Thursday, 2 August 2012

Another South African Hate Crime

It was just two sentences long and consigned to what is effectively the “It’s an odd word” section on page 18 of this morning’s London metro. Out of interest I measured the article and it was 1.2 inches by 2.5 inches, and that included the headline ‘Boy 12 “is boiled to death”

That was how one London paper saw fit to report the trial of the three men charged with the torture, rape and murder of the Viana family in October last year.

One can only imagine how many pages the western media would dedicate to the trial of three white South Africans accused of a similar crime. However, in this case in common with 99.9% of all such interracial murders. the victims were white and the accused black. This does not suit the narrative which the old media are determined to follow, and is therefore such cases are embarrassments, which they seek to under play or deliberately fail to report.

The three accused Sipho Mbele, David Motaung and Patrick Petrus Radebe, who had worked for the family, smiled and sniggered as the crimes, to which they have confessed were detailed.

The court heard the gang lay in wait for Tony Viana 53, to arrive home, then they attacked him with golf clubs and a panga / machete before tying him up.

Shortly afterwards Mrs Geraldine Viana and the couple’s 12 year old son Amaro returned and were also attacked by the gang. Amaro was also tied up and together with his father was forced to watch while all three men rapedd his mother in turn, restraining her by variously standing on her head or forcing a pillow over her face.

After raping Mrs Viana the gang murdered her and her husband. Such rapes and murders are now commonplace in South Africa, however, what the killers did next was what made this crime particularly heinous.

Amaro Viana had watched as his mother was raped, he has witnessed his parents being slaughtered, he knew the men who did it and could identify them, they decided he had to die.

However, they didn't just kill him, they didn't even show him the mercy of shooting him, execution style through the back of the head, as the killers of three year old WillemienPotgieter did to her after killing her family. Instead the things which took twelve year old Amaro's life took him to the bathroom, filled the bath with scalding hot water and held him under water until he stopped struggling.

As a parting act, the killers disembowled the family dog.

This was no “bungled burglary”, this was no “robbery gone wrong, this was another hate crime, but it was only a white boy they boiled to death, so hate crimes charges were never brought.


Mike smith gives his view on this case on his blog, which can be read by clicking here

Click here to hear Dr. Gregory Stanton, President of Genocide Watch, speaks at a news conference held at the Transvaal Agricultural Union in Pretoria, regarding the current situation in South Africa, on 26 July 2012



Anonymous said...

Residents inside SA cannot lodge any formal charges at any local police station under the Rome Statute, because the government has not made a provision on its MASS-computer system for such a crime.
Ergo, no hatecrimes are being investigated nor registered in S A. Yet many hatecrimes against foreign Africans, and SA minorities i.a. Afrikaners, Khoi-San and Asian-South Africans, which resort under the Rome Statute are being recorded by SA criminologists .
None of these crimes are however prosecuted as hatecrimes:
they are all logged as ‘ordinary crimes’ by the SA Police computer system.

This is very convenient for the government because this means that there has never been any genocidal hate crime registered, investigated nor prosecuted in SA since that government ratified the Rome Statute. (2002)

The ANC-regime lied when it claimed that 'the Rome Statute is being implimented on municipal level”. And this lie is spread throughout UN structures, EU countries, the International Criminal Court and it was announced at the World Summit of 2005.
Foreign governments' representatives are not going to go to a S A police station to verify whether citizens can lodge complaints under the Rome Statute.
They rely on members of the Opposition, non-governmental organisations and members of the public to raise complaints about the government's non-compliance in regards to its signature on the Rome Statute.

Ryu said...

Things are really tough for the Boer. It's hard. What do you do when the media ignores these crimes?

It's like England today. I suppose even mentioning negro crime there is sufficient for arrest.

Laager said...

"This was no “bungled burglary”, this was no “robbery gone wrong, this was another hate crime, but it was only a white boy they boiled to death, so hate crimes charges were never brought."

