Thursday, 3 July 2008

The territory and what goes with is

I wonder when politicians (including mayors) are going to figure out what has been quite obvious to the rest of us for some time. They can please SearchLite and their bosses in Common Purpose, and appoint more members of the ethnic minority community into positions of power and influence, or they can have an administration which will not be beset with allegations of electoral fraud, past sexual and financial misconduct, and corruption. They will never achieve both!

We become more like a third world Banana Republic by the day!


mariner said...

What do you by "more like a Banana Republic?" We ARE a banana republic. We have no control over our borders, policy is dictated to us, we have a political class so far removed from its electorate with its snout in the trough and no political will to do anything except line their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

Sarah wrote: "I wonder when politicians (including mayors) are going to figure out what has been quite obvious to the rest of us for some time."

You still don't get it. The politicians figured it out long ago. The truth is, that the politicians want to have a corrupt administration. The politicians want Britain to become a third world country.The destruction of Great Britain is done intentionally by the politicians.

bernard said...


I'm glad you write the way that you do because it doesn't come across as a rant, which is quite difficult to achieve these days, considering the racially aggravated pressure that Britain in under. You must spend a lot time composing your pieces, to get them balanced.
I feel pretty sure however, that the political elite KNOW that the black & brown races have contributed precious little to the over-all benefit of Western society. Music and athletics is about all that is quoted in this context, and that could have been enjoyed anyway, whether they were here or not.
No-one dares says this in the public arena, not because it would give offense, but because of what it would unleash in the majority of the population ie. riot & lawlessness. Governments crumble when that happens.
It came very close in 1968 when Powell made that speech, which is why he was 'exiled' to NI in the closing years of his political career. (The US had widespread race riots in the same year remember).

Keep posting the way you do. It's a gentle reminder of the intractable fix we are all in.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Pardon the interruption ... looks like the blogsite - " Why South Africa Sucks " has been shut down again .

Flanders Fields said...

It is that all of our Western countries be reduced to the status of Bananna Republics which is the overall goal of our enemies. Common Purpose and similar change agents are a manifestation of the successful assault against the British people at the higher levels of British politics and society. Now, the result is an assault on the people through control of the regional and local levels of Britain.

Establishing a network for a totalitarian police state apparatus similar to the Stassi of East Germany is an important goal for our international enemy - the Marxists.

Good site, Sarah. I came across it by accident, but I will be back. You are doing good work.

Flanders Fields said...

I forgot to mention, in my earlier comment, that I had come by in order to let you know that I did a post utilizing one of your fine articles.

That is transnational-enemies-within in case the comment editor garbles it.

Anonymous said...

What else can you expect from someone who just 5 minutes ago came off the banana boat. although kemal johnson the Turk will be pleased, the genocide of the British is after all his mission.