Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The fury of my silence

Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted for a few weeks, this has been partly the result of a family situation which I have had to deal with, but it was also partially due to anger. I had reached the point where I was becoming angry at was I was writing about, angry at what I was reading, angry at the blindness of those who refuse to see what I see and anger at the hypocrisy and basic dishonesty which accompanies so much of what is happening around us.

That hypocrisy was very evident in the reaction to the result of the US election, where the media wants us to believe that the nation had somehow elected the new Messiah. How can a serious commentator claim with a straight face that Obama had been elected “despite” his ethnicity, when it is so obvious that he was elected because of his ethnicity. The least experienced American president in a century was voted for by around 98% of the African American community is unbelievably praised for having “transcended” race and nobody jeers. Surely the fairy tale has replaced reality in the land of the allegedly free.

If the media can find a third black hero to enthrone next to Obama and Lewis Hamilton, they will have their new Holy Trinity to worship.

We will have to see how the media manages to rationalise the election result with their ongoing insistence that America is a overwhelmingly racist nation, however, I am sure they will find a way. What they will not acknowledge is that in their passionate efforts to get Kenya's favourite son elected to the most powerful position in the world, the defenders of equality resorted to the most outrageous levels of sexism we have seen in a very long time. The two, white, women who most threatened the ascendency of the chosen one, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, were subjected to levels of vilification and unfair mockery, which we have seldom seen directed at a male politician, and certainly never at a black one.

Some would consider that dishonesty, however, to see real dishonesty we only need to look at the manner in which the international media, who, throughout the 1980's, fed us wall to wall news about the iniquities of Apartheid South Africa, continues to ignore the horrors of black rule in that blighted country. Tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of murders and almost twice as many rapes in 14 years and the ongoing genocide of the white Boer population continues to go unreported, and what news is allowed through is sanitised. When the inevitable collapse, and sadly, very likely bloodbath, finally happens, this will come as a huge shock to many in the West, who ignorantly continue to believe that the Rainbow nation is the success story the media likes to pretend it is.

But the media is seldom as dishonest as it gets when it is the British media and it is reporting on events at home. The censorship of the national news has now reached the point where it is little short of propaganda. Take for instance how quickly news of the recent murder of the “glamour model” with the taste for black men was dropped when one of those black men was charged with killing her. Another alleged black on white murder was not a story which the media wanted the nation to focus on. I would bet good money on the fact that the vast majority of those who read about her murder do not know the colour of her alleged killer. However, it is probably a similar majority to those who do not know that 90% of those charged over the spate of knife murders of teenagers across the country are non white.

A new McCarthyism?

The media does not only censor the news, the double standards it applies are quite shocking. Take for instance this week's news, which has been much reported on the Green Arrow blog, of the illegal publication of the, somewhat doctored, October 2007 BNP Membership list.

The modern media see themselves as the defenders of liberty and equality, and to a man or woman they recoil in horror at what they perceive as the evils of the McCarthyite, anti communist trials of 1950's America. Yet they are incapable with seeing the similarities of whatnow seems to be happening, which is to say that people are in danger of losing their employment and livelihood due to their political beliefs, as they would in a third world dictatorship, a totalitarian police state or in 1950's America.

What exactly is the difference between a police chief arguing that membership of the BNP is incompatible with policing a multiracial community and Joe McCarthy claiming that being a member of the Communist party is incompatible with being a good, Capitalist, American?Yet where is the media outrage, when it isn't their preferred groups which are being persecuted?. Indeed one radio station has already sacked one DJ who's name appeared on the list.

I repeat: In Britain in 2008 someone has already lost their job on account of their political views, and the media does not appear to care.

The fact that the media were amongst the first to reward the criminal who illegally published this list, shows us exactly who they are and where they really stand in terms of political freedom. They believe in freedom and protection for some, but certainly not for all.

As for our politicians, I am concious that some of you may have just eaten so I will not repeat here the semi fascist effluent which poured out of Harriet Harmon's twisted lips on Channel Four earlier this evening. However, in terms of hypocrisy and dishonesty. It would be hard to beat Home Secretary Jackie Smith when she commented that “BNP members appear ashamed”. No Ms Smith, they are not ashamed, but they are understandably nervous, because as you, as home secretary, know very well, there is not only a very real threat to them, their families and their property, but some may be the victims of political purges, in the fascist state which you and your ilk have created, you dishonest old woman.

