat ons in `n stormagtige wêreld lewe en dat hulle nou, meer as ooit tevore, sekuriteit nodig het. Dit word aan hulle deur `n meer ervare Blanke bevolking van ons Republiek verleen,en dit sou onverstandig wees om dit te ontken.Ons kan gerus ernstig hieroor nadink.Alhoewel ons onmiddelike bure van die protektorate nie `n deel van die Republiek sal wees nie,is hulle ons vriende. Ons ken hulle tale en hulle maniere en hulle ken weer ons s`n. Hulle deel ook in ons welvaart. Ons weet die dag kom wanneer hulle bekommerd en ongelukkig voel,sal hulle by ons troos en bemoediging vind want by vreemdelinge vind mens nie troos nie.

Die onwillkeurige vraag ontstaan dan nou: Vanaf 1961 tot en met 1976 met die onluste,wat het verkeerd geloop? Was die indoktrenasie se verloop en invloed so` spoedig en so` effektief?

For those not understanding Afrikaans, a short summary:

The first letter was written by a prominant black person in 1958 to simphasize with the widow of the late prime Minister J.G Strijdom.(San Strijdom was the aunt of F.W. De Klerk)

Important to note is that this man called J.G. Strijdom the man who "saved" the black man.The man who tegether with DR. D.F. Malan were the first white leaders to define and exercise a clear policy towards the blacks in SA so as to take the lead in the development of the country with the blacks to develop along with them.

The second is a article written in the Black Educational Journal of 1961 (The time of Verwoerd) in which is described the peacefull and good relationships between black and white during those years before the instigators came with their "social engineering" and "mind control" methods to brainwash black as well as white.

Also in the same publication were photographs of neat and disciplined black students attending black institutions funded by their
"white fathers" as identified by Mr. Mahlase in the letter above.

A huge contrast to the photographs later taken of half - mad black children running through the streets of Soweto seeking sympathy for Hector Peterson being shot after throwing rocks at the Police.

The descriptions above agrees with what actually took place in SA during the time of the Great Trek. After the white setlers (trekkers) at that stage decided to sell all they had due to the fact that it became unbearable to stay on on the Eastern border with Xhosas raiding them and stealing their cattle and the English not defending them. All these setlers had were there Ox - wagens end guns and ammunitions to fight wild animals and wild people who they got to know during these wars down South. They had nothing more becuase they were farmers and no capitalists!!

After surviving all hardships like killings by Zulu - tribe leader Dingane and other tribes and wild animals etc., etc, they eventually found their prise! - the Republic of Natalia!!

The English did not grant them this, got unto their ships and sail around to go and claim this newly found Republic.Susanna Smith, wife of the trekker - paster, decleared: "We would rather travel back bearfoot over the Drakensberg than staying back here under English rule again"

On their way to Natal they, as many other black tribes were traitered by another black "hero" nl. Mtsilikatze - a rebelious Lieutenant of Shaka - zulu.Mtsilikatze killed whoever came his way as especially the Sothos, Tswanas and Kwenas fell victim to his bloody raides.The Boers won the battle of Vegkop where Mtsilikatze was defeated and he fled to his mountain - dwelling at Mosega in the now North - West Province. Two parties were send there and eventually he and his Matebelie - tribe was driven over the Limpopo to Zimbabwe.(Matebelieland)It was the setlers now who protected and gave shelter to the remaining Sothos and Tswanas after the terrorist raides of Msilikatze (Difacane)The deserted land (Most of Transvaal and the Free state) was now occupied by whites who stabilised the area and developed it into organised and striving republics.Even though they were the conquerers of the black people, they never induldged in slavery and opression - they developed the blacks as was relevantly possible under the circumstances as themselves had nothing but their bear necessities.

But the history is well known to us.Two thirds of the area of the former homelands were given to black people for free,added to their historically - owned land. Millions of rands were pumped into these areas in an attempt to get these areas developed, but all in vain - like the rest of Africa, it is time - wasting to invest in Africa! - rather like in the days during the border - ordeals with the Xhosas, they decided to fight for their "rights" and to claim what did not belong to them.

And they were ideal instruments to the capitalist Jewish powers like mentioned above to be used and abused.They made use the smokescreen of "human rights" to get the blacks back the land they "owned before" Everybody believes this big lie and that anybody is really concerned about the welfare of the blacks in africa!!

Adolf Hitler said one very true thing" The masses will rather fall victim to a great lie than to a small one"

Al what reaaly happened in SA was that the gravy rain stopped. The white passengers departed and other black passengers boarded.Statistics prove that the % of people living in poverty had increased, not to mention all other things deteriorating - like admitted even by Mantloko.

When was our economy at it`s best? During the reigning of the architects of Apartheid when the Rand was stronger than the US$. Communism had proved that no economy cannot be forced to grow. Only if people are really happy, will it show in a growing economy.Had anybody ever heard about any person dying of hunger during the time of Apartheid like the man who died in the streets of Johannesburg earlier this year?

Look for excuses as you like,attempt to bend the truth as you like, but know one thing - the truth always go the longest way and by running around in circles, trying to skecth things you would klike to see it is not going to benefit either yourself nor your descendants. Live a lie - be giulty of murder!!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I would be grateful if the person who commented anonymously today and mentioned that they lived in Amanziimtoti through the years of the bomb blasts and also made reference to the role of Peter Hain in South African politics, could write to me at sarahmaidofalbion@gmail.com

I Can not determine whether you want me to publish your comments or whether You intended to write to me personally.

Thanks Sarah

Anonymous said...


I wrote my comment very hasty and English is also not my native language, but i noticed a couple of terrible spelling mistakes. How can i rectify this?



Anonymous said...

I hereby wish to express my appreciation to Sarah for revealing all this valuable information on the history and true facts, casting some light on what is really going on in SA.

Although the white Afrikaner – population make out not more than 5% of English descendent, and although there is a historical bitterness remaining between these two nations, it shows that the prejudiced attitude from the side of Afrikaans people towards English people is not always justified.

As it it always true that it is never a case of one side always in the wrong while the other always in the right, it should be our aim always to seek ways of understanding and reconciliation.

A few viewpoints form the side of Englishmen towards the Afrikaner nation:

Winston Churchill shared the following opinion on the Afrikaner - from the book “The purple and the gold”:

“The Boers were the most humane people, the most good – hearted enemy I have ever fought against in four continents”,and British Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald said:

“The Afrikaner nation is a noble nation.They have been overwhelmed, but not conquered”, after the Anglo Boer War.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had the following to say after the war:

“The Boers were the most formidable antagonists ever to cross the path of imperial Britain”

.....and Col.Winsloe after the first liberation war:

“The Boers are a fine manly, sturdy race, such as I should like to live among”

An wounded English solder said the following:”

…..and here I should like to say a word to the people of England. Our men , when wounded are treated by the Boers with manly gentleness and kind consideration….On the road we called at many farms,and every one man ,woman,and children came out to see us.Not one taunting word was uttered in our hearing, not one braggart sentence passed their lips…..

let no man or woman in all the British Empire whoseson or husband lies wounded in the hands of the Boers fears for his welfare,for it is a foul slander to say that Boers do not treat their wounded well….

The Boers have made most excellent provision for the treatment of wounded after battle. All that science can do is done.Their medical men fight as hard to save British life or limb of a private person.At the Bloemfontein Hospital everything is as near perfection , from a medical and surgical point,as any sane man can hope to see……Concerning our matron….and nurses,all I can say is that they are gentlewoman of the highest type of which any nation in the world might well be proud.” – Pets Marias.

Our own “Boere” – prophet, Siener Van Rensburg foreseen that England would one day cry for what they have done to the women and children during the Anglo – Boer War.I saw an Englishmen on Television one day who shed tears while saying that he never knew what his predecessors had really done to the Afrikaners.

His tears only, had convinced me that all Englismen are not “Bad” and also here now, I am again exposed to the same opinion.

However, it is surely not my intension here to change the focus on the English/Afrikaner issue, I just wonder whether the black people realize the kind of oppression the Afrikaner – nation themselves experienced during the 19th and 20th Centuries? Apart from what happened in the concentration camps, there was a time when, whenever the children dared to speak Afrikaans/Dutch at school, they were to carry a signboard around the neck saying: “I am am donkey”. Black chidren might have been forced to be taught Afrikaans at school, but never were they forbidden to speak their own language!!

What rights were the Black people in SA really denied?

1.To make use of the same public facilities than whites.

It was not as if they were not supplied their own facilities in any way. It was the choice of white people for instance not to share toilet facilities with black people. White people even today think twice before sharing these facilities with black people for the sole reason that however rich or poor they might be, they do not expose the same hygienic standards. In the Apartheid years, it was very significant for instance to compare the facilities which were normally situated on opposite sides of Petrol garages. If by mistake, you went to the wrong side, you very quickly turned around by just approaching these "Non – European" facilities which were looked after and maintained by the same garage management.It was just not acceptable and suitable for civilized people and not in the way it was constructed, but by the way the people using it, messed it up.

