Monday, 13 August 2012

Postings to this site

As must be obvious to all readers, this site is no longer benefiting from regular updates.  I’m afraid his is due to changes in my personal life.  The recent addition to my family of a treasured, but very demanding young person, together with the fact that, like most people in the current environment,  I have no option other than to hold down an increasingly challenging full time job mean that I no longer have the free time I once had to devote to blogging.

I also have a partner who has first call on what free time I have, that is, when I am not too exhausted to think! 

I am reluctant to close down the blog altogether, as I feel I still have something to contribute, and that the archive of my previous articles continues to have some value.

However, I regret that for the time being postings to this site will become occasional rather than regular.

I hope that readers will continue to visit from time to time to check for updates.

I will, of course, continue where possible to report on the ongoing attacks on the South African farming community.


beautifulnightmare said...

Congrat's on the new baby and take all the time you need and thank you for all of your past work and future!

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep the blog, as you have written some really great, cogent stuff, Sarah. Just update it when you can.

Best of British!

gcohen said...

Congrats, God bless and may you never leave us. To hear from you once in a while is good enough, less talk more passion.

gcohen said...

Congrats, God bless and may you never leave us. To hear from you once in a while is good enough, less talk more passion.

gcohen said...

Congrats, God bless and may you never leave us. To hear from you once in a while is good enough, less talk more passion.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sarah,

Occasional posting is much, much, better than no posting.

Your blog is in my'favourites'
and will stay there.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks for all the kind words and to those who have offered me congratulations. However, I should have been clearer, the little person will be two in November. He has been walking since the age of one and is VERY active.

He is at a challenging age :-)

Anonymous said...

Take a break, and like Mike, Ozziesaffa and the rest of the gang, please come back. Your web page has been an inspiration to all and closely followed.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Sarah! Blog whenever you want
or get a chance-I [we] ain't going anywhere. Thanks for all you've done-great blog!

MeliZen said...

Congratulations upon your new baby! I want to thank you for your blogging - your information has changed my outlook in many ways, I am so grateful to you. Please do keep your blog alive, you would be too sorely missed otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is one of 3 or 4 I check regularly-occasional posts would be far preferable to none at all.

Florian said...

Congratulations on your new life. So glad you decided to keep going even with reduced postings. I love to tweet your articles as you are on exactly the same wavelength as me and your articles are always interesting and though provoking. Please keep up the good work.

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah, it is all quite understandable

I'm sure you'll be equal to the challenge even of a two-year-old!

Thank you too for the various articles of mine that you've kindly posted.

Like others, I will be keeping a regular check of your blog and will forward anything that may be of interest.

As an aside, i was reading 1 Chronicles 2 this morning - ostensibly one of the most tedious passages in scripture.

However, like a WW1 Q Ship, appearances can be deceptive.

The expression "the sons of" occurs 25 times in the chapter, essentially dealing with much of the early ancestry of Israel (what a boring topic!). Though not a pure race, early Israel was mostly Shemitic i.e. Semitic. 1 Chronicles 2 deals mostly with Shemite family lineages i.e. nearly uniform ethnicity.

However, 1 Chronicles 2:34-41 describes the descendants of a Jewish man, who, going against the Mosaic Law (Deuteronomy 7:3), gave his daughter to a Gentile, an Egyptian i.e. a Hamite aka an African (similar to a Canaanite in Deuteronomy 7:3).

This mixed-race marriage does not produce sons as such. It produces a limited, single-offspring progeny that eventually disappears within the account of 1 Chronicles 2.

The Biblical lesson is simple: black-white liaisons eventually wither and die. Stick to your own race if you want to prolong your descendants.

The extensive work of J. Van Evrie in the 19th century, as reported by Eric Jon Phelps, confirmed the Biblical result (I posted a comment to this effect some time back).

In short, race-mixers are race-murderers.

Don't look for that amongst most fundamentalist commentators. It's too explosive but as one KJB Baptist pastor has said, "There's things in that Book that will put you on your ear." This nation has had the warning for as long as it has had the Old Testament, which is about two millennia, in fact. HMQE1 was quite wise and indeed compassionate when she said she did not want blackamoors in her realm.

Take care, Sarah

yorkshirebob said...

My immediate reaction after reading your posting was a sense of loss.
A drain of emotion just like pulling the plug out. The obvious thing to do now would be for us to continue your work and write some articles. I think that I will go the other route and explore the 'other side of the coin '. Is there an upside to multiculti and will it benefit mankind in the long run.

The Dragon said...

Please try to keep posting, however infrequently. this country is desperately short of people like you.

Pym Purnell said...

Best of luck Sarah, many thanks for the help and support you gave me.

You are the business - but family is the most important thing.

God bless


albion myway said...

I've only recently found your blog, but it's brilliant! Look forward to future installments, even if they are sporadic.

Anonymous said...

Priority is a necessary part of responsibility and as you have been blest with great wisdom and understanding you have once again made the right decision. With a little one on the loose there is never a dull moment and at this stage it is imperative that the bonding between a child and the mother takes place. So we accept and understand your situation but not without a deep sense of regret in that we shall be periodically without the leader of the pack. However we shall bide our time in the meantime and look foreward to the day that you "Sarah maid of Albion" can be with us fulltime again. Just in passing "Some people have millions in the bank and millions of followers with nothing in their thinking tank. Others have far less in the bank but they have millions of intelligent followers with wisdom in their thinking tank". Money can purchase many things including humane beings but it cannot purchase intelligence, virtue or wisdom. God bless Sarah and may you enjoy your time with your little one and when you are able to return to us let it always be riding in your chariot of fire.
"The crucified one"

Lauren said...