From what I have read nothing was stolen in this home invasion so robbery was not the motive.

This crime also destroys the thesis that crime in South Africa is driven by poverty.

The victims of this slaying were not Afrikaners or SA English. They were SA Portuguese. A clear statement that NO white person is safe anywhere in South Africa.

Something else to note is the ages of the accused - 20, 21 and 24.
Apartheid formally ended in 1990 - 22 years ago.
A white referendum agreed with a 70% yes vote to extend universal franchise to the entire population in 1992 - 20 years ago
Majority rule became a reality in 1994 - 18 years ago.

It is probable that accused grew up poor like millions of other people around the planet, but they can hardly claim to be victims of apartheid or suffering from the legacy of apartheid.

Each year this excuse has less and less credence which only liberals still seem to believe.

An Afrikaner leader has described that what is going on in South Africa is an undeclared, low intensity guerilla war. So far it has not turned into a civil war as white people are contesting these events through the channels provided by the rule of law.

Zarky said...

Only 3 comments on this subject?!

We have more to say on the next dress or outfit a famous celebrity will be wearing than the killing of a white family in such a gruesome manner last seen when Adolf was still running around Europe!

When white students mixed a concoction of orange juice and black cleaners willingly participated in the prank the world media was in an uproar!

But the killing, slaughter or should I say extermination of a family in such a barbaric manner does not seem to be news worthy.

I am speechless and disgusted in humanity!

Liberalism = no morals
Journalism = no morals

Anonymous said...

Words are not enough, nor as it appears, are the justice systems in all too many country's. This crime appears upon a crease where only war will finish the tear.

The Dragon said...

Zarky, your words are well chosen, incisive and completely accurate. Where do you begin to protest against such bestiality? No words seem adequate to describe the stone age perpetrators of such acts. But perhaps the life forms who know exactly what is happening in that unfortunate country and look the other way are just as bad as the evil doers. We know who they are, we have many of that description living in this country (UK) and they are in positions of power and authority but seem to live in a parallel universe and ignore these atrocities. Then we have the "sheeple", as we know these are people with little interest in what goes on outside their four walls, provided they are fed lots of X Factor, Big Brother, booze, sex and other "goodies". But for every action there is a reaction and eventually something will give and a dam of suppressed anger and frustration will burst. It is now virtually inevitable; it is only a question of when.

Anonymous said...

A small victory against the Communist ANC controlled police in South Africa.

Derby-Lewis ‘glad justice was served’
- Crime & Courts | IOL News |

JI said...

Every white South African should be armed to the teeth. You're crazy if you live there and don't pack a piece!

Anonymous said...

A small victory against the Communist ANC controlled police in South Africa.

Derby-Lewis ‘glad justice was served’

Anonymous said...

On my investigations, dilligent scrutiny and findings these black earthlings have been contaminated by a mind disease that plummeted to earth and was contained in a fungus on a small meteorite. It is known as 'zumarite" disease. It infects the mind so as to form zombies and after a period of complete madness and complete loss of mind power it will eventually lead the infected hosts on an eratic but definate path to self destruction. It seeks out and only infects those with a low IQ and is incurable at present. This alian disease has spread right across the globe and the only way to eliminate it is to administer a hot lead pill at the very first signs of the infection.
Professor B.S. Zoot.
Doctor in human psychology.

alanorei said...

In the meantime, back in England.

Observe how it was all 'Whitey's' fault, supposedly.

I understand that this is still the prevailing black mentality in the RSA i.e. of the leaders and their trusted followers (the ones that commit the farm atrocities):

From American Baptist researcher Eric Jon Phelps:

"Nelson Mandela has backed the systematic extermination of the White Protestant Boer people. He sings the Kill the White Boer song along with another Black savage Jesuit Coadjutor Luis Malema. Mandela is a Knight of Malta working for the Jesuit papacy via the British Crown.

"Mandela is facilitating the ultimate starvation of millions of Black South Africans once the White Protestant Boer farmers are finally exterminated via the pope’s ANC.