2. To move around freely in the country without permission (passes)

Take note that they were never prohibited to visit any part of the country – they just had to obtain permission to do so. I am a SA – citizen and may not move around freely in Zambia without my documents! Presently, the status Quo in SA is different and see to what extent the criminal activities had grown to. Drug smuggling, robbing,killing etc. etc. is at the order of the day. Any intelligent person should today be able to recognize the purpose of those stringent laws by then. Any intelligent person should today realize why a majority was ruled by a minority.

3. The right to vote

Who could ever blame the white people for protecting their rights in this way – a small minority in the midst of millions of black people sharing totally different cultures and viewpoints. On the contruary, these people were assisted and given large portions of land for free (Of the best parts of the country, although the opposite is claimed) They had no intensions of developing these portions of land as they would rather claim the land developed by the whites. Millions of Rands were pumped into these homelands and with no success. As in the most African countries, the “leaders” filled their pockets while the populace were starving. Me myself observed during the eighties that members of parlement in SA were driving cheap Toyotas while the members of government of these homelands were driving around in expensive German vehicles. Furthermore, were white people allowed to vote in these homelands?

As from 1966, the white government was surely wrong – they were misleading black as well as white as they were ruled by the capitalist Jews with the American CIA as instrument.John Vorster was indeed a companion of the communists. In his time already, young black couples were financially favoured above young white couples. Vorster was part of the plot to kill Verwoerd. The NP since Vorster was a party hi – jacked from within and the conditions of township – living was the product of the National Party/ Communist coupe.To sabotage the real purpose of Apartheid, centralization instead of decentralization was promoted.Large urbanized black townships like Soweto were formed as an alternative for the healthy livestyle in the rural areas within their cultural habits and traditions.The children now grew up in an environment where they were without identity and did not really belong anywhere. – the result, what we see today – approaching total anarchy!! The socio – economical problems incurred is what really lead to the high crime levels of the day, the low employment levels, high inflation rate and in short:Everything that should be low is high and what should be high is low!! – total chaos with Mandela walking around very peacefully as the “hero” of all the world!!

The changed NP which the Blacks considered as their co – partner in obtaining their “freedom”which is culminating in their worst suffering to come.

I was a policeman myself and yes, I could not always agree with the modus orperandi. I served in the SAP at a time when I also disagreed with the government, not because they were to strict, but due to the fact that they were ruled by forces other than anybody could guess.
Forces which were really responsible for forcing the wedge between the black and the white population of SA which were in fact peaceful and cooperative in most of their history together.

There were many examples of Voortrekker leaders leaving their women and children under the care of black tribal leaders when they went of on hunting expeditions etc. At one time, the Swazi`s called the Boers their “fathers”. Many tribes were protected against other tribes by the Boers and after the death of Dingane, the next Zulu King Mpande sent his Impi`s in an attempt to save a convicted Hans Dons De Lange – a Voortrekker commandant who were trialed for accidential murder of a black man.

Why were conditions during Apartheid, like described by Mantloko? What happened since the situation described in the “Bantu Educational Journal”, until 1976 with the riots in Soweto?

The situation had never again stabilized since the peaceful years of Apartheid. Black and white are suffering from Violence, crime, smuggling prostitution etc. The order has never again been restored. – why?

In the days of Apartheid there was equilibrium . Lately, we enjoy "integrated downfall" as opposed to "separate development" during the years of Apartheid.

The sole reason for that being that we betrayed the simple principle that “ We are all equal before God, but equal in no other way”

Had Mandela been released earlier things would surely have been different. I agree, it would have been worse.No African leader as yet could prove his ability to stabilize any African country and to establish any significant growth.

Admitted – Mandela came the closest to that, but the reason is obvious – he was surrounded and backed up by whites, and even then he could not even achieve anything significantly!!

Mantloko`s heartbreaking allegations of slavery and other outrageously exarerated allegations could much more easily ripped apart than Sarah`s articles.

The Australians torned Aboriginee families apart. Americans and English used blacks as slaves. Frence and Russian people killed their own people by the millions, not to speak on how many people were killed by the communists!!!

But the Afrikaner, only maybe guilty of a fraction of what they are accused of, are considered as the villains amongst the villains!!!

What to say about the blacks who smashed the skulls of Voortrekker Babies against ox wagen wheels? What about the bellies of pregnant women being cut open and babies removed and smashed to the ground? What about thousands of farmers being killed without any reason???

Mandela is calm yes – very calm, as he obtained victory as a Trojan Horse – and the best of it is that the fools he conquered are praising and cheering him by the day!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hans (23:07) said

I wrote my comment very hasty and English is also not my native language, but i noticed a couple of terrible spelling mistakes. How can i rectify this?"

Hi Hans

I am afraid there is no way of editing the "comments" section. I am sure that nobody else noticed any spelling mistakes, but if you want me to delete your original message, so that you can re-post it, let me know by writing to sarahmaidofalbion@gmail.com confirming which message it was. (a couple of people called Hans have written and I don't want to delete the wrong one)


alanorei said...

Interesting that famed Boer Kommando leader Deneys Reitz was destined to command a battalion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers in WW1 as a British Army Lieutenant-Colonel, 1918 The Last Act by Barrie Pitt, Corgi 1965, p 85-6.

This is also interesting.

"{The Boer] exhibited none of the brutality towards his enemy which had been a feature of almost every armed nationalist upsurge on record. Instead, his acts of kindness to that enemy were legion, and the cause of lasting friendships between fighting men on both sides which made political and propaganda vapourings to the contrary look silly. He had a code of honour that appealed to the same strong vein of feudal chivalry which, as the success of Walter Scott's books had shown, appealed so strongly to the British"

- Good-Bye Dolly Gray, The Story of the Boer War by Rayne Kruger, Four Square 1959, pp 414-415

Dedicated To the teachers and companions of my youth at Jeppe High School, Johannesburg; and to the memory of those of them who died in World War II

Not something that the lefties who weigh into the BNP every now and again would understand, I suggest.

But it's good to have a balanced view.

Anonymous said...

If the poster from Zambia hates the blacks so much then why is he living in Zambia?

Throughout the pages of mumbling and bumbling rhetoric It is truly amazing they actually believe the lies they write.

Against all facts and truth they still go on and on about the British and continue to blame the blacks for all the ill will in the world.

They still espound the BS that the blacks have the mark of Cane as displayed by their hair!! A theory they used effectively through their church the NGK to justify their irrational and disgusting treatment of the blacks classifying them as "Untermenchen".

There are and have been many great Afrikaners. Their once much loved Bayers Naude finally admitted the lies hypocrisy and subterfuge they employed and was ousted from the NGK (Dutch Reformed Church) a religious sect who refused blacks the right to worship with them.

(All things being equal under God) What a joke.

The security forces banned this great man and subjected him to years of mental torture and discrimination. For this alone they should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

The depths of their bias and hatred never fails to amaze me. It is truly astounding they still continue to try and justify it all.

This forum is obviously made up of the "there was no Holocaust" aficionados. I need say no more.

I am wasting my time even responding to this claptrap. There are none so blind (and stupid) as want to be!

Apartheid. There was no justification for any of it save for mindless greed and the inherent misguided belief they were superior to all. But then we've seen it before haven't we.

Sieg Heil!

Anonymous said...


I think your intensions of rather running away from this forum might be a good idea for you have alraedy exposed yourself as being a one - eyed symphathy seeker.

You are not able to read between the lines and likewise not able to judge my intensions. I am in fact presenting Motivational lectures to black people in Zambia. These Zambian people are very, very intelligent and well brought up. They would definately not trust me if being a hatered racist.

Just proves again how under - developed the blacks in SA really are! - also to be blamed on Apartheid i presume.

You are blinded by hate and wish to cast or project it on others.If you really had good intensions, you would have been convinced by these discussions that to be well balanced, is the aim.

No, instead you just wish to hear and believe the facts which strenghtens you believes which i think is a bit Crooked.

My wife was baptised by Naude` in Potchefstroom and i convinced her to do her best to get rid of that curse. Naude was nothing else than a traiter and a man with no vision. people like Malan, Strijdom and Verwoerd showed example of how to gain respect of black people without acting martiar. Those kinds of Afrikaners cannot be found in huge numbers.

The most brave ones were killed during the war, remember, because the others acted as scouts for the English or were hiding in Holland or Germany under the intensions of so - called fund - raising for the Boers.

At the end of the day, the only real friend the black man has, is the Boer. It has been proven throughout our history.

The Boer is not afraid of telling you the truth, but also never unwilling to help and support you!!

Stop blaming others for your own shortcomings!

Reality is not always pleasant but truth the only way to live by!!

If you admit that you are not equal, it is solely because you feel inferior!!

Anonymous said...


I forgot to mention:

You expose yourself to be ripped apart on the forum. Your knowledge about who or what stands for who or what is totally outrageously alarming!!.

No wonder you are totally confused.You just have no shield against all the active forces in your environment - you are as a matter of fact totally undefended!

The NGK is one of the most liberal churches in SA - they even allow Homo`s on the Pulprit!

Only two major churhes at date do not allow black membership! and the NGK is definately not one of them!!

