Monday, 19 January 2009

The truth about crime

My scanner has decided to stop working, so if anyone has a copy of tonight's West End Final issue of the London Evening Standard (Tonight being January 19 2008) and a functioning scanner, I would be grateful if they would scan the table on page 18 headed “Homicides in 2008 by Ethnicity and Age” and send a copy to me at

The table gives interesting figures, which reveal more than perhaps the Evening Standard meant them to. Apparently in 2008 there were 154 homicides in London of which 59 were white Europeans the remaining 95 were from other non white races. In 2007 the total of homicides were slightly higher, totalling 161 overall of which 63 were white Europeans and 98 were from non-white races.

As, the breakdown appears to relate to homicide victims, I assume that the Standard believes that their figures prove nothing more than that the majority of victims were non-white, however, they forget to take their own behaviour and that of the rest of the media into account when making that assumption.

As we all know, when a member of an ethnic minority is killed by a white European or even if white Europeans are suspected, this becomes front page news and is the subject of outraged debate on the TV and in the news papers for days on end. As, to my recollection. no such media frenzy has occurred in the last two years, we can be confident that if any of the non-white victims were killed by whites, they are a truly tiny minority, which the media have inexplicably omitted to tell us about. Whereas we know for a fact that some of the white victims were killed by non-whites, and in other cases, such as the murders of Robert Knox and Ben Kinsella, non-whites have been charged.

What the figures published in tonight's Evening Standard do demonstrate is that non-white Londoners, whilst still in the minority, are overwhelmingly more likely to commit murder than white Londoners are, a fact proved day after day by the convictions which we see in our courts.

Which shows the recent complaints by the Black Police Association that high numbers of black youths are being stopped and searched to be the dishonest cant that they are.


alanorei said...

Tony Shell's report on ethnic crime in the UK is an excellent study. He has shown that white Britons are 30 times more likely to be victims of an interracial murder than the reverse.

Although interracial killings in UK (i.e. where victim and killer are of different races) are about 3-4% of all violent deaths in the UK (including road deaths) the trend is an alarming one.

alanorei said...

Tony Shell's report on ethnic crime in the UK is an excellent study. He has shown that white Britons are 30 times more likely to be victims of an interracial murder than the reverse.

Although interracial killings in UK (i.e. where victim and killer are of different races) are about 3-4% of all violent deaths in the UK (including road deaths) the trend is an alarming one.

alanorei said...


This link, Racism Cuts Both Ways should bring up the BNP site where Tony Shell's report is listed at the bottom as Crime Analysis 01 pdf.

When you click on the link, the appropriate option is Save.

The report is quite in-depth but Tony's Executive Summary on the first page really says it all, backed up by extensive statistics.

Tony's data are the basis for the BNP booklet Racism Cuts Both Ways.

It is worth commenting that not one multi-culti supporter has even attempted to give a serious response to Tony's study, in the 6 months since it appeared, as far as I know.

Let me know if any problems arise with the links.

(My own more approximate study accords pretty well with Tony's findings.)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Your link to the SA Sucks website is out of date. The new url is as follows:

Quartermain said...

Fair Sarah,

I think you should pull that idiotic anonymous comments since it has no value and is slanderous... IMHO

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Quartermain

I considered not letting it through, however, I think it is valuable for readers to know what games our opponents play. There are ongoing attempts to intimidate bloggers who question the multicultural orthodoxy.

Allegations are made about all of us, I have been accused of all sorts of things, and a pro BNP blogger who I consider a dear friend is regularly accused of being a homosexual paedophile.

These sorts of attacks go with the territory, our enemies are unable to argue on facts, so the resort to lies about us.

However, I will delete the message, because if the person it accuses me of being actually exists, then she has been slandered.


Anonymous said...

Blue State Digital have been hired by NuLabour's associates to run a massive e-mail smear campaign againt the BNP.

Blue State Digital pay internet service providers (ISP's) to put them on a 'white-list': "Our anti-spam whitelist relationships -- among the strongest in the industry -- make sure that your email is deliverable, even to Internet service providers with high diversion rates. "

The 'white list' allows them to distribute unsolicited 'viral' spam emails provided there aren't too many customer complaints. "Companies either pay for a time period to be allowed to e-mail their customers or the companies pay per complaint received by the ISP from their customers. These payments per complaint increase incrementally: ie. The first 10 complaints are $10 each. The next 10 are $20 each." from

So if you receive their e-mails, COMPLAIN LIKE HELL! It will cost them dearly.

Go viral with this information!!!

Anonymous said...


Lord Ahmed threatens Parliament into submission.

It appears that a member of the House of Lords had invited the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, to a private meeting in the Palace of Westminster. She had intended to invite her colleagues in the Lords to a private viewing of his ‘documentary’ Fitna, followed by discussion and debate in true parliamentary fashion.

But no sooner had the unsuspecting baroness sent out her invitations, Lord Ahmed raised hell. It is reported that he ‘threatened to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr Wilders from entering the House and threatened to take the colleague who was organising the event to court’.

And so Fitna has been cancelled: it shall not now be screened in the House of Lords on 29th January.

The Pakistani Press is jubliant, and Lord Ahmed is praising Allah for delivering ‘a victory for the Muslim community’.

Lord Ahmed previously achieved fame as a fatwa-facilitator for the Iranian theocracy:

Anonymous said...

Several days ago I left a civil commentary with supporting links on the The Policeman's Blog relating to this story.
I provided this link this link to highlight the photos of these gang rapists.

You'll also notice when reading their comment section in the Policeman's Blog, that all sorts of unpleasant retributions should be administered to these gang rapists, but above all....don't mention the fact of these men were all Black.

I also included figures taken from official the U.S. Department of Justice (FBI) showing that about 37,470 white women were raped or sexually assaulted by Black men in one year (2005) and also 3000 white women were gang raped by Black men. Almost no Black women were reportedly gang raped by white men, or not enough to register on the statistical board.

I must have transgressed some political-correct rule by pointing out the colour of the rapists and the female victim was probably a young white woman... because my comment was deleted.

another article of interest that dates back 7 years ago.

alanorei said...

Anon 09:49

Your experience doesn't surprise me.

You will get roughly handled on TPB and that of 21st Century (W) Police Officer if you:

1. Disclose the kind of truth you did or

2. Indicate any kind of support for BNP policies w.r.t law and order or

3. Reveal belief in the KJB as the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

Any of these revelations will brand you as a 'hate criminal' of some kind.

I once posted a link on the second of the two blogs mentioned above about the coming EU police state, from the EUTruth site, before a Bilderberger forced the ISP to take it down.

The comment was promptly removed by the blog administrator.

Common Purpose is probably rife amongst the managers of and contributors to those sites.