"Yes, Mandela is a traitor to his own Black people of South Africa, not to mention the fact he killed over 40,000 Blacks."

Mandela's black political opponents were murdered by the hideous necklace method, of course.

It's interesting in the light of Eric's comments that you never hear HM QE2 speak on behalf of white South Africans.

The Vatican hatred for South Africa stems of course from the country's strong Dutch Reformed tradition that Rome has hated since the 16th century and the days of John Calvin.

Rome is semper eadem, always the same, so that hatred will persist until the Second Advent.

Anonymous said...

Good God in heaven must be tearing his hair out! Surely these people are not creatures from or of this planet? If they are then God better get him a wig because by the way that these xxxx ups reacted in court to this horrendous hate crime that they launched against an innocent and harmless family is deplorable to say the least. It won't stop because the ANC government planned it (phases 3+4) and they encourage it by singing murderous hate songs at all of their political gatherings. The police force and defence force are both in total disaray and are non existent as far as the whites are concerned and the genocide continues on and on each and every day. There is no law except the ANC law and mark my words these xxxx ups will be freed on Jacob Zuma's next birthday or freedom day with a pardon. Where are all of the worldly big wigs that scorned and boycotted S. Africa and forced them right into this tragedy now. Not a sinle audible word can be heard from them. I wouldn't waste a good xxxx on any one them and I pray that their evil souls (and those who supported this genocide in any way) all rot in hell for eternity. When I see such barbaric hateful criminal acts committed against harmless and innocent little children no matter what colour they are my blood begins to boil. However I have only one thing to say to the masters and perpertrators of this genocide and that is "Watch your backs because when retribution comes it will be swift, silent and deadly". God strikes those who serve the devil and he removes the chains of satans bondage from his people. You have been warned so consider yourselves lucky as those innocents whom you murdered did not even get that privilege.

Anonymous said...

Firstly my sincerest thanks to Sarah, Mike and their staff for their dedicated and tireless endevours to rid this world of lawlessness and injustice. Secondly I have pasted the report by msn of the landing on Mars and at the end of it I will pose one question only. Sarah is free to edit it as she pleases.
Mars landing 'unprecedented feat of technology'
US President Barack Obama hails the successful landing of the Mars Science Laboratory and Curiosity rover on the surface of the Red Planet
WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama hailed early on Monday the successful landing of the Mars Science Laboratory and Curiosity rover on the surface of the Red Planet, calling it "an unprecedented feat of technology."
"The successful landing of Curiosity -- the most sophisticated roving laboratory ever to land on another planet -- marks an unprecedented feat of technology that will stand as a point of national pride far into the future," Obama said in a statement.
The comments came after the US space agency NASA successfully landed the $2.5-billion rover on the surface of Mars.
A dusty image of the rover's wheel on the surface, taken from a rear camera on the vehicle, confirmed the arrival of the car-sized probe and its sophisticated toolkit designed to hunt for signs that life once existed there.
A second image arrived within seconds, showing the shadow of the rover on Mars.
Obama said the United States "made history" with the achievement.
"It proves that even the longest of odds are no match for our unique blend of ingenuity and determination," he said.
"And tonight's success reminds us that our pre-eminence -- not just in space, but here on Earth -- depends on continuing to invest wisely in the innovation, technology, and basic research that has always made our economy the envy of the world."
Yes without a doubt it is a very commendable achievement indeed. However with such advanced technology at our disposal in the modern world it is very hard to understand that there are still savages on this planet murdering innocent people at random and as free as they please and absolutely nothing is said or done about it.
My question is "What are the brains of America and their counterparts going to do about the genocide that they supported and helped to create in S. Africa which is now also erupting in the white countries all around the world. I say fix the problems here on earth first and thereafter we can look to the universe for its answers. If this genocide is not obliterated soon the likes of those three murderous individuals in the picture are going to destroy progress and all of the great achievements of humanity upon this earth. Believe you me they are programmed for such and are quite capable of doing so unless they are stopped immediately.

