Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mogadishu on our streets - an update

Back in May I wrote an article entitled Mogadishu on our Streets which, like a number of my postings, focused on the disproportionate level of violent crime committed by black teenagers.

Proof of what I was saying, and what most people know to be true, appeared in the Daily Mail this week when they published details from a confidential Scotland Yard Report which showed that black youths are suspected of more than half of knife crime among children in London.

Indeed in one three month period between 1st April and 30 June 2008 more than twice as many black youths (124) were either accused or had action taken against them for knife crime than whites (60) whereas in the same period whites were almost four times as likely to be the victims as blacks (222 next to 61)

Given that black people apparently make up 11% of the population of London compared to whites who make up 70%, I think any mathematicians amongst you will confirm that this means that blacks are 13 times more likely to commit knife crime than whites are.

I am being conservative here, if the figures reflected the overall population demographic of Britain the difference would be around 90 times.

As the news stories tumble in, the apologists for multi-culturalism can no longer claim that black youths are being disproportionately prosecuted by the police, as those claims no longer stack up.

The evidence of what is happening to this country is becoming clearer by the day, and just imagine what would happen if those in power do manage to achieve the uncontrolled levels of immigration they so dearly crave.

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"The right of self-defense is the first law of nature; ... when the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction." - Henry St. George Tucker, Blackstone's "Commentaries on the Laws of England (1768)

Benny said...

I agree with your figure of blacks being about 13 times more likely than whites to commit knife crime.

Boris Johnson is on record as stating that knife crime is colour blind, when similar figures were put to him by GLA member Richard Barnbrook. Strangely, the Met Police have already conceded that gun crime is NOT colour blind because they created the Operation Trident initiative a few years ago, whose remit is to investigate gun crime in the black community (whatever that might be).

Simply put, violent crime in Britain is much higher than it would have been if we had not opened up our borders to black immigrants. Yet at no stage have I been asked whether or not I wanted black immigrants here and no one can provide a convincing argument as to why we needed them in the first place.

It is clear that the only beneficiaries of immigration to the UK - whatever their ethnic origin - are the immigrants themselves. said...

Kevin V. writes:

I've been following your latest series of posts on this topic with great interest, because, as with much of what you write about, this particular issue is one that transformed me from a leftist to a traditionalist who believes strongly that race does matter.
I remember when I was in college hearing of a Stanford student named Amy Biehl who had been killed by a black crowd in one of the townships in South Africa. She had gone there to help. Since my roommate at the time was a South African graduate student, I had been receiving a great education about current events there. Even though he was a liberal, he explained to me why Biehl's activities were near suicidal in nature.

It was the television reports that got to me. I remember very clearly watching the ABC News reports on the trial of the men who had stoned and stabbed Biehl to death as she begged for her life. The courtroom was packed with the relatives and friends of the accused, who had to be admonished by the judge over and over to maintain order during the proceedings. The ABC newsman focused on one dramatic event during that day's testimony. As a witness for the prosecution described in detail Biehl's begging while a knife was being driven into her chest down to the hilt, the black women in the crowd began to laugh and perform a mocking ululating while a few performed mock begging motions. The black men yowled in glee and the entire courtroom broke out into hysterics as the black crowd mocked this white girl's final moments.

Sitting in the courtroom, fresh from lily-white and very wealthy Newport Beach, California, were Biehl's parents, Linda and Peter Biehl. The news report then cut to an interview of the parents after the day's testimony, in which they declared that understood the anger of the crowd and that their fondest hope was that their daughter's murder trial would lead to an opportunity for reconciliation and forgiveness. It was seeing this despicable reaction that made me realize that what I was seeing around me in Berkeley was, in fact, true: there is no black depravity against whites that white liberals will not excuse or forgive. We have it coming. Even our own daughters have it coming.

In case you think that this was an instance of shell-shocked parents not thinking clearly, I should note that the Biehls have gone on to form a charity, the Amy Biehl Foundation, which "continues Amy's work in South Africa." The website of Beyond Intractability, which describes itself as a site dedicated to finding "more constructive approaches to destructive conflict," has this report on Linda Biehl from December, 2005:

Eventually, Peter and Linda quit their jobs in California and started a South African organization, running after-school programs and small businesses in the townships.
"We had already determined that Amy was killed during a very violent time, but there was still violence. It was mostly economic-based, there were no schools. We wanted to help make functional young people," says Linda.

In 1997, Desmond Tutu created the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Created to deal with the horrors of apartheid, the TRC allowed perpetrators of racial crimes to receive amnesty for a full confession. Victims could also receive reparations for the pain they had suffered. The four men convicted of Amy's murder applied.

The Biehls wanted to be respectful of the TRC process because they knew that Amy would have supported it. They granted all four men amnesty. At the hearing, Peter addressed the Commission saying, "The most important vehicle of reconciliation is open and honest dialogue ... we are here to reconcile a human life which was taken without an opportunity for dialogue. When we are finished with this process we must move forward with linked arms." However, despite what Peter had said at the hearing, probably nobody expected what happened next.

After they were released from prison, Easy Nofemela and Ntobeko Peni, two of the men convicted of Amy's murder had come to much the same conclusion the Biehls had about the townships.

"They were shocked to see things hadn't changed. Things were worse. Their friends were not in school. There was a lot of drinking and drugs," Linda remembers. The two men started a youth group in their township and they wanted to show the Biehls what they had done. An anthropologist who had been interviewing them offered to contact the Biehls. They agreed.

The Biehls took Nofemela and Peni out to dinner. That night was the beginning of a strong friendship between the four. The Biehls hired the two men to help out with their organization.

[end of excerpt]

She helps the murderers obtain amnesty, she dines out with them, and she hires them, the savages who murdered her own daughter.
Simply put, this is monstrously inhuman. This is liberalism.

If we, as a movement, are waiting for whites to "wake up," we will fail. The Biehl experience shows that even under such circumstances, liberalism remains a terminal disease.

English Colonial said...

"Yet at no stage have I been asked whether or not I wanted black immigrants here and no one can provide a convincing argument as to why we needed them in the first place."

That question must be asked.

Also, why are so many illegal immigrants eventually legalised?

I'm always pleased to see some reaction against non-european immigration in France and Germany, but the UK...?