Monday, 11 June 2012

Silencing Speech in Norway

Following the massacre carried out by the deluded lunatic Anders Breivik, the Norwegian government declared that, going forward, it would allow greater openness in debate within the fiercely politically correct state. However, give the experiences of one writer who dared to challenge the ludicrous fairy tales which pass for “African history” in Norway, it appears that, like so many statements and promises by corrupt European politicians, the government’s declaration amounted to little more than a gust of meaningless hot air.

Clickhere to read “No freedom of Speech for Norwegian public workers”


Anonymous said...

I am in Los angeles...the USA is being destroyed by immigration and multi cult

Anonymous said...

O tempora, o mores!

I think that the average Norwegian is intelligent enough not only to notice the absurd geography(1), but also the dichotomous fallacies--white bad/black good. The real problem would come when Africans start, as in other Western countries, hiring Europeans, whose IQs, unlike Africans', usually exceed their height in inches, to craft more convincing Afrocentric myths.

(1) India is African, or was African, until the dastardly Aryans, c. 1003, lifted the subcontinent from its position in the Congo, moved it next to China, and purged it of Africans. They did the same thing with Prussia, which used to be where now lies Lake Victoria. You can read all about this in a little-known work by Edward Gibbon called, uh...hmm?


Oh, sorry: I must go now.

Ryu said...

No no. They are right actually. There is more freedom of speech - on unimportant topics.

In Communist China, you have all the freedom of speech you can shake a stick at, as long as you don't question Mao. It was the same in the USSR with Stalin.

They want their cake and eat it too. Talk all you want, just agree with us.

Mister Fox said...

The yanks persecute people for acting morally but defend the low vermin of society.

Texas: This man goes on trial... He deserves a medal!
Father 'beat man to death after catching him molest his four-year-old daughter'

Sheriff Micah Harmon, said the man beat the attacker over the head when he pulled him off his child after discovering them in a barn in Lavaca County, Texas

Anonymous said...

Wake up Black America: The real Trayvon Martin the media doesn't want America to ever know about.

Ever heard of an intellectual free thinking lemming? Good luck in finding one. Blacks have wasted their political capital.

Anonymous said...

Norway will be the first European country to be lost, and really soon.

Many of them think this is a "good thing". They are so pathetic, with a few, rare exceptions.