Monday, 5 January 2009

The Silent Messiah

It is probably unkind of me, however, I can not help but chuckle at the obvious bemusement of the right on Obama worshipers in the British media and equally devout commentators in the press at the fact that the chosen one has been totally silent over the situation in Gaza. Surly the bringer of "change" would use his significant influence and popularity to speak out against what they to an anchorman or woman perceive as outrageous Israeli brutality against the innocent Palestinians.

For days now they have been expecting him to do so, indeed the London Evening Standard ran an editorial last week announcing that it was now time for the President Elect to speak out. But alas his silence is deafening.

The Obama faithful had better get used to disappointment, no American President can govern without the good will of the supporters of Israel, and not one of them, the messiah elect included ,would dare speak out against them. (It is also possible that someone in the Knesset has possession of a document marked "Barcak's real Birth Certificate").

My personal view is that Israel has no option other than to take action against the constant rocket attacks launched from Hamas run territory, however, not for the first time, my views do not coincide with those of the main stream media, who seem to believe that lobbing missiles across the boarder is an Arab human right .

If it wasn't so funny, and if they were not such awful people, I might feel sorry for them, they have invested so much hope, and so many lies into their Icon, they have ignored so many stories and buried so many inconvenient facts in order to pave the beloved leaders path to the White House, and now, when it is too late it begins to dawn that he just might not be what they thought he was.

As Oscar Wilde might have said, you would need a heart of stone not to laugh.

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