Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Boyle's Dream of England

Some while ago, when hearing that Shallow Grave director Danny Boyle had been commissioned to produce the opening ceremony to the London Olympics, I wrote an article in which I imagined what sort of spectacle Boyle might produce.  The result was widely mocked on the troll sites and also slightly less vindictively on Rational Wiki.

However, in an outcome that was beyond satire the result was worse than even I had imagined. Instead of effigies of Obama and Mandela we were presented with the real  life Doreen Lawrence, taking time off from attending court cases which her glowering presence might just influence, and Shami Chakrabarti. Meanwhile Danny Boyle set before us a vision of England which resembled a cross between a multiracial Gormenghast and rap night at the Spearmint Rhino.

All it lacked were the vuvuzlas, or did I miss those?

The only permissible reaction was to rave about how wonderful it was, while any criticism was treated in rather the same way as the Pyongyang authorities might respond to a streaker at the Dear Leader's funeral.

 The old media and the mob of great and good have viciously attacked Conservative MP Aidan Burley for describing the ceremony as “Leftie, multi cultural crap” however, I fail to see how he could be faulted on that description.  The ceremony portrayed a version of British history only recognisable from the prejudiced and distorted perspective of a left wing bigot.  It was aggressively multicultural to the degree of psychosis, and Mr. Burley’s critical assessment that it was crap is one I find hard to argue with.

The show was an example of ideological propaganda of which North Korea or the old Soviet Union would have been proud, and Mr. Burley was entirely correct in pointing it out for what it was.

However, we live in an age where telling the truth is a punishable offence, and I regret that Adrian Burley’s attempts at explaining himself or even apologising will not save him from a vengeful old media and a left desperate to protect its precious but deformed ideology.

One person who long ago gave up apologising or attempting to explain himself is the much maligned historian David Irving, and I invite you to enjoy his intelligent description of Friday night’s macabre cabaret

After having speculated that the queen might come to view the ceremony as one of the low point of her reign, Irving goes on to say:
IN her sixty years' rule she has seen the feckless politicians turn her kingdom from a mono-ethnic wellspring of world civilisation into a drug-crazed, gun-toting, knife-wielding "multi-cultural" cesspit. The British Empire imploded. The BBC television cameras hover lovingly on every Black immigrant face that has been shoe-horned, heedless of chronology, into the scenes that Boyle has devised -- including the top-hatted 19th Century capitalist factory-owners, and even the Suffragettes. Black children dance around 19th Century English Maypoles. Boxer, George Orwell's heroic carthorse in Animal Farm, would be scratching his forelock: didn't remember them, somehow. On the far side of the arena, meanwhile, the Empire Windrush berths to orchestrated cheers, bringing its first toxic cargo of Caribbean doom.
[What a come-down for the good ole Windrush. Launched in Hamburg in 1930 as the Monte Rosa, she became one of Hitler's Kraft durch Freude fleet of cruise-liners for German workers, served as a fleet auxiliary to the Tirpitz battle group in the 1940s, then heroically evacuated refugees from East Prussia before the Soviet onslaught in 1945.]
After the first hour, the constant and inappropriate interpolation of Black faces in this London Olympics ceremony becomes offensive, and probably as much so to them as to us, the Whites. There is brief relief when the outside-broadcast cameras go on to other celebrations in Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, where there is not a single Black face for the BBC cameras to linger joyously upon.

No doubt they will be digitally inserted later, just as Black faces, looking remarkably like Robertson's Marmelade golliwogs, were digitally superimposed on some of Harry Potter's cheering fellow-pupils in the final scene of the first Potter movie.


Anonymous said...

The words "David Irving" and "intelligent" seldom are mentioned in the same sentence but in this case he is for once, spot on.

What a disgusting insult to the British people and our forefathers who sacrificed so much for their country. There is no limits to this inhumane betrayal and it is truly appalling what is being done to us. A crime against humanity, be in no doubt about it.

Maybe one day Irving will have the moral courage to switch his myopic obsession from hating the Jews to the Nazis who are destroying the West. Funny how he doesn't appear to realize the very real threat Islam poses not just to Britain and Europe but to Israel too.

Equally odd is that he cannot see that the ruling elites have evolved the Nazi ideology. Mind you, he isn't alone in that, most cannot join the dots. Sadly.

I won't hold my breath for such a change and will continue to file him among the other demented, hate-filled, nutzi crackpots who do so much damage to British Nationalism.

