Saturday, 22 November 2008

A time for caution

Some of my non UK correspondents may not have fully appreciated what I was saying in my post earlier this week when I mentioned to repercussions of the leaking of the amended BNP membership list. However, this act of petty nastiness could have some serious consequences for some of the people on that list.

Orwellian as it may sound, in Britain membership of the British National Party means you are excluded from certain forms of employment, for instance in the police or prison service, and indeed one Liverpool policeman has already been suspended, because his name is on the list, and if he is found to be a member of the BNP, he will be sacked. The truth is that in Nu Labour Britain you can potentially lose your job and your livelihood if you belong to the wrong political party. That is to say that the sort of thing which went on in East Germany in the 1970's is happening in Britain in 2008.

A radio DJ has already been sacked on account of being named as a BNP member and there have been widespread calls for the various teachers who's names appear on the list to be sacked, and various Trades Unions are scouring the lists for the names of any members who will certainly be kicked out of the party.

It is not only on the employment front that things have turned nasty, across the country present and past BNP members who's names have appeared on the list have received abusive and threatening calls, and already one fire bombing has been linked to the release of these names.
Also, only yesterday, I read that my dear friend the Green Arrow has received death threats.

It can be without doubt that the BNP membership is under attack, and I suspect that it will get worse before it gets better.

Most BNP members are honourable and brave people, which is demonstrated by the fact that they have been prepared to stand up for what they believe in the face of outrageous media vilification, and they will certainly not be prepared to submit to the latest spate of attacks.

However, I urge any BNP member or sympathiser who is currently reading this to demonstrate ultimate restraint in the face of what is going on. I urge you not to let them provoke you, and even if you are the victim of violence yourself, respond only as necessary to defend life and limb, do not under any circumstances resort to violence yourselves because you will do great damage to the BNP's cause if you do so. Likewise, if you are threatened, do not make threats in return.

The media are waiting for to respond, and if you do, they will exploit it to make the BNP appear to be the aggressors. Do not play into their hands.

Look what happened in America, when the media exploited the ramblings of two groups of spaced out junkies to make it appear that Obama was at serious threat of assassination my "white supremacists", a claim which would have been laughable except that there were so many morons ready to believe it.

Over the next few weeks whilst the spotlight is on you efforts will be made to provoke BNP members, and it is vital that you do not fall for it, because it will be used against you.

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notareargunner said...

Question Time, last Thursday BBC1 was the pinnacle of British hypocrisy where every single contributor castigated the BNP, Yet Minister for Communities Hazel Blears MP Salford, was raising the doubts that we English have in our so-called representatives. I have no doubts about a Parliament that is collectively guilty of sedition, where my MP Gordon Marsden, a man who would have been unfit for service when I served, has been appointed representative for Veteran Tights (Rights). To all politician, you can never talk for me, not unless you served alongside when I was being shot, blown up or humiliated by a continuous procession of self interested politicians