Adrian said...

This is what Cameron, Klegg, Miliband want to happen to us.

Shaunantijihad said...

Answer the question, "Who owns the media?", and you have found at least some of your enemies who seek to destroy white civilisation.

Anonymous said...

The sooner that the whites in the world see what these hate crimes are really all about the better. The sooner the world media gives better and unbiased coverage about these atrocities the better. The sooner the whites unite and stand together against their immanent extermination the better. Need I go on ...?

Anonymous said...

The main "wrong" is calling this batch of pond scum "human". From early existence these proto humans see daily killing, raping and other violence as the norm, and thus assimilate the behaviour of their forebears. Education and integration into Western society has failed, despite the bleatings and hand wringing efforts of the left wing pinkos in lala land. The ultra violence towards the Viana family is thus well within their expected behaviour, and while we Humans continue to judge and punish them according to our westernised laws, they will continue in a typical manner. These "sweethearts" will serve a few years and then get pardoned by the arch chimp zoooooma, at which time they will revert to type and do the same. There is no solution other than total segregation or annihilation.


Anonymous said...

Scum. Nor even worthy of the term sub-human. Something needs to be done. Wish I could offer a potential solution.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a White South African..I knew the family;I taught Amaro.All ethnic groups were welcome in that home.I am witness to kid slept over often.I had asked Geraldine if she felt safe living in such an isolated area...she reminded me that Tony had grown up in that area;had lived there all his life and knew all the people there(including Blacks).He felt safe and had no reason to fear for his or their lives.

Anonymous said...

Wow what can you say about this really. The black south africans are evil beasts. I have no idea what the whites should do. Its easy to say take up arms, and destroy every last one of those filthy animals, but I think people there still think all of these things are isolated events and cant possibly happen to them. If they are killing whole familys at will, then sa whites are in a war. Its not a declared war but rather institutionalized genocide supported egged on by the sa government.

A Stuijt said...

Dear Sarah

We haven't communicated for a long time, but I've been reading your blog faithfully and greatly admire your tenacity in maintaining the death-toll of white commercial SA farmers all that time. I'd like to update you on the latest developments on this subject.

This week the 'formally acknowledged crime experts' in South Africa, the (ANC-run) SA Institute for Race Relations, clashed with James Myburgh, the editor of the independent organisation They were embroiled in a brief online spat in which Myburgh presented proof that the white (99% Afrikaner-families) farmers, their families and workers were being murdered at the rate of 99 per 100,000 population - the world average is about 9.0 per 100,000. READ: -- The SAIRR basically tried to claim at the hands of grossly understated records from the Transvaal AGricultural Union, was that the farm attacks basically were no worse than attacks against other SA citizens. That was a 'viewpoint', not a scientific examination backed up by the facts: and Myburgh immediately submitted a detailed analysis pointing out that the SAIRR had based its opinion on the statistics of the Transvaal Agricultural Union - which organisation only maintained those attacks published in the media and the attacks which they had verified occurring against their own members - and thus also greatly underestimated the attacks against commercial farmers in SA.

Myburgh wrote that "Afrikaner farmers are extremely vulnerable to attacks". He didn't mention that there is overwhelming evidence now that the ANC regime is deliberately driving Boer farmers from the land and Boer and other 'white' families from the cities and towns they have built, too.

The criminology site records "Rome Statute hatecrimes" against SA minorities and xenophobia ever since January 1 20-12, when SA pres Zuma sang his vicious hatesong Kill the Boer at his party's 100th anniversary bash in Bloemfontein.

Prof Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch this month also started warning that Afrikaners should try and leave South Africa to safeguard the future of their families.
Read Myburgh's very impressive report on: and also on

Adriana Stuijt, researcher

Randy said...

Mike Smith's blog is mentioned near the end of the article. However, that blog is open to invited readers only. Can anybody tell us how to get permission to access that blog?