Saturday, 12 September 2009

EDF. UAF and the Media cover-up

You will have seen on the news, footage of 16 white 'Stop The Islamisation of Europe' members having a demonstration in Harrow. This group is not the EDL, this group is the British contingent of a Europe wide campaign group protesting against the Islamisation of Europe - their website here ;

This is a 'non-racist', non-sectarian, peaceful protest movement, who were faced with a mob of over 1000 rioting Islamist militia of the Tablighi Jaamet sect and their Stalinist allies in the UAF.

This group is closely linked with Islamic terrorists involved in the recent airplane bombing plot. Now the UAF are revealed as lackeys of this Islamist sect and the facilitators of Dhimmitude.

Continue reading at Lee Barnes' blog 21st Century British Nationalism

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