Please do your homework before dare to raise you viewpoints again - you will be slaughtered by the written Summarai sword here!!

streene said...

i am apaled by this article, you have no clue of what you are talking about. stick comments on your own murderous government. what have you done to liberate this country? you dare try to gegrade the efforts of a man you will never even reach an iota of his excellencve. why dont you talk about the killings carried out by the aparthied government? or maybe you were in full support of that. by he awy you refer to regions by old colonial names it shows how you are still stuck in the past, must be still with the tho9ghts of white supremacy. even your reference to the tamil tigers is absurd...woryy about your own country...and do not make ignorant staements!! you have now idea what it was living here under apartheid, or maybe you do...as a white supremist taht ran away! stay away and keep your coomments to yourself...dont see youi comenting on the genocide of the americans...but of course you are in full support opf that. and to all the rst, taht support your luducrousc calims....saty away...and dont comment on what you dont know... i live in SA and its a much better place without you loy...lets keep it that way!!!!

Anonymous said...


Rather thank God that there are people out there who are able to ID the lies which have been spread about our country. You do not recognise the forces active which are responsible for you interprets the signals wrongly. What happended and is still happening in SA can easily interpreted wrongly if you do not understand these things!Leave Sarah in peace, the truth can only benefit all involved!!

The SA goverment since 1966 was in the wrong due to the fact that they were companions of the communists! This complex situation is not understood by you at all, that is why you get out of step here.

But please stay on , you might just benefit from the journey.

Adriaan said...

As a South African I feel humiliated by this article. I feel even more ashamed by the narrow minded fellow South Africans keeping themselves busy with this unreserved nonsense. Stop living in the past. You mention events that most of us weren’t even part back in those days - black or white. If you were ever part of it – you are probably to old to read this article by now.

There are an estimated 1,000 Brits immigrating to South Africa per year. It’s quite obvious that these people look past inflation or consumer price escalations, interest rates and most importantly…..who killed who in the past. They (including SA citizens) are well aware of the current situations. No one ever said it’s going to be easy living in South Africa – it is not a European lifestyle and, I partly suspect, that this is exactly what immigrants are trying to get away from. Despite the risks and downsides, people still make a choice to live in Africa. There is more than the city life with its politics and murders. The country gets to you and becomes part of you and is in your blood. TIA (This is Africa); so harden up!

Anonymous said...


Speaking about being narrow - minded.

When a surveyor install new beacons, he always take a back - sight first in order to coordinate himself as to what his position is, before he takes a foresight and install his new beacon.

Your narrow - mindedness goes that far that your are confirming forecasts made by Siener Van Rensburg long ago.

He foresaw long rows of tents in Africa - like people who fled from another country hastely.

Please learn to have a balanced view. Please learn to see both sides of the coin, otherwise you will not be fit for survival in our new country to come, somewhere along the way you will fall out . you are showing the signs already by expressing your off - centre views.

Yes many of the people here are quite developed in years. They experienced more than you - correct, and it seems that they will also experience a lot more in future!! - but i also request you, please stay on, you can just benefit from the journey.

Caitlín Keogh said...

I have written in to comment before, but without success. I’m trying again, because I feel so strongly that both sides should be heard.

“The violence which we chose to adopt was not terrorism. We who formed Umkhonto were all members of the African National Congress, and had behind us the ANC tradition of non-violence and negotiation as a means of solving political disputes. We believe that South Africa belongs to all the people who live in it, and not to one group, be it black or white. We did not want an interracial war, and tried to avoid it to the last minute. If the Court is in doubt about this, it will be seen that the whole history of our organization bears out what I have said, and what I will subsequently say, when I describe the tactics which Umkhonto decided to adopt.” – Nelson Mandela, Rivonia trial, 1964

To gain a better understanding of who Nelson Mandela is and why he started Umkhonto, go to http://www.anc.org.za/ancdocs/history/rivonia.html and read his full statement at Rivonia Trial.

The information presented here may be correct in parts, but it is presented in such a way that the truth of South Africa’s past and the role Mandela had to play is distorted. I encourage you to understand both sides before you choose where to plant your flag.

Earlier in this thread, someone calls for the removal of Nelson Mandela’s statue. I say, go ahead. Replace it with another statue of Queen Victoria who sent her armies on a massacre through Southern Africa. Here, she approved the slaughter of more than 24000 women and children in concentration camps. That’s not even taking into account the soldiers killed in combat or the as yet unaccounted for number of African lives sacrificed in the conflict. In the name of the Queen, all that was done in the space of just three years. It’s appears one man’s queen is another man’s terrorist too.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Well Catlin

I have no idea what happened to your earlier "attempts" to post, however, you have been permitted to post your alternative view,and chant the sanitised ANC approved version of history and even link to Mandela's self serving little diatribe.

Just how often do you think that a similar tolerance is granted to alternative views on one of the legion Mandela worshiping sites, where views similar to yours are repeated without end?.

You concede that there is truth "in parts" of what I wrote but then accuse me of distortions before posting more of the ANC party line, and, no doubt fail to appreciate the irony.

I am content to leave the truth of what I wrote to become clearer with the passing of time.

As to what you posted, if the ANC indeed had a "history of non-violence" they were about as successful in that as they have been in running South Africa.

alanorei said...

The many necklace killings that Mandela's followers inflicted on their (black) political opponents is a big step from non-violence.

What caused the ANC to take that step?

And since the ANC is now in charge, and 'truth and reconciliation' now prevails, supposedly, why the ongoing farm murders?

How can they be part of this t & r process?

Anonymous said...

On Sarah`s comments on what Caitlin wrote just the following:
At least we get a more balanced viewpoint from Caitlin, but what Sarah mentioned at the end is very very true: Bottomline of everything should be the outcome:The ANC themselves decided that the Learning ciriculums at scool determining what our children should be taught must be outcome - based. So please, practice what you preace - stick to outcomes and judge according to that!

Anonymous said...

It`s really a pity that Mantloko made the choice of rather running away than taking his stand – he might prefer to rather leave the option to members of this forum to be under the impression that he might just have a point.

My own father used to say:
“Some people might have good hearts, but sometimes their legs carry them faster”

Treene can say nothing but spit out a few bitter words and let me think of the the legendary boxer Muhamed Ali who use to say “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – quickly delivers his wears and left.

Adriaan with very little imagination and even without knowledge and experience of the good old years of Apartheid which left him totally mindless, never mind narrow – minded!

Anybody even able to be so ridiculous to compare the peaceful and prosperous times of Apartheid with the chaotic close – to – total anergy conditions reigning in SA today is either not aware of what it really was like staying in the old SA or is just to stubborn to recognise the truth.

Aldous Huxley once said:
”Any given event in any part of the universe, has its determining conditions all previous and contemporary events in all parts of the universe”

I hereby wish to say before I continue, that I can at lease back up what I say with 90% written or electronic evidence. Ds. J.D. Kestell quote in his book: “Met die Boerekommando`s” words of Montaigne: “si non `a la mesure des choses, au moins `a la mesure de ma vue” which means “If not really as it happened, then at least as I experienced it”
I am in possession of notes since 1924 which were written by my grandfather on words spoken by J.C. Smuts and Genl. J.B.M. Hertzog. My grandfather himself, being the brother – in - law of J.G. Strijdom. Strijdom (The lion of the North) being the brother of my grandmother on my mother`s side.
South Africa always used to be and extra – ordinary country.To illustrate:

” During the Anlglo Boer - war, two captured British officers were walking along the road with young Deneys Reitz riding along on horse – back. The one officer asked Deneys “ how come you Boers do not realise that you have a hopeless cause? How can you ever imagine you could win this war? Deneys followed with a quote from Dickens. “You see”, followed the officer: “ I told you this is an exceptional country, …here you have a young Boer and he quotes Dickens”

A book written in the UK on “unsolved Mysteries, tells the story of Sharpeville and the story starts like this:”South Africa has had a troubled history since the white settlers arrived.”
How does this sound to the uninformed reader? What a folly.?

The Dutch came here first to plant vegetables – is that not usually a peaceful activity? Who did they meet here first?

Dr. Gustav Preller, a brilliant historian, medical practitioner and author, sketch our history in a way which, if compared to what we see and experience today, it seems the closest to the truth you might ever imagine.

One big myth has it that the black people from Africa were living peaceful in Africa. The birds were singing in the sky while they were sitting under the shady trees, watching their cattle grazing the luscious fields. ………..Then came the Boers who disturbed the “peace”, enslaved the blacks and turned their whole peaceful existence around.

I f we go back to reality, we actually realise that only about 60 – 70 years after Van Reinbeck set foot at the Cape, did any white lay eyes on a real black man. That was close to the Fish River.

As a true fact, the only real indigenous people of this part of Africa are the San or “Busman” (Bushman). And also not the San we know today. We have the Kalahari Bushman and we had the Eastern Cape Bushman who became distinct. The main difference between the two tribes was that the one spoke a language with six “Click – clack” sounds and the other a language with seven “Click – clack” sounds. These are actually also cross – bread San - people and not the original San – tribe.

