Monday, 15 December 2008

Victims of an agenda - why white boys may be failing

“White boys outclassed!!” shrieked Friday's London Metro as they gleefully revelled in a report that working class white boys were struggling to keep up with other groups in British schools.

The report in question seemed to rather appeal to many in the media, who enjoy portraying young white males as brutish lumpen inadequates, unable to compete with girls and, “more able”, immigrant students. It was also a further report in a series over the last decade which has suggested that white boys are experiencing difficulty within our education system, and one which should cause us considerable concern.

Those of us who do not share the anti white prejudice of those on the left, know that white boys are not automatically dimmer or less able than their contemporaries. These are not the results we would have seen twenty or even fifteen years ago, something has changed, and we have to ask what.

Blame has been aimed at families, the media and television, however, although I am sure these play a role, these influences are common to all, not just white boys. Whatever, it is that has happened has been happening in schools, where education is provided to our children by teachers. And it is teachers who appear to include some of the most politically correct and politically motivated members of our community.

Is there a connection?

One has to ask what they are teaching our children, particularly our white boys, and what effect that is having on their achievements.

Anyone with any knowledge of the education system in America is aware, that school life tends to be a twelve of fourteen year guilt trip for white children, particularly white boys, who find themselves at the sharp end of the race / gender divide. The politically correct attitude which permeates American schools holds whites responsible for the vast majority of of social ills, and white males, in particular are singled out for particular levels of condemnation.

In addition, the wide spread practice of Affirmative Action means that, non whites receive additional advantages and support, not available to whites, because they (non whites) are viewed as disadvantaged.

To what degree are similar unfair practices happening in our schools? We do not officially practice Affirmative Action, however, who can doubt that significant numbers of left wing, diversity supporting, teachers would automatically devote a significant amount of their effort to working for the success of those groups, such as girls, and immigrant groups which they view as more socially deserving, at the expense of those perceived as less deserving, namely white males.

Is it much of an extension to move from that point to, if only subconsciously seeking to disadvantage the less deserving group, so as to give the more deserving a better chance at winning?.

It is not just the male ego which is a delicate flower. As a mother, I know how fragile a young boy's confidence and view self worth can be, these are things which need to be nurtured, because they can be so easily damaged.

It goes without saying that many on the left are prejudiced against white males, and to survive within the current state school system it is all but essential for modern day teachers to come from the left. Are those prejudiced expressing themselves in the way that many teachers interact with white boys, and are white boys suffering because their teachers have an agenda, subconscious or otherwise, to promote other groups before them.

Could it be that our white boys are failing, because that is what they are being taught to do?


alanorei said...

Thanks, Sarah

I believe that 'Affirmative Action' even if by another name in this country is one of the main reasons for apparent failure of white pupils - coupled with the degrading influences of modern education that you succinctly describe.

Historically, the national achievements of BME populations don't match those of whites. It is true that China and Japan have two of the largest economies in the world now but that would not have happened without white intervention (largely the US and other Western nations), for better or worse.

The testimony of history remains that whites are more intelligent than blacks, more intrepid than orientals and more constructive and inventive than both, on a population basis.

That observable fact is independent of any amount of gov't gerrymandering with the outcomes of an educational morass that they themselves have created. And always will be.

The failure of education for young white males is yet more evidence of the CommonUNIST Purpose agenda to destroy Britain.

The achievement of CP in this respect can be gauged by the moronic faces of Rhys Jones's murderer and his equally brain-dead accomplices.

A definite 'success' for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, ultimately.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read the Bell Curve published in the 1990s which gave the mean IQs of the various ethnic groups as whites 100, japanese 107 sub saharan Africans 75 etc. The mean IQ of a society will give you a pointer to how succesful it will be.The mean IQ is not fixed in time and can go down or up depending on eugenic or dysgenic trends. At the present there is massive dysgenesis in the western world with the effects of the welfare state encouraging those with borderline intelligence to outbreed those who are creative and intelligent. Regression to the mean IQ occurs with each generation but the mean is falling. Welcome to the future where the underclass overwhelm decent people and the nation collapses.

alanorei said...

In other words, destructive social engineering i.e. Common Purpose again.

Without going into excessive detail here, I understand many rigorous studies have been carried out, certainly in the US, which show that when socio-economic factors are taken into account, statistically significant differences remain between black and white intelligence scores, in favour of whites.

I agree, therefore, totally that if white intelligence/expertise is systematically subverted in education, no BME contribution will remedy the situation and the collapse of independent sovereign nations as such, like Britain, is virtually certain.

(I don't see Japan desiring to bale out the rest of the world, even if intellectually, they remain superior.)

Which is what the CP agenda is all about.

alanorei said...

Have just re-read this article, Sarah. You may be interested in an exchange between an American black young woman and myself on Lee Barnes's blog under the heading of British Whites Suffering.

I've asked this young lady to communicate with me separately by email if she wants to take the exchange any further. This has happened before - you tend to end up going over the same ground.