And now I am angry again, it is an anger which I am sure many of you feel. It is an anger which our adversaries like to portray as hate. Yet, it is not hatred, it is righteous anger, combined with outrage, and I am afraid grief. Anger at their lies, outrage at their hypocrisy and grief at what those lies and hypocrisy has done to a once great nation.

Is it too much to home that enough others will become as angry as me, and we can turn things round even at this late hour?


Anonymous said...

Hi Maid of Albion,

Not anger, but a clear head will point out the tide of Soviet Marxism taking hold of this country.
The flooding of immigrants straight into Welfare Support is to have a ready-made demoralized people. At home they had crooks exploiting them in their Mosques Temples and Churches. NuLabour needs them to divide the country so it is weak. Diversity makes a spy out of every New Citizen upon each other and more importantly, on the Old British. We are pressured to become White, not first and foremost a mixed group of loyal British. The BNP forgets this and so becomes part of the problem and not the solution. Change the leadership with a person of character and not one of color, and the UK is saved to rally around the flag.
Yuri Bezmenov Explains the Soviet Strategy for Subversion 1 of 9 on Youtube.
Many thanks for your post.

Vanishing American said...

I can certainly empathize with your anger. I too would call my anger a mix of righteous indignation, outrage, and grief. The frustrating thing is that there is really so little honest and righteous anger among my fellow Americans. Even many of those on our side seem to feel a kind of cynical detachment towards the disaster that is being visited on us, a kind of bitterness sometimes mixed with Schadenfreude that our liberal enemies will also go down with us when the nation does go down. I don't know if there are similar responses in the UK, but there is a need for some kind of positive anger before things can change for the better.

You are right; the liberal media are hypocrites in that they are guilty of the things they ascribe to Joe McCarthy and anti-Communists generally. However the fact that we are where we are now, in the West, indicates that McCarthy was not a paranoid witch-hunter, but a rather flawed man who nonetheless clearly identified the threat posed to us by Communism in whatever form or guise. What is happening to the West now vindicates the anti-Communist's warnings of leftist subversion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maid of Albion

It is with a sigh of relief that I am reading your blog on a regular basis. I stay in Darkest Africa to be more specific I stay in South Africa.

I was baffeled to actually see that the whole world is not fast asleep when it comes to South Africa. Rainbow nation what a fairy tale. I was amazed at your insight and vision and grasp on the whole truth and nothing but.

Your anger is understandable and your frustration too. This is what we have to cope with every single day. Tired of driving to work reading the newspaper headlines stating look at the eyes of a murderer a boy who basically had enough of intimidation and violence against his family by non-whites.

No one even mentions the other thousands of people being murdered by non-whites. To be white is to be a person with a big bulls eye on your forehead.

Americans the land of the free what a joke. As we watched the outcome of the elections, we saw people with tears of joy. What's a bet we will see more tears in the near future but alas that will be tears of extreme regret.....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Maid of Albion - especially for your comments about SA. Never give up, there are millions of people who agree with you.

Just a comment on Kinderling's comment:

"...pressured to become White ...not a mixed group of loyal British. The BNP forgets this and ...becomes part of the problem..."

Thankfully the BNP have stood out against this feel-good liberal twaddle. The British nation is white. To wish to protect and preserve this identity is both moral and right. This does not mean hatred of non-whites or failure to recognise good and bad in all races. Preference for one's own racial likeness is part of the beginning of loyalty. Of course those influenced or indoctrinated by a century of leftist hyper-individualism and adolescent hatred of responsiblity immediately target "racism" to break up the glue of the society they hate.

MarkRougemont said...

Recent history tells us that most Democratic Presidential candidates will get roughly 90% of the Black vote. The fact that Obama got a few percentage points more was not the reason he won. In my opinion McCain ran a poor campaign and was fighting an uphill battle in trying to distance himself from Bush, the Iraq war, and a failing economy.
I voted for Obama and I am not Black, do not believe he is a "Messiah", and I care very much for my country. Millions of White people voted for Obama because they felt he was the better of the 2 choices we had. I do not see any hypocrisy in that.

alanorei said...

Welcome back, Sarah. I trust the family situation is as satisfactorily resolved as possible.

Thank you for your article. Re: "If the media can find a third black hero to enthrone next to Obama and Lewis Hamilton, they will have their new Holy Trinity to worship."

They will, when a black pope gets elected. The possibility has been reported here.

Revolution Harry said...