As a general admitted fact, the first people Van Riebeeck met down South were the Hottentots (khoi – khoi)– and particularly those led by Harry. Very few people actually know that there also were different Hottentot groups, like for instance the “Tabaksdiewe” or “Tabacco thieves”
On the second day after Van Riebeeck started building the Fortress at the Cape, the workers had to stop their activities to keep these two groups of Hottentots apart! They were involved in a deadly battle against each other.

So, is it irrelevant to ask who were the first real peacemakers in Southern Africa?

When were the first killings recorded in Southern Africa? Is rightful to say it was the vice – king of Portugal D` Almeida? – Again, not white on black, but black on white. D` Almeida was killed with approximately sixty of his men by the Hottentots.
Late in the 20th Century, a certain black American journalist visited Africa to search his roots. He wanted to see what his “mother” Africa was like. After visits to several African countries, he fled back to America after only three months. The wrotten corpses floating in the water only a few yards from where people were doing their laundry, drinking the water from the same source, really scared him off. He never wanted to return to his so – called “mother” Africa again.!!

But, what is the real problem with Africa? Why do investors say that if you invest anywhere else in the world, even in Asia,, after five years, clear growth can be recognised – but in Africa you see nothing of this! – Your invested money had disappeared into a bottomless pit!
Has it got something to do with the history of Africa? Why is it that south of the Sudan, the history of the black people could not be traced back for more than 300 years? Is it maybe due to the fact that Africa virtually has no History at all. Africans claim an idyllic Gondwana – land, a place so wealthy that the people stayed in glass – palaces. Their dogs had golden necklesses.Where are the remains of this?
They claim they wrote their history on rocks – where are the rocks? – washed away by rivers and streams? Where are the ruins of the beautiful buildings they claim to have built? The only well preserved ruins are those found in Zimbabwe, and those are more likely to have been built by white people with chinese influence. Even the queen of Skeba had been linked to these ruins.

At Rooiberg in SA, remains of an old mining shaft were discovered, proving that there should have been mining operations undergoing in this part of the country long before the arrival of the black people. The nature of the excavations made and the manner in which it was planned and undertaken were more advanced than even black people are capable of today!

But the most interesting of all is the description of the word “caffre” or “caffer” I found in the
“Oxford Pocket Dictionary of 1965”

It describes people who are natives from Cafristan in Asia. That also confirms what my mother used to tell me since I was a boy – that the black people originate from the large lakes of Asia.

I explained the meaning of the word “caffre” to many black people in SA and were they surprise to get to know that there is no real negative connotation to this word – no only the stigma which they themselves were responsible for.

Still today, they continue to write there own CV and ensure that their testimonials are not good!
To return to poor old “misunderstood” Madiba who made the wrong choice by choosing the communists as sleeping partners. I just wonder why he is seen on video singing instigating songs about killing whites with an uproaring mob at a funeral. When the words were not clearly audible, the under scripts clearly spelled out the words they were singing. It was surely not only Peter Mokaba who prospered the words “kill a farmer, kill a Boer” – no “peaceful “ Madiba shares the same sentiments, make no mistake.

And then there was poor old Winnie the “mistreated” queen of scandals and murder. She herself said the famous words which let us think about words once spoken by another queen,nl. Mary Antoinette. The only difference was that Mary Antoinette paid dearly for her misfortune, but lucky Winnie came scot - free from her part in the murder of the young activist – boy Stompie Sipei. Her famous words were” with matches and tyres, we will liberate this country” – and as a result of these words many of thousands lost their lives. And Mantloko sees her as a martyr!!

And so ironically, me, born with all the freedom for which these people were willing to kill others, never indulged in making use of the most valuable “freedom” among all considered – the right to vote. No, I have never exercised this “freedom” for the simple reason that my responsible nature prevented me to vote simply because I never saw anybody fit to vote for.
“The cross you make is the cross you will bear”

My hands are thus clean of what is going on in my country and therefore I would rather use my freedom of speech – to speak the truth!!

One scandal on the other followed of which the consequences even poor old Madiba with his durability couldn`t stand. Then he swopped this “noble” wife of his for the widow of another African “hero” nl. Gracha, the wife of the “saviour” of Mozambique ,Samorra. Yes, he “saved” this once mecca of tourism in Southern Africa to African tradition.He changed Mozambique into the most poorest country in the world!! Just as honourless as the brilliant Mugabe of whom Ian Smith said ” He is an apostle of satan”. But poor Ian was “wrong “ and had to wait almost 30 years before he words were proven correct. And as cruel as live can be, he died soon afterwards.

An when Samorra`s plane crashed over SA. It again were the whites who were accused of changing beacons which caused the plane to crash. The best would be to rather have blamed it on Apartheid.

But nobody knew which words were uttered a few weeks before the crush when Samorra said “where is God, I dare Him to take my life”. And when his ripped apart body was lying there on South African soil, God proved that he does not let Him be dared!!

This “liberation” idea of the blacks is really a very strange phenomenon to me as me, as a white “Boere Afrikaner”, was born with this “freedom” which blacks were willing to burn other people alive for.

My “freedom” was earned after a bitter and long battle with some of the cruelest black tribes in the world and also after battles with the most supreme power in the world for a long period, nl. Britain.
Let us be honest with ourselves – The whites in SA had done a lot to establish Christianity in SA. So did the British in many other African Countries.

The Afrikaner nation as such. Lost their way. As soon as the gambling and other “freedoms” were allowed, They lost their focus completely and they just have themselves to blame for the condition of SA.
But, two wrongs not make a right. That does not grant any other group the right to take the gap and to even do much more wrong in the name of “Freedom”

With the elections in 1994 the motto was “ let the will of the people conquer” According to the Bible it should be the will of God conquering!

The blacks were totally blind and went mad on their so called “freedom”, which at the end of the day only seems to be a elution on the horizon and they might find themselves to be much more bounded by chains today. Desmond Tutu was one of the best examples of the “gone wild” prominent figures. This bishop who admits his favourite drink is Brandy and coke has done nothing more than proof the joke they are busy with.

When I explain the history of SA to the Zambians, they thank me and say” Thank you sir, “you have enlightened us - we never knew the truth”

One thing nobody should forget is that although the white Afrikaner had done much to earn his present agony, the nucleus of the nations is still very deeply religious and possesses an account to be paid by whoever was responsible for their maids being used as prostitutes and sex – slaves by Nigerians and other foreign people who were allowed to enter the country, creating conditions in which this conditions flourishes and all they can think of is their own greed and “privileges” which they cannot prove to ever have earned!

Bottomline said...

Mantloko's incisive social comments written in 1990 are as valid today(possibly more so)as they were then. SACP rhetoric continues to spawn acolytes and followers amongst the so called "working class". Cliched pseudo-revolutionary claptrap issuing forth from big-mouthed, pin-headed unionists and political wannabees is finding fresh audience appeal from among the uneducated and the working class who, though gainfully employed, imagine themselves to be the oppressed and exploited victims of colonialism, capitalism, imperialism and any other "-ism" except communism/socialism.
The anarchy that has been simmering in this lawless society(our police force and criminal justice systems are a joke) for the past decade is being fueled by an emerging groundswell of real,perceived and artificially engineered discontent. Regrettably in SA,Mandela's magic has worn thin and the bubble of the post 1994 euphoria has burst. The unionists and their socialist mentors/masters are filled with indignation and anger, directed against the ever evil and greedy capitalists and their captains of industry.
The "revolution" must therefore continue . There are so many socialist hotheads just too eager to inflame imagined grievances, primal instincts and tribalism to foment the necessary social and labour unrest and violence to achieve this goal.
Conditions today are more conducive to tyranny and revolt than they ever have been since the fall of the former government.
Given the internecine struggle within the ANC(Mbheki vs Zuma camp)and the SACP and COSATU carried out at the expense of the welfare of the country's people and Economy coupled with the looming specter of a president(JZ?) who cannot even manage his own passions let alone a nation....!
We can only pray....for divine(or foreign)intervention because there is apparently no one in Government who can.
And so....the exodus continues unabated, as both whites and non-whites with the means and the mobility, head for foreign lands where they seek, law, order, job-opportunities void of affirmative action or tokenism, better education,economic stability,responsible government,and a life filled with the hope of a better future.
Oh South Africa ...how you need to be blessed.... Nkosi sikelele.....
Mantloko I hope that you are willing to stay here and help us avert a looming crisis.

Anonymous said...

May God have mercy on Sarah Maid of Albion and all admirers racist souls>

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Jason

That is really sweet of you, but I'll take my chances, and trust that God knows the truth when He reads it!


God's girl said...

There are many valid points in this blog, however, the credibility of the girl.. er.. the maid (we had a maid called Sarah - she ate off tin crockery lest we caught her black germs - tubercolosis was of serious concern due to the lack of health care for blacks)..

Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison for crimes that today, recieve a couple of years, or perhaps a good behaviour bond!! (Look at the Bali Bombers!!)

Why shoud he be continually tried for crimes that he's served time for - and then some!? And what would whites do if their people were oppressed, controlled, denied even basic human rights (such as walking across, or sitting in a park!?), what would whites do if their women went to live in a backroom without warm water, let alone a shower, in a room away from their own children, to cook for, clean for, babysit for and often have sex with the white husband of the family she'd be working for, for slighty-higher-than-slave wages?? Only to be called a kaffir or referred to as "the girl" or "my girl"?