Grtaz and God Bless. Keep the blog. We'll be here.

alanorei said...

Further to the general subject of 'enrichment,' which is why your blog remains key, Sarah, here is a report noted by Simon Darby with respect to the new discipline of Voiture Flambe (with an acute) i.e. vehicle aflame.

Compare the DM report with the BBC report.

No prizes for guessing which report said less about what Simon refers to as the ethnic dimension.

Looks like back to the future. I would guess Amiens hasn't looked like that, at least in part, since 1918.

Btw, the BBC's local program Look North for the NE and Cumbria didn't say anything about approval for the new mosque in Sunderland despite widespread public protest.

The BBC seems to specialize in news media blackouts, if that term can still be used legally.

Uhuru Guru said...

Dear Sarah

On behalf of decent, right-thinking White South Africans, a sincere and heart-felt thanks for reminding the world of our plight. We will always carry a torch for you.

The past few weeks have seen a dramatic spike in racist hate crimes against our folk, hugely regrettable but alas not unpredictable as all rational pundits expect things to get much worse.

To our British friends, congratulations and well done on your fantastic triumph with Team GB! From a solitary gold medal during the 1996 Olympics, to 29 gold medals in 2012 is an astounding achievement. You've put the "Great" back into Great Britain, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

The BBC is essentially a fifth column aimed not just at the English, but at Western Europe as a whole.

It is on the same level as the old Pravda.

Nor is this a coincidence.


Anonymous said...


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You create good material for community.

Please keep posting.

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Best rgs

Anonymous said...

Uhuru Guru.
Well said my good S.A. partner. In pain and sufferings under the evil and corrupt ANC rule I stand with you. Being a third generation S.A. citizen of British stock I can vouch for the truth of your comment and if we whites all stand together we will overcome and destroy the evil black ANC onslaught against us. Sarah is and has been a true friend and allie in our fight for truth and the survival of our species all around the world today and if ever I felt the need to shake someone's hand in gratitude it is no other hand but the hand of "Sarah maid of Albion". Remember "Eendrag maak mag". Furthermore remember that at the end of the day the ANC and the like of such are actually orchestrating their own downfall and extinction of their own species. Evil begats evil and evil is its own worst enemy. So by removing the most advanced species on the planet they will also cease to survive the future rapid planet changes that are going to take place here on earth. There are gigantic inter galactic powers in control in and beyond this universe which are far greater than the minute ANC and their evil cause. The ANC is a mere insignificant speck in the great scheme of inter-galatic things to come and their evil powers are no match against such vast supremacy. Unfortunately and as usual the ANC has no foresight and honesty to accept or see what catastrophes lie ahead of them and the true disasterous result and outcome of what their present evil madness is surely going to bring.

PreatorianXVI said...

Family first and then the rest of the tribe, you have been making great contributions, sometimes less is more.

Will keep on visiting and referring the ones who need, guidance and information in this chaotic time.

Anonymous said...

Shame that you cannot have a more full time paid role in politics Sarah.

I think people are more understanding of certain perspectives when they emanate from a sensible female perspective, rather than a male one. Partially dependent on the male of course.

Of course things have to change on our side of the fence before that would be feasible.

Anonymous said...

COngrats on the baby--a new addition to the family and tribe is a blessing and no explaination is necessary although appreciated because some would think you weren't alright and the much needed intellectual and Conservative website was in danger of closing down. Good to know it won't be! All the best,
-A Canuck in Cali.

Best Business Brands said...

I'm trying to do a Chautauqua on Reason, recently pulled in James Emmerling and ume on Open Salon. Thinking of moving my postings here- ...

alanorei said...

Brief notification:

Tram Woman #2 (okay, it wasn't a tram but it's useful for reference):

When they do it, it's hate speech, when we do it, it's proclaiming our heritage.

I think hypocrites are born as well as made.

P.S. Related to racist rants, the first mention of the word "blaspheme" in the AV1611 is in Leviticus 24:11. The context was a mixed-race individual, part African, who went out of his way to pick a fight with a white guy (the ancient Israelities were light-skinned, with a white and ruddy, or rosy, complexion, 1 Samuel 16:12, Song of Solomon 5:10, Lamentations 4:7). Emphases are mine.

"And the son of an Israelitish woman, whose father was an Egyptian, went out among the children of Israel: and this son of the Israelitish woman and a man of Israel strove together in the camp; And the Israelitish woman's son blasphemed the name of the LORD, and cursed. And they brought him unto Moses: (and his mother's name was Shelomith, the daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of Dan:)" Leviticus 24:10-11.

The chronologists put the date as 1490 BC.

Plus ca* change.

*c cedilla

JI said...

Love your blog, Sarah, and will check back in for updates. Best of luck to you and your family.

X said...

Please continue to post regarding the 'Holodomor' being imposed on the whites in South Africa. Thank you.

walter said...

Hooggeagte Sarah, Vir jou toewyding en stryd in belang van die Witras het ek die hoogste waardering. Voorspoed met die kleinding en alles van die beste!

Anonymous said...

Sarah,the two year old terrible tantrums have arrived? They are a treasure at this age.

Best wishes from Australia.

Dina said...

Your family needs you first!
Please continue the great work when time allows
We can wait :-)

Grantagous said...

Dear Sarah,

Congrats on the baby front! You have been an enlightening channel of truth and you have put into words what I could not dream of. Thank you for all your time and effort.

Keep well.