Thankfully, true British patriots now have a much more powerful force to voice their opposition to the vile criminal fascists destroying us, that force being the EDL. They've done more to advance our cause in 3 years than the rest of the so-called "Nationalist" movement has in the previous two decades.

We're on to them, they know it and they fear us. No surrender.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a WONDERFUL description of that filthy display! Mr Irving has summed up all my feelings and rage!

trollspotter said...

" ... that force being the EDL."
- Anonymous (troll schill)

Yeah, right -

"They've done more to advance our cause in 3 years than the rest of the so-called "Nationalist" movement has in the previous two decades."

Not anymore, trollboy.
The game's up for you backstabbing bastards.
We know who you are.

TBM - 1 said...

It is good to note your return, Sarah. And it is good to see another hard hitting and truthful article, something that has disappeared from the mainstream in Common Purpose Britain.
As for the opening ceremony, I could not bear to watch much of it because of its obviously political connotations. However, I'm sure that I saw a black farm worker appear in a sequence that suggested medieval England. That must be one black too far? And a black Engineer with Brunel! Surely he should have been a slave according to the twisted leftist history books? As soon as the purpose of this extravaganza became clear, I simply switched off. As for the MP who had the temerity to voice an opinion contrary to that permitted by The Controllers, well done to him for his courage. The general public should be applauding that man and standing by him; people are being ruined for expressing their views. A dangerous situation indeed.

Anonymous said...

"that force being the EDL."

They support Multi-Racialism and Multi-Culturalism. Their leadership is worse , just plastic Nationalists, leading the few who do wake up in teh wrong direction. Still, they love Israel and the Jews, and fully support the idea that Isreal should be a cohesive Jewish nation, but apparently anyone can be British, English etc ..strange that.

whiteson said...

What a disappointment! What a farce!

Anonymous said...

David Irving is wrong. There was one black face in a boys choir in Scotland, and the BBC cameras did indeed linger joyously upon it.

Anonymous said...


Calling true British patriots "backstabbing bastards" then citing the corrupt Griffin and his British Nutzis as evidence?

Hahaha, we just point and laugh at you. No true Briton wants what you're selling, you are an epic failure, an utter embarrassment.

Your incompetent, corrupt leader is as bad as Blair, Cameron and the rest of the despicable vermin who have destroyed Britain.

Come on BNP boy, tell us how your fuehrer did in the last election. On the wave of the biggest crisis to hit Europe, your glorious leader completely and categorically failed to take advantage and instead, almost destroyed his party.

And as for his inept performance on Question Time, the less said the better. For someone who hates blacks, his creepy fawning over Bonnie Greer really was something to behold. That he also allowed himself to be insulted by an unelected muslim jihadist, sorry "baroness" really did speak volumes about this weak buffoon.

It's quite clear that you couldn't spot a backstabber if your life depended on it.

The European counter-jihad is gathering momentum and thankfully, the nuzis of the BNP and the NF aren't part of it. The EDL very much are and we're going from strength to strength.

You and your out-of-touch ilk have been totally rejected. Thankfully.

This Saturday, the EDL will be standing up and fighting for the abused kids and the beleaguered community of Keighley:

EDL Keighley Demo

Action speaks louder than words. Now get out of the way, the EDL are coming. And as Hyde clearly showed, you and your BNP rejects haven't got the nous to stop us. The BNP has proven beyond any doubt that it simply isn't astute enough to play and win the political battle. You're finished and you know it, good riddance to dead wood.

The momentum is with the EDL now, NFSE.


albion myway said...

Your prediction wasn't far off. There were a few charming interludes, completely overshadowed by the Multicult propaganda. The misrepresentation of our history as multiracial, the blatant promotion of race mixing and the presence of Mrs Lawrence were purely nauseating.

My take...


Anonymous said...

I could not stomach watching any of the "Olympics." Danny Boyle should be ashamed of himself.But perhaps,for Boyle,being of Irish parentage though raised in England,this whole spectacle was some sort of perverse revenge on John Bull,so to speak.

Anonymous said...

"This Saturday, the EDL will be standing up and fighting for the abused kids and the beleaguered community of Keighley"

The BNP, NF and Infidels all highlighted this before the EDL. The Infidels have been at the forefront of it. As someone who once attended their demos and ho has seen teh numbers drop dramatically I can tell you the EDL's a spent force. For thousands of us it died the day Lennon stood next to some coloniser and told us English that the coloniser was just as English as us. Get over it. Nationalism will make a resurgence but it will be genuine Nationalism , not the plastic kind offered by the EDL, BFP etc. It will serve our interests not anyone elses' .