World class health care and education?? There was nothing world class about the health care for black people and in South Africa and to make such suggestions are outlandish and ignorant, to say the least. Ask the many doctors who were interns at hospitals such as the Baragwanath and Johannesburg General Hospitals and you'll hear a different - a true - account. As for the education, well in a country with a population with millions of black people, one would think that the most schools would have been in the townships. Not so. In fact, most people didn't have access to education, certainly not textbooks for every child, and most certainly not in their native language which, given that South Africa is an AFRICAN country with the majority of people speaking a language other than English and Afrikaans, the least that could have been offered was adequate resources in their native tongue, as well as English and Afrikaans as 2nd and 3rd languages (as an English white South African, my lessons and textbooks were in English, except in Afrikaans which was taught as a second language, and Zulu, which was taught as a third language!)

In the Cape Flats area of Cape Town, primary school children had to cross 6 lanes of traffic on the National Freeway to get to their closest primary school. No pedestrian crossing there. But the casualties were worth the risk for the little children desperate to receive an education! Sadly, when it came time to give blacks the power they hadn't had, people were thrust into jobs for which they had not proper education (thanks to the apartheid regime) and so began the next chapter of hell in South Africa. Suddenly oppressed people are given credit cards, mercedes benz and Director positions and are expected to know how to manage these 'perks'? And then they're chastised because they make a mess of it!!

Nothing about Apartheid was good, unless you were white, and even that is arguable. Whites grew up to believe they were superior to black people and brought up to hate them. They were denied a share in their African culture and denied having friends of different races. Then suddenly, they were thrust into a situation where they had to work with, study with and hang out with black people which they had no knowledge of how to do, because they had always been brought up to believe one thing, now the new laws said another!

The Apartheid regime purposefully oppressed black people. Who would work as the labourers for the white people if the black people were indeed given a proper education?

To suggest that the Apartheid regime was 'better' is ridiculous. Ask the children who were brought up in townships by the 'community' whilst their mothers worked for white people in a place they weren't allowed after dark and their fathers served time in prison for petty thievery - the result of hunger and unemployment. Those 'children' are now adults, many of whom are avenging what their forefathers were subjected to, and our forefathers - the Hendrik Verwoerds of a white South Africa, are dead and in hell whilst the whites, many of whom grew up to vote for the democratic party and fight for the rights of blacks, are the victims of the sins of the fathers - passed down, and now forced to go into exile to save their lives and the lives of their children.
Whilst the ANC has made the biggest botch up of South Africa, and Thabo Mbeki and his corrupt government (a trait of South African government) have much to answer for - more to answer for than Hendrik Verwoerd, and whilst it's true that they have not been good stewards of their leadship, it cannot be denied that Apartheid, for all intents and purposes, was an horrendous regime and that attacking a man who fought for freedom and served a lifetime for it, reveals an individual who might have a razor-sharp tongue, but who's opinions are subjective and highly flawed.

at the end of the day, 2 wrongs don't make a right. Whether it be the apartheid regime or Thabo Mbeki's corrupt and ill-equipped government, neither is right and so neither can be defended.

At the end of the day, 2 wrongs don't make a right. the Apartheid regime was wrong and so is everything that has happened since Thabo Mbeki came into power.

Lastly, if your ridiculous take on Nelson Mandela isn't enough to reveal your ignorance, your last bit of credibility (you did make some very valid points) was all but removed when making comments about Mandela's attire.

African Australian

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Welcome God's girl

It is interesting to read another perspective, but I think you are guilty of some fundamental "misunderstandings".

I don't think anyone is calling for Mandela to be continually tried for crimes he has served time for, certainly I amnot. What I seek is that the world acknowledge those crimes and cease to portray him as some martyred and innocent saint, which he most certainly is not.

Mandela remained in prison for 27 years because he refused to renounce violence, and I am afraid that I do not consider the violence, murder, torture and terrorism practised by Mandela and his ANC as easy to excuse as you obviously do.

As far as health care is concerned, irrespective of the hygiene precautions your family took in relation to your maid servant, it is a fact that the largest hospitals in the southern hemisphere were built in South Africa to treat South Africa's blacks. The hospital built in Soweto, the name of which escapes me temporarily, was far larger than most European hospitals, and certainly bigger than anything else in Africa.

Under Apartheid child mortality rates in South Africa were not far below Western levels, especially by comparison with the rest of Africa. The same applied to general health care.

Even you can not deny that standards if health care and child mortality are infinitely worse under the current regime and getting worse by the day.

I will accept your story of the poor Cape flats children stranded on the wrong side of a six line highway from their nearest primary school, even those it sounds sufficiently contrived to feature in the UK schools curriculum and you provide no back up to your claim. However, bad town planning exists in Düsseldorf, Dorking and Denver, and the fact remains that education was provided to everyone, which is progressively not the case now.

As to the rest of what you say, I am sure that many South Africans find it quite insulting when people refuse to hold black people to the same standards as other people.

The impending economic collapse of South Africa is not the fault of the Ancien Régime. It is due to corruption, incompetence and show boating on the part of the current one. If people are not qualified to do a job you provide them with training, you don't kick qualified people out of their jobs and replace them with non qualified people just because they are the right colour.

If you had read my articles properly rather than deciding what you thought I was saying in advance, you would have realised that they were not essays in praise of Apartheid but rather condemnation of what has replaced it. To say that the current situation in South Africa is worse than the Apartheid years, is not to say that Apartheid was “good”, just considerably better than what took its place.

Given that you call yourself an "Australian African" I don't know what company you mix in, however, the average black South African over the age of 35 had a better life under Apartheid than they do now, and they know it. You can trail out all your tired old stories about the iniquities of Apartheid, but that does not change the fact that the current situation is worse.

You end by saying that I lose credibility by attacking Mandela's attire. Am I to assume that I would have gained credibility by describing his shirt as “colourful” rather than “gaudy”, is so clearly you have a unique view on substance.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you "Sarah", for spreading fear, hatred and bitterness at the onset of an era of consciousness. I am sad for you.

Read Eckhart Tolle. Get a life. Be happy.


Anonymous said...

After reading through all of above posts, it became clear that then observing the spectrum of people who posted their ideas, it proves again that “All the world`s a stage and everyone has to play a part in it” The question just arises “who`s role is the sad one”?

Very well reply again Sarah, you do not need any sympathy for surely you are just seeking the truth!!

How about a few more “Razor sharp” words? I suppose the sharpness originates from the truth, for where else just “sharpness” come from? Thanks for that!! If my statements are flawed ,why can no one come up with anything worthwhile to prove me wrong?

Here in Zambia, I was traveling with a black ” friend “ yesterday, looking for the address of some poor people to deliver maize meal which my wife bought for them. These hatered “racists” still at least have some humanity left in them to look after children who did not come into being due to their uncontrolled drifts.

I asked my friend Geophrey – a pure Zambian Bemba : “ Do you realize what the problem in Africa really is”? “No” replied Geophrey. “look at these people walking here in the streets of which not much is left of what the English had brought about and left them” What idea do you get of your own Bemba people”?

Geophrey , unlike most of the others and also those still at home in SA, doesn`t call me “Boss” , but “Sir”

– “Sir”, he replied : “ these people are moving back to the bushes where they cam from” They destroyed almost everything wich they received for free.
The Mining companies are paying $ 25B in taxes monthly as apposed to $5B before and at least the goverment started filling the potholes with sand and rubble.

Luckily, these words were spoken by a purely Bemba person and not by myself as many of my fellow South African citizens had been thrown out of Zambia for less harmfull remarks than this!!!

What to be said about the senior Black manager accompanying me on my first U/G visit in a Zambian mine. He was talking to his subordinates and all of a sudden started swearing……” You Fu…..king bunch of useless niggers”.

What more to say? - I have never in my life talked to any black man like this!!

The same poor naïve senior Zambian citizens were looking at photographs I showed them of the town in Zambia I am living in, taken during the fifties, when still governed by the British.

One remark really let me realize that these people are very good – hearted, but although they are not as violent and aggressive than their SA – counterparts, they are just as child – like!!

- “Look how neat and clean the town used to be in the fifties!!” – but at the same time they are under the impression that they are doing real fine after “kicking out the Whites who “oppressed them so much”

To return to the question I asked Geophrey: “ what is the main problem with Africa”?

Your good president Levy Manawasha had just passed away. His pictures are hanging in every building you can imagine – always smiling!! Yes, he and Kenneth Kaunda achieved something very good – Zambian people are very well behaved and religious!

But two things they never learned:

1) To distribute the wealth to everybody and to develop their infra – structure properly.

2) To learn to control their numbers.(Drifts)

When night falls the streets look like paths filled with squirming ants. Where do all these people come from? “ No Sir, these people can`t control their numbers – they compete with each other in breading. Some have upto 15 children!!”

Yes, and now I am thinking about the situation In SA which can be described so "tragically" by some of the posters.