Kinderling is part right in that 'diversity' is just divide and rule by another name but I disagree that we should just meekly accept the dissolution of Britain.

However we should never forget that ethnic minorities are also victims of those who wish to destroy Britain. They have been urged to come here in the hope that we will weaken and allow ourselves to be submerged into the EU without a fight.

Having done an awful lot of research in the last few months it's become quite evident to me what it's all about. Mention the New World Order or world government and the conditioned (mind controlled) response is to dismiss the idea as 'conspiracy theory'. In reality it's far from being a mere theory. Our own dear leader Gordon Brown has spoke of the New World Order on several occasions recently as well as calling for a 'global solution' to the banking crisis and for Obama to help create a 'truly global society'. Submergence into the EU is just part of the move towards world government.

There are many elements of the wider conspiracy but mentioning them all here would take too long. Instead let's just take a brief look at one; the Fabian socialists.

H. G. Wells, in his book, 'The New World Order', 1940, wrote:

"It is the system of nationalist individualism that has to go....We are living in the end of the sovereign states....In the great struggle to evoke a Westernized World Socialism, contemporary governments may vanish....Countless people...will hate the new world order....and will die protesting against it."

Wells was, of course, a Fabian Socialist as are Brown, Blair, Milliband, Mandelson etc. Suddenly things start to make more sense.

The founder of the Fabian Society, Sidney Webb said:

“To play those millions of minds, to watch them slowly respond to an unseen stimulus, to guide their aspirations without their knowledge – all this whether in high capacities or in humble, is a big and endless game of chess, of ever extraordinary excitement.”

One of the key ways they 'play' us is through the media. Don't believe a word of any of it. Now more than ever we have to learn to think for ourselves much more and more carefully.

The late Carroll Quigley (Bill Clinton's mentor), Professor of History at Georgetown University and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, stated in his book, "Tragedy & Hope":

"The CFR is the American Branch of a society which originated in England, and which believes that national boundaries should be obliterated, and a one-world rule established."

The English society he refers to is the Royal Institute of International Affairs now known as Chatham House.

In regards to both media manipulation and the larger conspiracy David Rockefeller of the American banking dynasty, former chairman of the CFR, founder of the Trilateral Commission (along with Zbigniew Brzezinski; Obama's foreign policy adviser/puppet master), Bilderberg group member and admirer of Fabian socialism said:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

Finally here's an interesting article written by a Jewish American which shines some light on the real agenda behind mass immigration and multiculturism. You should note that he thinks that those behind the agenda for a New World Order are the 'bankers'. They are almost certainly major players and manipulation of the banking system (scam) certainly plays an important part but I'm quite sure there's rather more to it than that.

Food for thought, I hope. It's very hard but try not to be discouraged. Your blog and your perspective is very important even if I suspect it's just a small part of a much bigger picture.

RedMountain said...

I don't think it is entirely fair to attribute Obama's amazing victory to the Black vote. Hipanics also voted for the winner at a rate of 67% and the Jewish population voted for the clear victor with 78%. Among the younger voters ages 18-29 voted for the champion candidate at a rate of 66%. The total popular vote has President-Elect Obama ahead by a mere 8.6 MILLION votes.

National Pride said...

angry is not the word....I have linked you to my blog, will you link me to yours too...
National Pride...

Anonymous said...

Preference for one's own racial likeness is part of the beginning of loyalty.
I would live anywhere among anyone where merit and hard work was my ticket to success than loyalty to inbreds (too many British companies failed when the eldest sons took over).
My identity is informed and not outformed by a National Socialist imprint. I call those latter femen for they are inadequate males trying to gain status which is not theirs to have. The more inadequate the more Bling they wear 'til they resemble the female in all but physical form. Character has to be mastered. This is why I will sit at a table of Socrateses and Jesuses and not a bunch of communists for among Whites there will always be those who are even whiter still.
You react to Black, I just see black skin and the condition of child within.

Quartermain said...

Hello Fair Sarah,

I feel your anger. What angers me more than obama getting elected was how the media whores, not to mention the republicrud, did their damnest to marginalize a great man like Dr. Ron Paul. Dr. Paul was the most intelligent candidate IMHO, who actually had the country's best interest at heart. Many sheeple were afraid to vote for him because he was "unelectable". I did a write in vote for him anyway since I found both obama and mccain unacceptable.

Joyce said...

You are not alone. It feels that way, but none of us are alone.