Friday, 21 November 2008

News Management

After three failed attempts to upload this video, I decided to provide you with the link, and maybe try again later. I really recommend you watch it all, as it is quite fascinating.

The US public is ofter, perhaps unfairly characterised as being rather ignorant of current affairs, however as you will see, this group is very knowledgeable about the things the US media want them to know about. However, I suspect that the fault is now with the public, but with news media.

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bat32 said...

I can’t remember when I first heard the name Obama. I do remember I thought it was in a stand-up comedian’s show. Couldn’t believe it when it became clear that Obama was really a Democratic presidential candidate. Barack Hussein Obama. Hussein like in Saddam Hussein and Obama like in Osama Bin Laden. The two main targets of the American War on Terrorism and this guy is going to run for US president with a combination of those two names? Utter Madness! Surely the American public will see the devil’s work in it. Then he beat the Clinton women. What the hell’s going on there?.. Right in the middle of their war on Islam terrorism they’re going to vote for a candidate who comes from their most violent and criminal minority and who has a Muslim background? No way! Black celebrities like the tirelessly irritating Oprah endorsed him, obviously for no other reason than that he’s black, but that was to be expected. Hollywood lefties like the unholy Tom Cruise endorsed Obama, but then again, they would, in their renowned wisdom, endorse the backend of a dead donkey. Music industry icons like the old goat Madonna endorsed Obama, but they never do the right thing, not even by accident. Nothing to worry about. Then Obama won the endorsement from major American newspapers and TV stations started burying the planet under endless hallelujahs… Wait a moment… How come this guy suddenly made it holier than the pope? Surely the American public must realize that he’s politically inexperienced, that he’s achieved nothing through merit and everything through affirmative action? Moreover, surely the American public knows what has happened to African countries after they installed black leaders. The atrocities committed by Emperor Bokassa, Idi Amin Dada, Mobutu Sese Seko, and in case they’ve forgotten about them, how can they not know about Robert Mugabe? The dictatorships, corruption, cruelty, civil wars, the mass murders in the Congo and Rwanda? Somalia? The tribalism, racism, sorry, xenophobia, and violent crime in South Africa? And in case they come up with their cliché excuse, it’s even worse in the two African countries that were never colonized: Ethiopia and Liberia. Surely that knowledge will keep the American public from voting for a black candidate! Then doubt struck me. I remembered once talking to a guy from California who, when I told him I just came from Arkansas, asked me “Is that one of our states?” And I remembered the American tourist, on safari here in Southern Africa, who obviously wasn’t too sure about the differences between Northern and Southern hemisphere, pointing his finger to the sky and saying “is that the same moon as the one we see at home?” Perhaps, just perhaps, the American public does not know about the possibly disastrous implications of voting for a genetically African built Obama. Perhaps they have trouble locating Africa entirely, never mind knowing what goes on here. Perhaps, just perhaps, they are indeed ignorant enough to make a mistake of this magnitude… But I also started looking at the other side. What option did they have after Bush, a man from the only family in the world that ever managed to make a loss out of oil, and whose administration was far more rampant than the AIDS virus? And it dawned upon me: The complete American black population is going to vote for Obama, a large part of the American Hispanic population will vote for him and all the Californian blissfully ignorant white weirdoes will vote for him. On top of those all the National Guard weekend soldiers who have been crying, or are scheduled to go crying their eyes out in Afghanistan and Iraq, will vote for him, joined by their immediate & distant family members. Shame on Bush for not realizing that they love to play video war games but hate to get caught up in the Middle Eastern reality show! And I realized at that very moment that Hussein Osama had a good chance of making it into the Black House. The rest is history. Poor white race! But hell, as the saying goes: You get what you deserve and you deserve what you get. To be honest, I’m past being angry, in fact I couldn’t care a rat’s ass: It can’t get any worse for us in Southern Africa anyway. Come to think of it, in a little while we’ll probably be better off than you in Europe and the Unstated Nites. Good luck!