So many children, so little facilities and…..and…. all the “tragedies” described, without anybody ever asking - who do you think on earth is so noble to supply the same facilities , opportunities, etc. to people who are more in numbers just because they are irresponsibly having their own “pleasures” while others have to supply and develop and nurse and whatever it takes to let people survive???

The Afrikaner is maybe not totally there, but believe me, they came close to being so noble!! If we look at world history regarding the relationship between conquerer and conquered, the “Boere” were surely angels!!

I am just busy reading a book on the history of slavery and believe me even the Dutch who called this cruel practice : “something very evel” and critised the Portugese at first, very soon saw the benefits and even pirated Portugese ships soon, to get hold of these “precious” “ commodities”!!

And during these times of hardship, the black “slaves” living in the apartheid era processed more commodities like TV sets, radios, motor cars etc. than all of their brothers in the rest of Africa north of them altogether!! – also more than the Russians in Communist Russia!! But as my facts are all “flawed” I suppose, even thus should be a lie as well!!

An european woman visiting SA during the Apartheid era made this comment: " But they surely live well - can you believe, they can afford to eat chocalates"???

After all discussions here and especially concerning attacks on the Mandela and his ANC, let`s be honest and see what really showed improvement during the years of their “Democracy”

Unlike most of the “Sympathy” seekers above, I do not believe in closing my eyes for mistakes of my own people – so, to be honest, I have to admit that one thing which I really see as an improvement is the fact that the prices of tobacco and liquor was raised to demotivate consumption of these and also to prohibit smoking in public places – excellent!!!

But unfortunately, this is as far as it goes!! – I have to think very very hard to think about anything else which can be considered as an improvement!!

In general, I see businesses like “sjebeens, brothels and casinos flourishing and yes, before I forget, also lodges with conference facilities of course!!

This is the place where the previously “disadvantaged” get the opportunity to gain some of what they were denied in the past. It is here where those “tragically” “ Misplaced” people who cannot fill the important positions they are “forced” to fill, get some outlet.

Here they gather regularly having very “intelligent” conversations at their “workshops” with laptops open in front of them and the latest best model Nokia and all these latest gadgets in cellp - hone technology in the ear all the time!! You know – very excellent development of people of whom we could say that of all inventions on earth, they invented only “Peanut Butter”

You know how “inferior” us “Boertjies” feel when stopping at a junction or garage and these highly “instantly learned” people look down at you form their “state of the art” SUV`s and shades which let them look even more "intelligent"

And the impression on the face is like the most satisfied you could ever imagine:It is as if they would like to say: “ you know – eventually we show you who really are the top – notch people.”

And so they proceed to their very” highly intelligent” “workshops” where they are to enjoy the best of foods and they will discuss the same issues they started off with five years ago without coming to any conclusion what to say about any solution, while the populace suffers more and more by the day and they spend millions on birthday parties on people like Mandela who should thank the Lord that he spend years in prison , studying for his degree instead of hanging from a rope for his part in treason!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I found your article extremely interesting and eye opening. In fact a view point that I have supported for many years.
Where I am confused is the people posting calling you a racist for expressing your viewpoint. At the end of the day Nelson Mandela issued the warrant to have innocent people killed. Some say the end justifies the means and maybe so, but why make him a saint for doing so. We do not excuse the IRA for doing the same thing, yet we sanctify Mandela.
I also think in alot of ways these people are missng the point and that is quite simply what has Nelson Mandela done that makes the world praise him so. In my opinion absolutely nothing. He was in jail for a reason. Another poster wrote that he has paid for his crimes. Lets see if you would feel the same way if it was your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister etc who had been at the receiving end. However as I believe in forgiveness I tend to agree, but what I cant forgive at this point. Is that Mandela has had so much oppprtunity to stand up to the violence and corruption in this country and what has he done. Absolutely nothing. He had a strong voice that his supporters would have listened too, had he taken a stand. Yet he kept quiet and has continued to do so. Living in the lap of luxury while his "people" are murdered, raped and continue to live in poverty with no electricity or running water. As far as I see all Sarah is trying to say is that Mandela is not what everyone tries to make out and that neither him, his succesor or their party has made SA any better. That certainly does not make her a racist.
I am a white South African, still living in South African. I in no way endorse what the previous government stood for or what they did, But I certainly do not support our current one either.
At the end of the day, whether you be a white or black South African, you cannot ignore the fact that this country has degenerated and neither Mandela, Mbeki nor the ANC have done much to help their "people".
I am just so sad that a country with so much potential to be one of the most successful and richest populations (not just in wealth but with the amazing people we have here) in the world just can't seem to get it right.

Anonymous said...

I would like to continue our journey and at the same time, thank God to hear from another poster who sees the light (Siouxzee)

To help Sarah out on the very large hospital built for the blacks – Baragwanath. I stay about 50Km from this massive hospital and lately, now that many whites cannot afford medical schemes anymore, they are sent there when they need hospitalization as state patients. This hospital is situated close to a very busy national roadway and many car -accidents take place on this road. Myself investigated culpable homicides leading from from car accidents while I was serving in the SAPS . The white people getting injured and in need of critical medical attention are pushed in the corridor and left to die!! And please, anyone who also wish to accuse me of lying here – I can send you the testimonies!!

I wonder whether anyone have been thinking about where all these black people who graduated in SA in the Apartheid era got there degrees from if there had been no universities for them??? ( I can still remember Fort Hare, Universty of the North etc.)

I could remember how the whites managed to get funding to build their schools and churches – they held bazaars and other fund – raising activities in order to achieve this. And the blacks with their uncontrolled numbers? No they are so privileged to stand with begging hands – the “white father” has to provide!!!

God`s girl`s name most certainly indicates that she should be a Christian! The Bible teaches us clearly that living a Christian life, is by no means a life lived in secrecy.

Something in her argument does not make sense at all. – She defends Mandela with all her heart! The Bible also teaches us that a Christian should not be “Double – hearted”

To get facts about Mandela straight:

1) He became known as a communist and communists are generally known as being
2) Nobody can deny that he was a terrorist: he was part of the ANC which had a
violent branch nl. “ Spear of the nation” – I have seen the exhibits from the
Revonia trail – all types of bombs & explosive used to kill people.
3) The ANC was responsible for the station blast with Harris in the sixties– an old woman was killed and a very young Kritzinger – girl had her face destroyed.
4) Then there was the “Church Street “ blast in Pretoria in the eighties where 17 people were killed.
5) The ANC was responsible and involved in several other deeds of terrorism in SA and on our borders – pure terrorism without doubt.

Yes, to many it was a matter of the “purpose justifies the means” - be as it may, but DO NOT attempt to justify these kind of deeds and still call yourself a Christian!!!!!

That is absurd and a blatant lie!!!

As worst scenario, you can at least admit your mistakes and regret your means – then could you be excused of these deeds!!!

But surely not as Mandela who openly admits that he DO NOT regret his deeds and that his “Christianity” is a “private” issue!

You can fool some people sometimes, but not ALL the people ALL the time!!!

No the “poor” old man who did nothing significantly apart from his terrible “suffering” which was so “cruel” that he lived to be ninety years, are walking forward with his fancy clothes and the ever smiling “peaceful” face and every fool in the world adore him!!

No wonder our world is in such a condition!!!! More than 90% of the people living in fool`s paradise!!

God`s girl – let me reveal something about myself that would let you reconsider my “subjectivity”

Those white men you mentioned who couldn`t keep themselves from the black maids – if you get the chance, you may as far as I am concerned “necklace” them all!! I know how many of them exists and I despise of them much more than I could ever imagine of despising black people.

I am in fact a very good friend of all black people I interact with.
But they know, they do not visit me at my home.

Nature always provides good examples to us. At day time, you will see all types of birds eating together on the lands, but take your torch at night and look underneath you roof – you will see they sleep together with there own type!!

Please stop accusing the Afrikaner of racism. The Afrikaner had never succeeded in creating people – only God can! – Rather accuse God then of being a racist and just respect his works.Respect each other, treat the members of other races as you would like to be treated yourselves and stay alive and survive without using the racial issue as an instrument for achieving your own goals!!

You know, my name is surely not Forest Gump, but my mamma used to say that if you get a bad white man, he is surely very very bad!!

She also used to say that whenever integration will take place in SA, it is not a matter of the black people who will raise themselves to the level of the whites – no, it will be the other way around, the whites will lower themselves to the level of the blacks!!

A simple example of this – During the years of Apartheid, it was normal to see white men relieving themselves along the road when traveling, to stand behind a bush or tree. The black people on the other hand used to stand shamelessly in the open doing their business. Lately, the white men do the same – not behind the trees, shamelessly in the open!!

That very same mother of mine one day stopped at two of these white men while shamelessly doing this and confronted them! You should have seen them stopping their activity in an instant – hopefully without injury!!

Our white nation had lost their pride – something which came with integration!!!
God and only God knows the reasons why He wanted different nations – I believe definitely not to hate each other but to respect and support each other while still keeping our own identity.

Be honest and study the “cruel” occurrences from the past. How many of these took place before 1966 and how many happened after??.

