Thursday, 17 September 2009

When the accademics are wrong (or just maybe dishonest?)

Last week some of South Africa's most prominent academics appended their signatures to an open letter protesting the granting of refugee status in Canada to a white South African, Brandon Huntley (see here). The refugee panel board apparently found (inter alia) that the ANC government was failing to protect the white minority from criminal violence perpetrated by black South Africans.

The 142 signatories included Melissa Steyn, Intercultural and Diversity Studies, University of Cape Town; Martin Hall, Vice-Chancellor, University of Salford; Max Price, Vice-Chancellor, UCT; Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor, University of the Free State; Thandi Sidzumo-Mazibuko, Acting Vice Principal, UNISA; Crain Soudien, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor, UCT; Adam Habib, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Johannesburg; and, Arnold van Zyl, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Stellenbosch.

In the letter, addressed to the Charge d'Affaires of Canada in South Africa, the signatories protested that "it is simply untrue that white people are being targeted disproportionately. Black South Africans are much more likely to be victims of crime, largely because they are less able to afford the protections and security measures which most white South Africans, as still privileged citizens, are able to acquire."

Given the eminence of the signatories, their sheer weight in numbers, and its apparent plausibility, this assertion has gone largely unquestioned. But is it true? A number of crime victimisation surveys have been conducted over the past decade. Do they support, or contradict, the claims of this combination of learned academics?

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Comment: Whether they knew they were lying or not (and cynical old me, I think every hate fueled one of them knew they were lying) we have to ask ourselves why those academics wrote that letter, and what they were trying to achieve, I'm afraid that none of the answers are very nice are they?


Dr.D said...

It seems that many of the signatories are in the pseudosciences and the various -studies departments (womens-studies, black-studies, queer-studies, etc.). These folks are not known for their probing intellectual rigor in the first place; they are all marxists at heart. Thus it is not surprising that they would buy into something like this hook, line, and sinker.

The original article contained a lot of statistics purporting to show that the numbers of people having been attacked in the previous year was comparable for each racial group. This seems bogus considering how many more blacks there are than Whites, but the numbers did not appear to have been normalized to attacks per 1000 of population or anything like that. (Perhaps I overlooked something here, but I did not see such.)

In any event, I think what the numbers show is a very high level of violence, the sort of thing that is associated with a black dominated society. This did not happen when the SA society was dominated by the White people, even though the racial make up was comparable to what it is today, because the laws were enforced and standards were upheld. Today chaos is allowed free rein. Everybody suffers in a black dominated society, both blacks and Whites (and coloreds).

There were suggestions in the comments that Whites should leave SA. With regret, I think that Whites may indeed have to leave most of SA. They may be able to hold onto a small area if they concentrate in one location and unify to hold that area. But the only way that can be done is to push the blacks out of that area entirely. The problem right now is that the blacks physically out number them everywhere, and they have lost control of the entire country.

The fact that 142 academics signed this sell-out documents suggests that there are many Whites who have sold their souls and cannot be trusted to make a stand. The future of Whites in SA is truly grim.

Projecting well ahead, this is also the future for the UK if the White people of the UK do not wake up and throw out the invaders. Right now it seems inconceivable that White people could ever be numerically out numbered in the UK, but the non-whites are breeding like rabbits and they are coming in with every boat, every plane, every truck. Its is only a (relatively short) matter of time until it happens if you do nothing. Then the UK looks just like SA, and SA today looks more and more like Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

MrsJ said...

I can't even believe that they are somehow immune in their academic ivory towers, either. In conversations with academics in SA, they are frightened for their lives on a daily basis, and when I suggested that we could visit to see my mother-in-law's birthplace, we were told that we couldn't do that under any circumstances because as white people in that particular town, we would be lucky to be merely robbed, beaten and raped but most likely we would be killed (after being robbed, beaten and raped.)

I'm so glad that my MIL died a while ago because she would be so distraught at what is happening in SA.

Anonymous said...

It's so unbelievable how upside-down the world is these days. Under the guise of reparative anti-racism, immorality is given complete and free reign. It's truly, truly horrible and vile, and our White forefathers would have been utterly disgusted and would have put an end to this nonsense in about ten years.

I've still got some of their blood flowing in my veins, and I think it's high time things are set straight and the balance restored.

Anonymous said...

Salford university the heart of Marxism