Are you the same Reconquista that comes from Mexico?

Shurdy Rover(rural England) said...

Unfortunately the vast majority of Brits and political bias wnet straight over their heads!!
Actually most do not give a toss hence why we are in the multicultural mess we are in!

Anonymous said...

Well ... Well! Fifty seven million good British pounds spent on promoting the black communist cause in Britain and the world. Truely the moment that the red political dragon reared its ugly head I switched to a more pleasant and entertaining channel. For those of us who don't want to see a black or muslim monarch sitting on the throne of England one day it is time to stand up and be counted because if the whites carry on kissing black and muslim arses thats exactly what is going to happen. These people have absolutely nothing of any value to offer white people and they don't know the true meaning of justice or sharing. They demand and claim whatever they see only for themselves and their ideas of justice are aimed at themselves for the benefit of themselves only. Look at the mess that these ignorant misfits have created in Africa and now they have embarked on enforcing the same tragic tyranny upon the rest of the white nations in the world today. Those whites who sanctify and glorify them can move in with them in Africa because their diversity theory is nothing but a lopsided pipe dream. It is just a stinking dead rat that came in with the garbage that brought it. The Olympics was never intended to be a stage for politics and in fact it was created to give athletes a chance to compete against each other fairly and squarely without political involvement. Sad to say that this is not true today. The political rot truely set in when strict economic sanctions were applied to S. Africa by the UN and it has escalated to catastrophic proportions in every sphere of politics today. In the new world order freedom of speech is only allowed for communists, blacks and muslims only. The rest are declared to be racists, capitalist pigs or infidels. They are regarded as an aching thorn in their sides and a hindrance to their evil greedy intentions. So inevitably they must be destroyed by genocide and that is exactly what is taking place in S. Africa today. It is the beginning but not the end of a cunning and pre-planed strategy to replace good with greedy self gain and political evil at all costs. Fifty seven million pounds could or should have been used to feed a vast amount of empty little British tummies. No it was wasted on black propaganda to try and convince the world that the uneducated (self educated) black president in S. Africa is a nice guy and is qualified enough to rule over highly educated white professors and such in S. Africa. Likewise to convince the white British people that it's ok for them to see a fat black potbellied mud painted savage clad in animal skins, armed with a rawhide shield and wielding an assagai sitting on the throne of England. His black majesty would look very impressive indeed. Even more impressive would be his bundle of magnificent bird plumes attached to a leopard skin head band. Yes that would make his black royal highness even more magnificent to the beholder. Who needs golden crowns and all the British pomp and ceremony jaz anyway. Diversity did you say Mr. liberal politician ... no thank you! You can shove it where the sun don't shine. The black invaders don't, won't and refuse to abide by it so shove it as far up as you can get it. Diversity was/is a word that was invented by mad ignorant politicians on the take and thereafter used by the invaders who use it only to justify their endevours to destroy a free and just white society and democracy. The white liberal politicians around the world have sold their country for a mere twenty pieces of silver. They have failed us and its time for them all to go before they can drag us all into the pits of hell and chaos with them.

Anonymous said...

The reason why Irving concentrates on the Zionists is because it is they who are pushing the immigration agenda.
The immigrants themselves are mere pawns, dangerous, but still pawns.

Anonymous said...

Strange how the liberals always hog the limelight to promote their deceitful tactics to obtain their political objectives. However when things go wrong and the paw-paw hits the fan they are all conveniently unavailable for comment

Anonymous said...

The EDL ...? Who are they? What whites really need is a bit more common sense and a great deal more active enthusiasm in preserving and protecting their future. At the moment things look very bleak for a white childs future.

Anonymous said...

Some think a return to aristocratic rule is the way out of this.


Anonymous said...

the Ritzy scene with flashing mesmorising lights and lots of noise abated, the heady, warm feel of multi Diversity which had been flooding my very senses reinforced by the sycophantic platitudes aimed at our black athletes from the BBC commentators went silent from the now mute television screen. The opening ceremony faded to black, there was a pause. It was at this point I think I woke up, I am not sure. I called out to my mother...'Mum i'm scared, I think I have just had a nightmare, I feel sick'

Anonymous said...

Watching in America I thought at first it was an early Soviet propaganda piece but checking my TV listings I discovered I was indeed on the channel to watch the Olympics opening. I switched it off. Too painful to watch.