The real years of apartheid was from 1948 – 1966. The leaders during this period were serious about the development of black people and they had made good progress despite all the negative propaganda. They added two thirds of the final areas which made out the “homelands” to what historically belonged to black people. They spent millions of Rands in attempts to develop these “homelands”.

That is why the conditions as described in “The Bantu Educational Journal” was so favourable! The growth of blacks was progressing and improving by the year.

Who else could beat the Afrikaner in Africa or any part of the world in providing all necessary living aids to Blacks? Which other country in Africa gets even close to conditions in SA?

But these leaders of this era are labelled to be the villains and the real traitors nl. Vorster, Botha & De Klerk are seen as the hero`s who started the transformation process in changing the circumstances of the blacks. – something which changed yes, but to the worst.

By far, most of the killings on blacks took place under their rule.The reason was that they had not the aim of improving the conditions of the blacks. Their only aim was to hand the country over to communist rule. Their Bank accounts in Switserland did the talking.

Unlike Verwoerd, Strijdom was aware of the left – wing traitors in the midst of the NP and he sorted them out very quickly. Verwoerd, being to ambitious to recognize these people, not having his ear on the ground, he let these traitors flourish. PW Botha who apposed the chances of Strijdom becoming Prime Minister and made the remark: “Don`t worry, he will not live long, then we will get our chance” at the time Strijdom raised to power.Verwoerd offered him a Junior Minister`s job to quiet him.

We all know the story: Verwoerd got killed by people in his own midst because he was not causious enough.By that that time, the NP was already taken over from within and ready to go on the new track that included taking advantage of the poor naïve black man of the country. The black man was just to be the instrument – the playing ball to achieve their goals.

Anonymous said...

Re 'God's Girl'
You write:
"In the Cape Flats area of Cape Town, primary school children had to cross 6 lanes of traffic on the National Freeway to get to their closest primary school. No pedestrian crossing there. But the casualties were worth the risk for the little children desperate to receive an education!"

I know something about the Cape Flats. Name that 'National Freeway'! Name the school. Then tell me how far from the nearest pedestrian bridge across the 'National Freeway' these 'little desperate children' lived. If you are referring to the N2 leading to the formerly named 'D F Malan Airport' then your 'little desperate children' should have used the pedestrian bridges that were caged in to prevent rocks thrown at motor vehicles.

If you are referring to the N1 leading to the Northern Suburbs you are referring to the Windermere shanty town. Then 'your little desperate children were attending white schools. There is not another 'freeway' in CT. Let alone one with six lanes.

Let's have some truth lady.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thank you Plato

When I responded to God's girl I said that I had to accept her word regarding he school children and the freeway, as I couldn't disprove it, however contrived it sounded.

It is good that someone like yourself with local knowledge was able to comment on the claim.


Anonymous said...

I have read most of the comments in earnest.
I too am a South African who has emigrated to greener pastures (USA) at the height of a career in Education in the Western Cape.
I was told by my colleagues that I was crazy and soon would be back.
I went back to collect my belongings and started a new life of hope, safety and sanity. I was lucky.
I found in the USA that they had the same systems of "Apartheid" as South Africa had, but cleverly they had no label.
Still today, children congregate according to their cultural background. You cannot deny that. In fact from the nineties I saw more integration in Cape Town than I have ever seen here in the USA - a Democratic society.
In SA you consciously made friends and found out about the lives of others because of the "Legacy" of Apartheid. Unfortunately with the groups that I come into contact with in the USA, there is a surface of tolerance, but underneath the divisions and separations are impenetrable.
You can be white and English speaking, but you are still classed as dumb and different by your colleagues because you speak "funny" and use words they cannot understand. And because you have overseas credentials you really know nothing. You are denied promotion. When perks come around you are conveniently forgotten about. To me actions speak louder than words. Of course if approached, those parties would completely deny every word.
My point here is that in every society there is first and foremost an impulse for self preservation. Be it the Afrikaner who tried to fit a square peg (English, African etc.) into a round hole, or the wizened Black African who suddenly saw which side his bread was buttered. (Mandela).
The ruling can spew whatever truths and lies they like, but the sadness remains that the ordinary man in the street in any city of the world is the one who suffers the most. Any decent person first and foremost, wants a job, a roof over their head and food in the stomach. At times deep down there comes caring for the neighbour, black or white. It is only when the atrocities committed by political systems that poison that man into thinking otherwise that problems arise and a place goes berserk. The stricter and more dictatorial the political system, the worse the chaos.
The Afrikaner government had two major problems on their hands.
Firstly they had to somehow westernize a culture of about nine different societies that existed on basic means at the same time making the mistake of creating a label of separate development. Secondly they were the minority in control. No matter how good their intentions were, the rest of the world would never understand this unless they actually lived in South Africa and interacted with each society in turn over a number of years.
To boot they were not enamored with the Englishman as a result of the Boer War.
If South Africa was divided into Canton's since the fifties, there might have been some hope for the place. If's are of no value.

As far as the children crossing the highway - schools were built within communities on either side of the two main highways in the Western Cape, and there is no way that children can cross these busy roads during peak hours due to the dense traffic. Cape Town is full of "Taxi's - panel vans" that transport the community. Since 1990's, children do not ride bicycles in the streets because these are stolen from them in broad daylight. Schools in densely populated areas are within walking distance for many pupils.
This changed when the ANC bussed settlers from the Eastern Cape to over populated communities in the Western Cape to vote them in. All hell broke lose because they just dumped the people in areas with no running water, sanitation or schools and the poor souls had to suddenly live on fresh air.
Peaceful communities (white and coloured) up the West coast were suddenly inundated with thousands (yes thousands) of Xhosa who could not speak either English or Afrikaans begging for work, stealing and trying to find the next morsel of food. Some areas had rolling wheat fields one day, and the next day you travelled down the same road those fields were covered either with makeshift structures called houses or cement block structures that looked like out houses.
I spoke to some of the community representatives who could speak English. They told me that they were bitterly disappointed with their relocation. They were promised work and a house and a school for their children. This was unbearable and they were saving money to go back to the Eastern Cape where at least they had their home, cattle and a bit of land. They did not know their new neighbours and could not trust anyone. The townsfolk were most unfriendly towards them, and could not communicate with them, they found they were also poor.

This made our socialists very happy!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous are just about 100% correct in what he is saying.

What can we say about the "caste" system in India where some populace are not even allowed to communicate with the elite.

Maybe it will become clear now why the homeland system seemed a solution for SA where the tribes were allocated land, received financial aid as well as moral support to develop themselves.

But working hard and biting the bullet was not part of their plans.The short cut to SUV`s shades and laptops ran through white man`s territary.

Even the whites - do not throw away these descendants of pioneers.They also messed up their legacy left by hard - working predecessors, that is why they adore Mandela so much - he was the means by which they could escape a past they could not identify with becuase they were not willing to fight the same war which their predecessors had to fight and which brought them success.

Anonymous said...

The name is Mbeki, you dumb white shit. Check all your errors before telling others to do so.

Anonymous said...

Is it just not saying it all, this idiotic comment from "Mbeki" ?

Is he not just saying it all - arresting the case?

will it be biased now to say but, that is typical??

There is something myself and not my mama used to say: "Be very aware of the intelligent barbarian - he is the most dangerous"!!

Anonymous said...


I resent that you'd actually dispute the 40-1 thing mentioned by Sarah. I was there too. I saw how my mates restrained themselves in battle when petrol bombs were being tossed in our direction. How they let many of your people go even when caught trying to kill someone (their own to top it). Because they knew what would happen to them if they were to be taken prisoner. It's this kind of rubbish you spew that sickens me to the stomach. The thanks we got. For what?

Some of us aren't leaving this place you know? Even if it kills us. And it probably will many of us. Yes we know what the game plan is, and we're waiting. There's no more fear. We're numb. There is only anger now.

Anonymous said...


i really think you should do some more background reserach or spend some more time with the gogos that clean your house (if you live in South Africa) because some of the things you wrote are simply misinformed and it's so dangerous that many equally misinformed white South African actually believe what you write.

Just do us a favour: spend less time with disgruntled white South Africans and give this country some credit because this is a place where things are happening and moving forward.

To claim that black and white children received the same 'world class' healthcare and education under apartheid is simply WRONG and plain DANGEROUS.

Read a bit more (not just book written by disgruntled white South Africans) and go and live in equally violent countries like Brazil and Mexico where the same problems as South Africa - unequal distribution of wealth and unequal access to education and other basic services - are to blame for the country's cronic violence rather than the end of Apartheid.

Your blog is just a nice cover for someone who'd love to move back (or live) in an Apartheid South Africa where you would served a revered simply for being white and despite having limited intellectual capabilities.

Oh, and I'm not surprised you decide not to publish this comment.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi "Anonymous"

Actually I try to publish everything which is not either illegal, threatening or abusive.

I was happy to publish your post as if it proves anything it is that there are none so blind as those who see things only as they wish to see them.

I am sure that in ten years time, probably a lot sooner, even you will realise how wrong you are, but I wont waste my time waiting for an apology.

Take care, as everyone in modern South Africa needs to.

Anonymous said...


I suppose you also refer to me as being as a “disgruntled” white. What you mean by that only you will know as I am definitely not speaking from a loosing position. I overcame all the unfairness which is at the order of the day against white Afrikaans people in SA. I am a successful mining engineer, possessing two farms in SA and five business partners in Zambia.I have no reason to feel inferior or to expose any bitterness. Against all odds and with my principals and viewpoints still intact, I am a successful white Afrikaner with laptops, shades and SUV`s.

If you have a balanced and unbiased view on realities in SA, you will realise that the white Afrikaner had been, since it`s origin, the biggest victim of discrimination in SA and throughout the world. That is what made us such a tough nation – we fight our battles, even if it means fighting against overwhelming odds!!
Unlike the blacks who make use of unfair means like sympathy seeking, employment equity, affirmative action, Black economic empowerment etc. to gain their survival.

Talking about intelligence, how could you expect equal distribution of wealth without equal contribution, equal brain capacity etc. ?

Why do you contribute to this forum anonymously? – does it reveal anything else but you being a meaningless coward?

Appreciate the fact that Sarah allows you on the forum and I bet you will go the same way than the others – just leave a silly comment and run!!

Why not attempt to argue some of the multiple facts mentioned on this blog!!

Simply because you cannot!!

Anonymous said...


After reading the comment from Anonymous again I feel responsible to cast some more light on the real situation in South Africa of the present day.
Somewhere in between the “disgruntled” whites and the "spoiled" blacks in SA, the truth lies, so clear and defined - like you said, for people to who are not deliberately as blind as those who refuse to see.

Like anonymous truly remarked – “SA, the place where things happens. Why do things happen here?, in the past and even still today?

The blacks with their limited insight, at least realised one thing, and that is that it wouldn`t pay to virtually chase all the whites from SA like they did in most of the other African countries developed by whites.

The reason was twofold – firstly, they realised that the Boers did not even backed - off for the British – and they proved themselves in the past to be the losing party against the Boers in almost all encounters they had.

Secondly, they wish to live the luxurious life while they know that they will not be able to maintain that status quo without the Boers still being the driving force behind the prosperity in the country.

So, their so - called very “generous” and highly praised “lenient” attitude towards the whites is actually nothing more than a very sly and calculated strategy to reap what they did not plant. – to enjoy what they do not really deserve.

Us in SA were very concerned about the deterioration of the infra – structure in our country in general.
While being a policeman I one day did my best to prevent an old man bleeding to death after a car accident caused by a pothole in the road.

After 1994 many of the roads became very dangerous to travel on, it became almost impossible to have a landline on a farm as the copper - containing cables had been stolen continuously. Hospital services at government hospitals turned into a nightmare and all services in general were deteriorating at great margins.

This was a time when whites were leaving the country in great numbers, as the fear of loosing jobs and the fact that white farmers were killed by thousands was creating a feeling of insecurity amongst the weak – hearted.

The first time I returned from Zambia and touched down at “Jan Smuts” airport, I couldn`t believe what I was seeing – the contrast to return from a messed - up Zambia and to see a place not only developed by whites, but also maintained by them despite the fact that for the last fourteen years the country was ruled by blacks, was something impossible to describe in words.

Yes, SA is still by far the best in Africa! – not because like the clown Anonymous reasons, due to the fact that it is ruled by blacks – no, because there are more whites in executive positions today than before 1994!!

We took a serious dip and the effect of that, though far less than in Zimbabwe and Zambia and Malawi for example, would be felt for decades to come. But with the driving force of whites getting momentum again, the “unprivileged” executives being shoved to where they belong and the whites realising that “ohuru” was postponed due to the fact that most blacks temporarily forgot their ideologies and rather went for the “good life” which was “reserved”only for whites before.

It might just show us how deep their ideology really goes as it is forgotten very easily on site of the nice carrot hanging on the horizon.
They might be thinking of getting the missed American Dream here in Africa themselves. – and that by harvesting the hard work of others!!

Mbeki (hope it is spelled correctly as I noticed that at least black are becoming aware of vocabulary) , was an ideologist, more than the others and looked what happened to him!!! – sacked!!!
As a communist he was surely opposing their “good life”

Ian Smith said two important things:
1. Robert Mugabe is an apostle of satan.
2. The whites will rule in Southern Africa for a thousand years to come.

The first statement should not be argued by any clear – thinking person for anyone still attempting to blame old Bob`s blunders on the whites, should surely be declared insane!

The second statement might seem to be totally wrong as Rhodesia had been ruled for almost 30 years now by blacks and SA for almost 15 years!

I we really search between the lines, study the prophesies and just make simple conclusions, it should be quite clear that in modern times the conscience of the world can only be stretched upto a certain amount.
Apart from Bob, what about the Amins, Bokassas, Bandas, to mention just a few insane African leaders.
Only Namibia and Botswana shows limited success as far as successful government is concerned – what about the rest – total and serious failure!!!

In SA at least, the failure of the chaotic ANC government just grants us the advantage that we never again will have to explain why a minority rules a majority!!

In the light of all these true facts and with blacks (especially the very poor and undeveloped) tasting the advantages of prosperity brought by whites more and more by the day – and by them realising that black ideology only goes as far as the “ fat cats`s” “good life” benefits, the wheel is turning, and not slowly, towards reality and that white rule of a messed – up and very seriously spoiled Africa with massive unutilised potential is inevitable!!

Unknown said...

I am not sure who you are Sarah... but please be aware that if it were not for Mandela South Africa would have been thrown into a civil war that would have made all the killings in South African history seem like and appetiser. I served in the SADF while Mandela was in prison and was serving a camp when he was release... at the time I properly would have volunteered to shoot him. Later I was called up for another camp just before the elections to serve... I discovered some very scary information and can tell you that thanks to Mandela many many people are alive today who would not have been if he was such a monster.
Did he do wrong? Yes!
Has he shown that he has risen above so much? Yes!
Is South Africa a better place because of the example he set? Yes!
Mandela I would protect now with my life and many many have seen that it is not the actions of the past which make a man... it is the actions of the present.

Anonymous said...

APRIL 2010
With al the blah blah above, where ae we today? Mandela aint no Saint, thats the truth.,Why don't he stop his caders murdering the Boers? Why don't he shut Malems up? Why don't he stop die raping of South Africa's economy? I will tell you why, It is because he can't! He, together with is corrupt ANC Comrades is picking the fruits of of what the White " wrotten muderderous Boers" has created in South Africa. Without the whites,South Africa will go down the drain within a coule of short years as the rest of Africa. Look at the Mandela's place of birth and for that matter,the part of the country where all the blacks come from? What have they built, created, established in their lives, planted, developed as far as Agriculture, Factories, Economy, ah what the hell, I can go on and on for ever. They have done nothing !! They have taken over a Christian country by means of numbers and now they are ruining it big time.They are milking the cow dry. It will die soon enough. The ANC Govt is ruining our Country in every aspect. They are selling off our base minerals, selling off our National assets and Govt Parastatels all for their shortsighted future to put a much money in ther pocketts as they can. Problem is, what is going to happen when there is no more to steal, no more cows to milk with exorbitant taxes etc? Where are the going the get the money to survive? Wake up WORLD !! It is a bottomless pit you're puring your money in. It will become just another part of history . Where is wonderfull Portugese Angola, North and South Rhodesia today? Messed up by them They cannot Govern, control, look after their poor, create anything or build a country like the Whites have done in 300 years. We bought land,developed it into a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY whilst the World made us an outcast and initiated boycotts due to so-called apartheid. Christian faith and beliefs has prevented a mojor genocide and civil war in South Africa , but the WORLD out there is too blind to see what is happening now.They are to scared to do anything about the total destruction of Southern Africa and the killing of the Boers and white people who has built the part of Africa for what it was. The ANC and the ANCYL wants the White man out of the country which they got for free and they WILL kill on massive scale to achieve their idiotic goals. The World wants to wait till there is nothing left and then move as the BIG SAVIOUR to claim our minerals and gold for their own pocketts and profit. How can they ever repay? Never? Why, because they cannot generate profit to pay back. They can only collect from them who can create and who are willing to take the responsability to build and create wealth.
It is time fo the WORLD to wake up and face the truth. You're trying to fill a useless , bottomless pit by supporting the African countries who cannot care for themselves.
We are fighting a lost case politically, the only thing that will work , is brute force and a full scale Civil war where the Whites will have to take back what is rightfully theirs and it is bound to come if intervenstion by the WORLD is not going to come forth and quick too. The above needed to be said and those in power better take note. Do not wait till its too late.
The whites in South Africa has had enough.
What did Julius Malema do to a Brittish journalist in public during a interview the other day? He was called a thing and a bastert. Did he deserve that? Cetainly not. That is what they are and what they think about the WORLD and the whites. That includes you in Europe, believe you me.
Watch South Africa, the next Boer War is on our doorstep if the WORLD is not going to intervene NOW. Need to say no more, you all know what I am am talking about and need to realise the seriousness of the matter. The so-called "Boers" is ready and we are not afraid. God be with and Bless South Africa.